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2012-Galactic Gravity Wave +/- 1 year

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posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 02:24 AM
...This goes on to prove that the thought of a parrellel dimension is not just a theory but a fact.. that beyond our Galaxy is the Realm of all Possible out comes of our(galactic/universe) repeating a never ending cycle along a different path...(and any galaxy mixed within this realm is merely a different version of us(our galaxy which traveled a different path meeting up with it using this principle (when you look at other galaxys they inturn are you and just maybe are there looking back.
(Dimensional-theory) .. we are the center of the Universe and the Universe is us .. (I think I heard this before)
my (Dejavu Theory)
...this means that .. the Galactic electromagnetic wave pulse emitting from the center of our galaxy is wave of which we can only scratch the surface of...A space time rift... which means this is a rift in time from the future and a version of your energy is carried within it =1 version of yourself in space time ... which will meet up with yourself =1 version .. (1+1)=2(a second version within space time) ..and you may not even remeber any of your past self.. for there can only be one of you at one given time meaning the 2 will merge =1(complete different version of yourself within time and you would never have known...the (black hole=god particle)a deminsional rift in space time

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posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 03:12 AM
...Please Come and See...

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 03:33 AM
...this goes to prove because Solid matter is Part of the (Black hole - dimensional particle) and outside the Black Hole are + solid particles(which are still part of the Black hole) are still incontact with each other in space time and as the Black hole pulses out the + solid particles of space time(the Galactic Wave) a version of a future or (dimensional future self(energy the Soul)..of man..

the pulse of the Black Hole =9802 means this would be a future .. rift of 9802 years of space time headed our way .. so (I will see you in the Future)... at a certain time and place maybe .. somewhere in time

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posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 12:50 AM
If you haven't already read Paul LaViolette's 'Earth Under Fire',you should.I haven't really had time to look over the thread closely,but i noticed the Hopi blue star kachina prophecy mentioned...Laviolette postulates the blue light could be synchroton radiation,that the superwave and the interstellar dust it carries into the system could be what causes major climactic shifts(end of the last glacial period was about 13k years ago) and more.

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 04:22 AM
Light(dark matter) is not effected is at constant state in car(can't go faster than light..
You an Fly=Galaxy...being dragged
Car=you, and fly...
Black holes=Effect Light, you, fly, and car
..Example: your in your car fly enters flying around and you begin to drive off .. the fly and you begin to take on the speed of the are standing still and the fly is moving around neither of you are moving the speed of the car but yet because your wihin the car you move at its speed..
Expanstion of Universe(4h dimension)=light speed of (dark matter)
Black hole=creates solid matter by slowing down light(darkmatter(galaxy/singularity) which is dragged behind it
Because the Black hole slow light (the speed of light within the galaxy is then not actualy speed of light).. even though light is a constant.. studying light even from distant galaxies (which are in the 4th Dimension) is still slowed.. to get the best estimate of the speed of light one would have to firgure the speed of which light is slowed by the black hole within the galaxy for it will also affect the speed of light entering the galaxy..

..from recent estimates from studying the black hole reports that the black hole rotates about 30 percent of light I think this is a great discovery..
..for that could lead to a better understanding how much light has been slowed (light should then move much faster as it leaves the gravity effect of a black hole.....Light=(dark matter) .. goes to explain that light would equal the speed of the big bang in the big bang theory..Light speed=the expansion of the (known 4th dimension).. using this principal to understand why our view of the 3rd dimension is an illusion derived by our inturputaion of reality...Reality is the galaxy(which inturn is a singularity)dragged by a solid mass at the (speed of expanstion)(actual speed of light)
...With this principle you may understand why I used a car and the fly...
...for if this is correct )would have to be added to our understanding of the effect of light within the galaxy/singularity... understand the possiblity of a 1st dimension to lead up to a 2nd dimension you should using basic math 1+1=2 to reach a second dimension... which would explain the 3rd dimension by using a constant speed of light=Speed of expansion(4th dimension)..slowed the speed of light by half (4-2)=2 .. with this (1=(speed of expansion)=actual speed of light.. which would explain why the black hole(solid matter)=2x(speed of light)=speed of expansion ...and appears to stop.(showing us only a 2nd Dimensioal appearance like a flat disk) .... when infact(the galaxy has stop(which explains the creation of solids within the galaxy)for the galaxy is dragged by the black hole through 2 Dimensions...(so infact the galaxy is only 2 dimensional).. we see a 3rd Dimension because we are stoped and light is only moving at half illusion ....(that would mean that when we observe and study a black hole we are not seeing a complete solid more like a flat piece of paper a 2 dimensional object when infact the black hole is a 3rd dimentional partical true solid...where all gravity(like force comes)...which inturn created the phonons and polaritons particals slowing down light(dark matter) to the point of solid matter(draged at half the speed of light...Meaning the black hole is really(3rd dimensional) and the if you and if you realize that the black hole moving through the 4th dimension is then accelarated entering into a 5th dimension the realm of space between the 4th dimension (because it is a negative partical) moves into the 4th dimension (being a negative means 5-4=1)it is traveling in the 1st dimension= thae black hole is linked to the 1st dimension still from which it was created...being a -1(dimensional matter)or antimatter..
...which goes to show that the 1st dimension cricled in on itself creating the black hole a negative 1st dimensional force.. which warped space time splitting it into... causing the first dimension to split creating 2=1st dimension)=refraction ..of the first dimension...creating a (galactic/singularity) of 2 dimensions..which means the galaxy=2 dimensional singularity a 2nd dimension...a triangle ......
...creating a warped space time and parrelel (galactic/singularity)
..creating (phonons and polaritons) 1st dimension solid it split the 1st dimension upon creation..0f a -1(dimension)antimatter-quasiparticle(Solid)

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posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 06:04 AM
...from what my theory show (of everything(...
...Life is merely and Illusion...
...Time for us is then an Illusion...
...Death is an Illusion..(ghosts explained)
...Spontaneous Combution(explained)
...You are eternal(life is eternal)(man is god)(god is man)..for we can comprehend the inner workings of Time and Space...since the creation of memory...
...History repeats itself(only with a chance of different out comes)
...Repeated loss of knowledge and technology(explained)
...Galaxy(a singularity meaing of 2 dimensions(split in time)
...Solid matter Humans and everything in the galaxy is an illusion of light
...Soul is information your information downloaded into a particle(reincarnation(explained)
...Workings of DNA codeing (explained)
...Galactic Rift wave (reset button) warped space time of 6.3 billion years
or estimated time traveling wave 12years at speed of light (dimensional rift wave of warped space time... could lead to 12 divided by 2=6days,
months, years, light years, infinitiy... who knows (the speeds of time for it is an illusion)..meaning we may all die at once at the same time and time is then obliteraded and created over again wthin 6.3days (god created the Earth in 6 days and rested on SUNDAY/Sol ...time is warped..God works in mysterious ways...(god=black hole /God partical)true solid complete information of all things stored within...(LIFE merely an Illusion)..
..Peace .. and i will see you again sometime somewhere possiblly...On the new Earth ...somewhere in time..

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 10:11 PM

Originally posted by Vonour
reply to post by soficrow

estimated loss of life 60-95 percent .. saddly ..

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And in 5000 years, our ancestors will discover pyramids on several continents and wonder why we built them....This has probably been happening for eons....Could explain why there appears to be evidence of advanced machining on ancient ruins....we advance and then our population is wiped out and of course those living cannot support the infrastructure so we start over....

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 09:57 AM
reply to post by type0civ

..yah I could

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 09:33 PM
Hello Vonour

Been a while, decided to check up on the thread. You are very smart and your calculations will elude most ppl unfortunately; they will not even bother to try to comprehend.

BTW try to avoid writing in long averts ppl.

posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 06:07 AM
I have an idea to put forward on this its only my personal oppinion and nothing more but what if this galactic wave some sort of mechanism to jump start a planets core. Like speeding our core up our restarting a dieing planet? could it be possible and if it sped our core up would that not leave us with a stronger gravitional field? just some ideas for you to chew on and probably spit out but never mind

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