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So, what do you do?

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posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 04:52 AM
One great thing about ATS is the diversity of its members. Different ages, nationalities, backgrunds etc. really makes for some interesting disussions.

Now, I'm curious about what people do when they're not posting stuff on ATS. Do you study? If so, what do you study? Do you work? If so, what type of job do you have? Any interesting hobbies?

I'll start: I'm an art director in the advertising industry, working out of Stockholm, Sweden. I used to be a competitive martial artist. Nowadays, I do a lot of long distance running; street races and stuff.

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 12:24 PM
Well, I'm 15 so I'm a student. Right now is summer so I juggle my time, half to myself, half to my friends.

Yeah I know I'm 15, but I am, believe it or not, a civil rights activist. I guess I'm a fighter at heart.

Anyway, in a nutshell that's my life.

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 12:36 PM
Im a student...full time 14yr old...its hard work...but somebodys gotta do it.

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 12:58 PM
I'm a heavy equipment mechanic. I work mainly on Volvo equipment, you should be familiar with them Durden.

Hobbies are model trains (N scale for anyone who might ask).

Reading, mainly fiction but have read alot regarding the Templars. Actually I was planning on writing a ficional novel about the Cusades but found the research more interesting than the writing.

My signature is actually a quote from a Nicholas Seare novel which is a psuedonym for the writer Trevanian (Shibumi, Eiger Sanction, The Main) and Trevanian is just a pen name so ironcally the fiction writer is himself fictional!!!

Anyway this is a good thread look forward to reading some more posts

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 01:19 PM
I'm a pro wrestler.

When I'm not doing that, I'm usually:
Doing promotions & appearances for the above
In the gym and/or rehabbing yet another injury (both at the same time lately)
Being a webmistress here and here
Chasing my cat around

Overall, I have a pretty boring life.

You can check in on the "Members Jobs" thread for some more interesting ATS members' professions:

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 01:30 PM
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (last three plus years) before that I worked for the US dept. of commerce

Isolationist, sarcastic bastard, artist, philosopher, club-goer... Just check my profile.

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 01:50 PM
Guess I'm the Senior here. 42, currently unemployed due to gov't cutbacks. Hi, I'm Intrepid and I'm an ATS addict. My hobbies include ATS, BTS, Blogs, Debates, writing, on ATS, well that's about it.

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