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Two tier internet

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posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 10:34 PM

Originally posted by davespanners
I would say the exact opposite to tell you the truth. P2P has been a major driving force in the expansion of the net and helped push companies to offer faster speeds across the whole of the net.

My ISP Virgin media offers 50megabyte connections, if you think that they are offering them so that people can read forums and send the occasional email then you are dead wrong, they know exactly what they are being used for and make massive profits out of selling it to people, virgin media made £356 million profit in the last 4 months to be exact. If they wanted to block P2P traffic then they already can quite easily but strangely they choose not to.

In the UK the government has just passed a bill allowing users to be cut off for downloading copyrighted material, the service providers were vehemently against the introduction of this bill because they know that a lot of their customers use their connections for just this purpose and would have no need of their 20-50mb expensive packages if they did not offer it.

I double checked my figures before I posted a response to you.

Based on current transit prices for cross country, if you was pushing P2P at 50Mbps…And most of your traffic was jumping to other carriers……

Current transit is around $5/Mbps cross country. That would mean that you would be costing your carrier about $250 a month in additional transit fees.

How much do you pay again?

If most of your traffic was going to Japan because all those teenage Japanese really wanted a copy of that new song that you are P2Ping……..

Lets see…. For $60K a month you can lease 2 STM-4 lines at 1.244Gbps from California to japan.
50Mbps is almost 1/24 of that…
you would be costing your provider $2500 a month if you continued pushing that data for the month. The London to NY and NY to CA would add extra cost, but not a lot compared to the $2.5K. Probably another 500 to 800 a month for a total of around $3K to $3.2K

How much do you pay for your service again?

The bandwidth you are using isn’t being paid for by you. It is being paid for by all your neighbors that are letting their connection idle, or just use them for watching movies from hulu or listing to an online radio station or some other thing. You know, the normal down stream stuff.

There is hope on the horizon though.

But as far as I know, all torrent systems totally disregard the network cost when balancing data flow

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 02:04 AM
reply to post by Mr Tranny

I have seen that before and thought it great! Thanks for posting it here and the author

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