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Massive solar storm to hit Earth in 2012 with 'force of 100m bombs'

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posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 07:52 PM

Originally posted by Pauligirl

Much of the damage can be mitigated if managers know a storm is coming.

That would be awesome, but is it even possible to pin down when? I mean, they can't even predict what decade an earthquake will hit California on good ol' "Spaceship Earth" so I can't help but question their ability to pin down a cosmic event to particular year.

Nother thought: About Mayan Calendar. It's circular (physically speaking) and encompasses a specific time frame, right? Or does it? Maybe it's circular metaphorically too, and meant to be used to infinity and beyond.

Final thought: Yeah, I really am taken aback when someone goes postal on another person for posting a Bible verse or refers to a Bible prophesy. Nostradamus, Mayan, American Indian, random psychic... these mostly get a "wow" or "that's interesting" or "Naw, I don't think so." But a Bible verse? Why, you'd think it was a freakin criminal offense the way people go off on a Poster! (Honestly, I have found that people are most emotionally opposed to that which they fear may have a grain of truth. Otherwise, they'd justa scroll on down and ignore. Know what I mean?) Now I don't myself like a whole sermon post of 3 pages, but again, I'd just move on in that case. But a verse or two that applies to the topic? Hey, why not? So you might believe it was written by a man and not divinely inspired. Still pretty interesting corroborating evidence, the way it lines up to whatever prediction at hand. Just sayin.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 07:57 PM
Now we know what the Government bunkers, seed vault and
fema camps are for. There will be survivors but will you be one?

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 07:57 PM

Originally posted by General.Lee

Originally posted by hounddoghowlie
reply to post by DJW001

i see that you must have forgotten what happen in New Orleans 5yrs ago
how the people took to vandalism and looting all the stores, and then in the dome how the gangs and the thugs started to try and take over.
now multiply that on a national scale, the gov doesn't have enough resources
to take care of how many cities with millions of people in them let alone all of the smaller cities and town, plus all the people who live in a rural setting.
if it hits and takes down the grid, you can bet it gonna be a free for all.

I am armed and I will shoot until I am out of bullets. My wife also knows how to shoot and she will shoot as well.

My wife is armed with a kitchen full of pots/pans/utensils. First-hand knowledge that any dude busting in our house would be dealt with expeditiously.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 08:09 PM

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posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 08:13 PM
Will the world end in 2012? No, it won't. Will there be a major cataclysm in DEC 21 2012? Quite possibly. why 2012? The Solstice on December 21, 2012 ~ precisely at 11:11 AM Universal Time ~ marks the completion of the 5,125 year Great Cycle of the Ancient Maya Long Count Calendar. *Snip*

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posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 08:15 PM

Originally posted by antar
Could this be why all caves systems in the US are being taken over by military command?

I know of several in my area which I have always thought would be a great option in this scenario but recently and witht he Bat Die Off, they have been warning people who like to go cave splunking to back off and stay away for their own safety as well as for the safety and continuity of the whole Bat problem.

Hmmm... clearin the bats out to move in? Keepin average joe out of caves...

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 08:41 PM

Originally posted by Korg Trinity
The whole 2012 the end theory is mass hysteria.

Wake up, people stop living in fear!!!

you know what, tomorrow the earth could be hit by a 10km asteroid and we all get wiped out... you could get knocked down by a car, you could be told by your doc that you only have 6 months to live....

Those that live in the past or the future miss the now.

Live life and enjoy it. However long it is, it's very short.

Stop worrying and start living!!!


I think so too. In 2013 we will all be here worrying about some other future event.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 08:44 PM

Originally posted by conspiracycrazy
Will the world end in 2012? No, it won't. Will there be a major cataclysm in DEC 21 2012? Quite possibly. why 2012? The Solstice on December 21, 2012 ~ precisely at 11:11 AM Universal Time ~ marks the completion of the 5,125 year Great Cycle of the Ancient Maya Long Count Calendar. find out more at watch all the videos and read all the books free so check it out

Are you sure it will happen at 11:11? That is a significant number in my life. I see that number everywhere all the time since 2006.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 08:54 PM
reply to post by vvb79

S&F Good catch.

...Back in the '80's, the potential for a solar flare to wipe out systems was used as an argument against going with electronic development (by governments and the smaller, more conservative companies).

I'd say the response is already in the pike - as a business opportunity. One of those planned obsolescence strategies. Should be a HUGE money-maker, but what should we do now to protect the Free Web?

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 08:58 PM
reply to post by vvb79

He postulated that these superwave cosmic rays created a sheath of radiation around the solar system hot enough to vaporize the surface of orbiting comets and fill the solar system with a dense cloud of cosmic dust. He theorized that the process also would have fragmented some comets and sent large chunks, some of comet size, careening into the inner solar system. He proposed that the presence of this dust had affected the Earth's climate and aggravated the Sun, causing it to create giant solar flares.

..Why the Sun will Flare Up in 2012 ...please visit my thread for links

2012-Galactic Gravity Wave +/- 1 year

(math of Galaxy Wave crossing used only)

PULSE is every 9,878 years of the Galatic Super Wave from our Black Hole
PULSE hits Earth every 12,901 years,

point to the explosion 12,900 years ago of an extraterrestrial object

in 1977, astronomer Jan Oort cited evidence that our Galactic core has been active within the past 10,000 years

Mammoth Extinction Due to Giant Solar Flares, Not Supernova Comet

The EMP shock front

Should a superwave arrive, our most immediate worry would be the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that it would carry at its forefront.

In spiral galaxies like our own, most of the star formation takes place in the spiral arms. These are waves which revolve around the galaxy at a speed different than the stars. Each time the wave passes (or is passed through), interstellar gas is shocked and forms new stars
...there are atleast 6 +/- 1 Galactic Waves within the Galaxy at all times
Galactic Wave takes 10-12 light years to pass (Sol's 11 year cycle)

26,000 light years from Center of Galaxy
Wave jets out every 10,000 years taking 26,000 years to Earth(estimated)
26396-26000=396 divide by 3 =132-10,000=9878(estimated time of pulse)
12901+12901=25802(Earth's perihelion equaling 2 Wave crossings)
25802+132=25934(distance from black hole)
26002+132=26,134(time takes for one Wave to reach Earth)
26134-25802=332 last wave should have been sent out 332 years ago (and it has

Milky Way’s Giant Black Hole Awoke from Slumber 300 Years Ago

ME:MASS Extinction
360-286 ME: Late Devonian period (357 myag),
245-208 ME: Final Permian period (250 myag ),
208-144 ME: Late Triassic period (198 myag)
144-66.4 ME: Final Cretaceous period (65 myag).
Last Major Ice ages
Quaternary 2.58mil - 7,000 years to Present Neogene Cenozoic
Karoo 360 - 260mil Carboniferous and Permian Paleozoic
Andean-Saharan 450 - 420mil Ordovician and Silurian Paleozoic
Cryogenian 800 - 635mil Cryogenian Neoproterozoic
Huronian 2.400 - 2.100bil Siderian and Rhyacian Paleoproterozoic
Ice core data shows that the last 400,000 years have consisted of short interglacials (10,000 to 30,000 years)

Residue samples from the polar ice caps have shown iceages to be periodic, occurring about every 10,000 years or so.

past million years. Ten times, glaciers have advanced and then retreated with the duration of retreat (and corresponding warmth) frequently lasting not more than 10,000 years. The Earth has been in a warm period for about 10,000 years now

Ice Core evidence of last Galactic Wave 12,900 years ago from 2010
11:11am GMT Dec. 21, 2012 A.D.-13.5bil years Sol's Birth Day
Maya Calendar End Date 11:11am GMT Dec. 21, 2012 A.D.

2012 Maya Calendar Dark Rift Conjunction Not Alignment with Galactic Center
In itself the appearance of the sun rising here is not a particularly unique event. The phenomena can be observed for winter solstice dates of numerous years either side of 2012. The only interesting new aspect of this year will be the sun appearing to just touch one part of the Dark Rift (Great Rift) that snakes its way along the Galactic Equator.
Next Crossing 2012 +/- 1 year ...Did the Mayans KNOW...

evidence of a powerful outburst from the giant black hole at the Milky Way's center
(Possible superwave timeline)
103,206/1.03mil/10.3mil/103mil/1.3bil/years ago
The Age of the Milky Way Galaxy 13.5 billion years old.
The age of the Sun is 4.6 billion years
The age of the Earth is around 4.54 billion years

4.64bil-103mil=4.543bil/Creation of Earth/ first contact with Super Wave
361mil=103mil+258mil/Galaxy Wave crossings
4.543bil-361mil=4.182bil/possible/Creation of Earth/Oldest rock and sedimentary include minerals which are themselves as old as 4.1 to 4.2 billion years
Moon formed 4.527 billion years (give or take 10 million years).
Planetary scientists think that Mars, and the rest of the Solar System, all formed together from the solar nebula about 4.6 billion years ago. So Mars is 4.6 billion years old

Earth's axis full cycle of precession approximately 25,802 years.
Every 12,901 years, Earth is hit by Galactic Gravity Wave causing it to tilt, just as the north celestial pole and the equinoxes has made a 180 rotation. Earth is hit again causing the shift of the tilt to go back again.

...For my supporting links look to my past thread

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 09:48 PM
Problem is I cannot trust MSM anymore. This could be just more scare tactics. As far as 2012 is concerned, I dont know why ppl are overcomplicating the matter. As far as am concerned its pretty simple. There will and cannot be an end to the world on a specific date/year that ppl can predict, simply impossible, otherwise other nations and civilisations would've predicted their own doom. What is possible though, is a man orchestrated global disaster on a specific date, which by all accounts looks like its on the cards for somewhere around 2012, as all MSM and movies (all zionist controlled any way) seem to point to. With the current weaponery that they posses (HAARP, weapons that can disrupt communication / electronics etc etc ) known and unknown, it seems that possibly a global disaster could be staged and made to look like a natural disaster. Thats where you have 2012 come in. A nice date is chosen, some bs theories are made about Myan calender, planet x, alien contact and what ever your mind can imagine are thrown about and there you go, everyone is expecting something other than the obvious. Thats my view any way.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 10:12 PM
According to 2012 proponents, the world is supposed to change forever in 2012.

If we all spent two to five years in the stone age, I think the world would truly change, forever, and for the best.

Two to five years of living with zero technology would truly force us to become closer to nature and not take our technology for granted.

The funny thing is that this is the first 2012 scenario that I truly believe could happen and have the lasting repercussions everyone is always talking about.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by upgrayedd

..I can say this... each event had varied in the past .. but the most common facter .. was a small Ice age that lasted 100-1500 years of what you would call an Ice age some events ucurred had different levels of cosmic dust ... this factor made it possible for extended periods of Ice Ages.. this time we shall have a better chance of a short Ice age going from studys of Ice Age Time Lines... and our current position in the galaxy.... The worst will be the first 6months to a 1yr ..but afterwards life will continue to struggle for 1000s of years as shown from Our ancient Cultures...

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posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 10:39 PM
My own personal belief (key word is belief) is that 2012 is going to be no different than the Y2K hysteria. 2013 will pass, the U.S. will get a new President, and all the problems of the past 50 years will remain. The only difference is that there will be a larger quantity of dead nutcases like the bozos in the Heaven's Gate cult. The good thing is, stocks will be dirt cheap in the run up to December 2012, so save your money, and buy stock, because the rebound is going to be epic.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 10:50 PM
reply to post by navy_vet_stg3

..From what I believe and what I have notice being a Humanist ..that the mind works in mysterious ways .. By this time tomorrow you wil question your belief as you have just now ...I hope you read the links for if you do you will know ...and be glad for it... . (just my belief aswell) atleast I hope you do .. .. then again .. I wished I could .. deny everything and just live without knowing.. but that is not my fate..
.. but if this is to come.. It will be an event to remember . if I am so lucky... I live in America and the last event kill nearly 95 percent of North america least from what was shown . .. but that might be a good thing for we will be on the opposite side this time.. kinda.. at least from the inital blast.. that is... it is still a Global event...

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posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 11:21 PM

Originally posted by Speedforhire

Originally posted by css1981.......I think that there is not one piece of hard evidence that can tell us that 2012 is the end...

Is the MAYAN calender not hard enough for you? Is the geological record not hard enough for you?

Nature wins every time, no matter how smart man thinks he is! I, personally, am very excited about the possibility of a world changing event. I will be somewhat prepared, and enjoying my family all the while.

I love the big fellas like you who are so pumped for an extention level event. The first three weeks go as planned, but then your family and kids start losing hope because you realize that there won't even be little towns that spring up because 80% of the world's population died one day and hundreds of thousands are following them every day. In a month, bands of raiders and group together to ranshackle your house and take all of your goods. Think your 5 guns and 10 family members will be able to defend against 25-30 raiders who have all the guns, food, ammos, cars, etc they've collected. Are you excited when they decide, before they steal your #, to rape your wife and children in front of you and then murder them, then maybe they'll torture you for the fun of it and kill you. I firmly believe anyone who wants something like this to happen deserves a special place in hell, the millions of innocent people that will die in pain and suffering, or the millions of survivors who will be all alone, most likely losing their entire families, or sitting with a loved one who is in terrible pain, on the verge of death, with no doctors to care for them...yea, you're really looking forward to it. Pig.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 11:32 PM
What I always wondered is if the Earth is actually travelling 500 000 miles an hour in space, then how could an asteroid ever really hit us?

Would it not be like trying to hit a bullet?

Even if you had a giant sized asteroid like a cannon you think you could hit that bullet with the cannon ball ever?

....and even if this could ever is the earth being pulled 500 000 miles an hour in space and not every other single thing being pulled too?

Would not any asteroid immeditaley feel the same gravitational pull as us?

Please help me understand

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 11:40 PM
reply to post by ADUB77

yah .. the wave could breakup comets and asteriods and yes the earth moves about 600,000 .. and saddly we ain't the bullet the comets and asteriods are.. but the wave spans the bludge which take the solar system 36 years to get through now the wave will cover the entire solar system ... .. it created it.... and still to this day creates other stars and solar systems within the galaxy but it is only one of 6 waves the span the galaxy the wave pulse was sent across the galaxy upon the creation of the black hole and has pulsed out from it spanning the galaxy every9878 years.. like clockwork everything is connected to the galaxy through the galatic magnetic waves....

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 11:44 PM

Originally posted by new_here

Originally posted by Pauligirl

Much of the damage can be mitigated if managers know a storm is coming.

That would be awesome, but is it even possible to pin down when? I mean, they can't even predict what decade an earthquake will hit California on good ol' "Spaceship Earth" so I can't help but question their ability to pin down a cosmic event to particular year.

I don't think they are talking about a decade or a year notice.
What's the solution? The report ends with a call for infrastructure designed to better withstand geomagnetic disturbances, improved GPS codes and frequencies, and improvements in space weather forecasting. Reliable forecasting is key. If utility and satellite operators know a storm is coming, they can take measures to reduce damage—e.g., disconnecting wires, shielding vulnerable electronics, powering down critical hardware. A few hours without power is better than a few weeks.

NASA has deployed a fleet of spacecraft to study the sun and its eruptions. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), the twin STEREO probes, ACE, Wind and others are on duty 24/7. NASA physicists use data from these missions to understand the underlying physics of flares and geomagnetic storms; personnel at NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center use the findings, in turn, to hone their forecasts.

I guess the question is, how much of that critical hardware can they shut down with a couple of hours notice? Are the companies/people in charge of the power grids hearing all this and are they willing to react quick enough? Even if they are, will it be enough to stop major blackouts?

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 11:49 PM
reply to post by Pauligirl

total Dark Age for at east 12 years and prob beyond that cause most likely there wont be much facotrys standing we never built them to with stand the earth quakes and any electronics or batterys will be utterly usless .. unless it was shielded.. or made from scatch I mean litteral newly off the factory floor... if not.. it will never work that goes for batterys so .. if you loooking to have a battery chargable device .. find a safe that will shield it..? I not sure what will.. Lead maybe?...
maybe that is why they have .. stoped making lead bullets.. the goverment is tryn to get all the lead they can..?.. ..thought

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