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How to Encourage Humanity to Evolve Into Something Better

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posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 02:38 PM
Below is a snippet from my most recent article titled "How to encourage humanity to evolve into something better" . The original article can be found at


This post was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend last night. Let's just call him.... Dick Rivers.
Anyway, I was basically introducing the idea of Subjective Reality to him and he was having a hard time understanding why our freedoms are being taken away if we're the creators of our own reality. I explained to him that the way it works is based on the way we feel, not exactly what we think about.

For example, if you feel like your freedom and your power is being taken away from you by the things that are happening in the news and the media, if that's how you feel then what you need to ask yourself is "what else makes me feel that way" and "am I spending most of my time feeling that way". You might find that you feel that way nearly all of the time. Maybe it's because of an addiction, a bad relationship, hating your job, or having too much debt, but it's likely that something else is making you feel that way too.

It's likely you will find that you feel that way not only when you watch the news or get too excited over the latest Alex Jones news-bomb but you also feel that way when your alcoholism gets you down or your nagging terrible wife that you absolutely hate gets home and starts yelling at you. I'm just using these things as examples, I sure hope that you guys don't let yourselves stay in those types of situations... But some people do.

It's the constant focus on the feeling of having no power or having it taken away from you that brings that reality to manifestation in 'the physical'.

Anyway, the rest of that is for a different post. That's just the start of what got me thinking about how to encourage humanity to evolve into something better. Dick Rivers is still in the stage of wanting activism and yelling and posters and fliers and propaganda. I know where he's coming from, but I now believe that the best way to fight the corruption and apparent fascism is to start working on ourselves.

That might sound selfish, but I assure you that it is not selfish in the least. Let me explain...
People learn from other people

One thing I've noticed in life is that no matter what, you are always effecting your surroundings, including the people around you. People learn from the people around them whether they are aware of it or not, this is something that cannot be stopped. People will always learn from other people. And they don't just learn from certain people who are qualified to teach, no no, all people learn from all other people. This is a strange concept when you really think about it. Everyone learns from everyone else.

Because this is true, it's important to remember that you are a teacher whether you like it or not. People learn from you and the more of an impression you leave on them the more they start to act like you. You attract things that make you feel the same as the vibration you're putting out. You change the reality around you in this way, so it's important to put off good vibes and teach others to behave as you'd like them to. You can teach people how to act by simply acting that way yourself.

If you are a really great person, people will aspire to be like you. That would be a good thing -- if you're truly a really great person then having people be inspired by your greatness will only bring about more great people....

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