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Administration halts prosecution of alleged USS Cole bomber

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posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 09:31 AM
reply to post by ANNED

Under the laws of warfare you must be in uniform to be protected.

My army of one can declare anything it wants to be a uniform, uniform!

This is wrong,
The US can hunt down these people any time any where as saboteurs, or terrorist.

You mean the CIA Agents and Special Forces, not wearing Uniforms involved in this rendition?

Wrong as the attackers were not in uniform, and the boat they used was not flying a belligerent flag. this makes them saboteurs, or terrorist in a time of conflict.

Evidently not because no one has figured out a way to try these people yet.

By the way Nazis told the German people that all the things it's armies and security apparatus was doing were legal too. This did not stop a whole lot of them from hanging at Nuremburg and spending years in prison.

Are we really going to be so idiotic that we are going to believe that trying these people is harder and more dangerous than trying people like Himmler and Goering in the heart of their own nation?

The Warship is a Warship.

Once again consider our own rebel army during the revolution and other rebel armies. Their uniforms are typically the clothes on their backs, and their weapons their own.

Further consider the unmarked Israeli Mirages that attacked the unmarked U.S.S. Liberty.

Further, you have to have a flag to display a flag, in other words if your little band of dedicated militants has no symbol of sovereignty or allegiance, it doesn't prevent them obviously from banding together in struggles all over the world to attack what they consider to be beligerents or oppressors.

Under international law the US does have the right to hunt down and arrest saboteurs, or terrorist acting out side the laws of war when they attack a US warship or kill US citizens

Actually that's subject to debate, and we certainly aren't rushing to any International Court to have them tried and allow them to present evidence in their defense are we?

Under DOMESTIC law we have tried to redefine people participating in military style operations to place them in legal limbo through unrecognized terms Internationally like Enemy Combatant to try to strip them of their protections under the Geneva Convention and the Laws of War.

This has been done DE FACTO by the U.S. and not as part of an INTERNATIONAL BODY CONVENING to officially vote on these things.

We are simply engaged in kidnapping and can't level charges without counter charges being leveled by the world body.

The USS Cole was not docked it was at anchor.
The laws of the seas do not apply as the Cole was a warship.

Warships get attacked and attack, there very existence is an act of war.

There existence in foreign waters is an act of war, to anyone who consideres those waters to be their own.

and the Geneva conventions do apply as the Cole as attacked in a neutral port. by saboteurs, or terrorist

What made it a neutral port, U.S. Gun Boat diplomacy? What was the Cole again? A Gun Boat!

This is for the protection of neutral ports against damage or destruction.

Doesn't seem to have worked out too good!

Under the rules of war it does as these saboteurs, or terrorist attack a US ship in a neutral port.

You mean like Israelis kidnapped Nazis from Neutral Countries after World War II using force to do so?

Yeah, see De Facto Acts of War are in fact De Facto Acts of War.

Laws that amazingly are only enforced when it favors one side, are not laws but wishes.

Once again we are attacking 'Nuetral Nations' all the time, Pakistan and Somalia, and using Proxis in others like Iran.

Not the same as these people do not come under the Geneva convention as they were not protected by wearing a uniform.

This is not been tested in a international court, the Enemy Combatant distinction was invented to fight the phony war on Terror where it is mostly civilians that are being killed in retaliatory and preemptive wars against whole nations full of civilians based on the narrowest of pretexts.

The Government is lying to you, they are afraid to take these trials to the next level and have the whole thing brought to the Hauge.

Captured military personnel would come under the Geneva convention as they are wearing a uniform.

Many of our personnel including special forces and the CIA do not wear uniforms either. They infiltrate as civilians so in reality no, these people aren't doing anything we aren't doing too.

There is a real reason that 10 years later we haven't found a legal way to try these people.

Others are saboteurs, or terrorists

These are distinctions made by the U.S. Justice Department and the Administration that have yet to be tried in a court of law.

German citizens fell for this kind of stuff too and most of them paid a heavy price for it.

You might want to consider there might be a greater virtue and better security in the long run by not simply swallowing government propaganda and illegal actions simply because they want to maintain an empire for oil and drugs.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 10:34 AM
reply to post by justacitizen

Stop posting.

Second line.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 10:43 AM
It is rumored, and there are indications, that the USS Cole bombing was in inside job, just like Oklahoma.
The government is sure quick to halt trials of supposed terrorists when evidence of government malfeasance is about to come out into public view.
Roughly half of the people arrested for supposed involvement in the bombing and who were housed in an African prison, have escaped from incarceration and seem to have been forgotten by the long arm of the law for some reason.

[edit on 29-8-2010 by Danbones]

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