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Ron Paul Calls for Audit of US Gold Reserves

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posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 05:43 AM
As far as I remember, US dollar is backed by the same thing tha backs every kind of money in the world that is printed by a Central Bank of a country.

DEBT , also known as "nothing", "illusion", "zero", "farse" and/or "scam".
It always starts with this "hole", and it never gets smaller.

Oil is kinda cute though. Im sure they banksters are happy owning all of it and manipulating its value.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 06:13 AM
Will they actually test the metal in this audit to make sure that it's gold? I'd like to see if this gold plated tungsten theory is valid

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 09:20 AM
Flagged of course!
I was going to create this thread yesterday but forgot

Originally posted by muzzleflash
That is a common misconception. The Dollar is not based on the value of gold anymore.

It is based on the value of a barrel of oil now.

No it's based of debt and the promise of americans to pay
That's what FIAT is.

That's why China owns America

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 12:33 PM
The woman interviewing RP seemed singularly educated about the banks in a propaganda sort of way... She kept espousing the mainstream media slant on banks and banking without really knowing the mechanics of it all herself...

We see the media doing this every day though.. like they are reading from a script their government handlers give them...

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 12:38 PM
reply to post by CanadianDream420

While I would love to see this happen, ...
I see a big FAIL in the form of the idea being stricken down or even worse allowing the audit and finding all of the gold there only gold covered bars.
I dont think the bill will live long.
After all Bernie didn't even allow us to audit the fed.
Good idea though, good post.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by CanadianDream420

I support this, and Dr. Paul, 100%. It'll fail, because TPTB won't let it happen, but I support it.


posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 01:14 PM
Auditing the gold 'next year' will be fAr to late.
Ron Paul knows this.
He has wonderful words.
though little 'action'.

Watch out for November!
I understand this will be a month that will go down in history.
The 'history' books will be history.
A 'thing' of the past to look passst.

As far as auditing US oil stocks?
Great idea though the Feds control this as well.
It's really about who controls the inputs.
When one controls the inputs Of society, they control the price.

The same logic applies for the worlds diamond supply, gold supply, food supply, etc. supply. You get the point.

Charade after charade.....
Cloaks and daggars.....
Tyrants and subjects.

Audit is a 'wonderful' word, even better when Acted on.
The world's economies Are about to crash, by design of course.
A poor one.

Hmmm, when will the 'people' ever learn?
You all have truly been 'floked'.
Just Make it Happen.

An audit of the world's inputs and who owns them will put things in perspective. Since the 'world' is headed towards a serious Depression in both senses of the definition, why not get it over with 'Now'.
Better sooner than later.

Ron Paul, you will read this post. I 'know' you will as you have so many others. You are inherently a good person though are a bit compromised yourself.....No? It Is understood.

Please do the Right thing. Your son would appreciate it as well. He is depending on you to set the right example as a Father unto a Son as well as for America and that of the world.

In time, the Light always dispells the shadows.
You know this to be true though many toe the line of ignorance.
33rd And Parallel.....
Time to get in synch with Reality.

isIs, always has been.
It cannot be written.
It just Is.
It Is what it Is.....

"Good Day"?
Ur choice.....
Just do as UDO.
Apparently Udo has been lost in the realm of time?

Oh, one more thing.
There is a Good reason that pyramids are found in 'every' continent on Earth.
There is No Good Reason, why the 'flokes' have not been informed.
"Come Together".
There is no other choice from here forward.

Who is 'Ur' brother?
Your neighbor.
If you pick your weeds, perhaps I'll water your garden.
If it makes sense, perhaps it is Of sense.

Have a "Good Day"
.....and just perhaps it 'could' Be as a Bee is unto the flowers of time.

Just +E+ar.....
Looking ^^^^^

The ocean is calling me.
"Late-Ur" folks.

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posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 01:47 PM

Originally posted by EnlightenUp
He like to audit things. What happen to the Audit the Fed bill? I think I lost track of that.

Im glad he likes to audit things, though. We have a right to an accounting of what they are doing with our resources.

I am just surprised that my fellow Americans dont think it odd that such a simple request for an audit meets with so much resistance from our beloved leaders.

Like he says, if its all there, count it up, test it, to make sure its actually gold, and issue the confirmation. Why not if you have nothing to hide? Isnt that what they always tell us? If you have nothing to hide why would this bother you?

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 01:57 PM
Even if we audited the gold that's there, there is only enough gold to cover something on the lines of 100 billion dollars of our debt... pretty damned pathetic. There was a "audit" done back in the early 70's as I recall but I think it was less than expected. There have been rumors that LBJ sold off portions of the knox holdings.

So many people agree with what the man says, yet they are scared to vote for him... I don't understand you people. We here in Texas know what we got which is why we keep sending him.

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posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 02:03 PM

Originally posted by CanadianDream420

There probably IS no gold in Fort Knox lol...

I see unlimited "CASH 4 GOLD" commercials, online-ads, newspapers, billboards. I bet these are government agencies doing a huge gold grab. They make it simple as possible, call them up and they send you an envelope to ship back with the Gold and you get a cheque within days.

Doesn't matter if it's stolen, they just melt it down.

Somethings fishy about Gold in itself.

[edit on 27-8-2010 by CanadianDream420]

You're close, those are organised crime money laundering schemes.

They'll buy a worthless piece of land down in central or south america and register it as a gold mine. Then they use dirty money to buy your gold and then reigster it as having been mined from their mine. Then they sell the gold "that has been mined from their mine" and they get clean money. Most of the time though they don't even sell the gold. They sell pieces of paper that are gold bonds that people are stupid enough to buy.

If your buying gold as a hedge for SHTF, then you need physical gold, not a piece of paper that will be impossible to collect on if TSHTF....



posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 02:19 PM
reply to post by brutalsun

I voted Constitution party in the last Presidential election. RP didnt run, however.

Its a meme that is spread by the two main parties that if you vote third party, you "throw your vote away." They never mention the fact that if you DO vote for the two main parties, who have no intention whatsoever of listing to the voters, you are really throwing your votes away.

There is also the meme of "voting for the lesser of two evils." Which is ridiculous because you are still voting for evil. Vote non evil. Vote for the person you really think will REPRESENT you and your wishes. Dont just vote for the person you hate less, so the person you hate more wont win. Thats the reason our political system is such a dungheap.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 04:03 PM

Originally posted by ExPostFacto
reply to post by CanadianDream420

Why is Fox News arguing with Ron Paul? Have they already hijacked the Tea Party movement and now just want corporate freedoms, over individual freedoms?

Yes. The tea party is now run by the mega corporations.
Fox is their proxy.
They never liked Ron Paul.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 04:11 PM
anyone want to bet most these gold bars will be tungsten
coverd in gold to boost up the stock pile

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 05:06 PM
90% of the time I agree with Dr Paul but I cant help but think of the negative aspect to auditing the gold. Say and audit gets passed and there is NO GOLD to be found? What then? That's right,the prices of gold will sky rocket and the economy will more than likely crash. Just a thought.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 05:13 PM
reply to post by hawaiinguy12

Better to deal with the consequences of the truth, no matter how bad, than live in denial and lies and just hope things magically get better. How does that strategy work in our personal lives? My financial situation is bad, but if I just dont open the bills and keep going along like nothing is wrong maybe it will get better? Most people I know who do that would have been much better served just dealing with the truth early on. You cant hide from it forever.

No matter how bad the "truth" might be presently, it can certainly get worse by ignoring it and doing more of the same stuff that got us into the crap in the first place.

The only way we are going to make our situation better is to get clear on what the problems are, and take definitive action to correct them. If our leaders are selling off our gold reserves behind our backs, that is something we need to know.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 05:26 PM

Originally posted by Misoir
Ron Paul has the right idea, a true patriot of transparency.

IMO I would go revolutionary, I would force the audit of every government agency whether they are fully federal or have any direct say in government straight from the executive branch to the FED to the postal service. There is mass abuse, waste, corruption and negligence that is occurring throughout every section of our local, state and federal governments. We need to audit them all, give them 10 years for a full audit of everything.

We should establish a temporary audit agency for each level of government ranging from local, state to federal. And the agencies will audit everything back to its very beginning. They would report periodically on what they have observed and when it is all finished the auditing agency will be audited by the Congress.

It would be long, bureaucrat and painful, but in the end we would know everything that is going on in there. That would force our government to do a MASSIVE overhaul, probably saving us roughly $1 trillion at least in a decade.

[edit on 8/27/2010 by Misoir]

From your lips to Gods ears. However that will never happen until there is a consistent effort by the public, requiring an audit. Unfortunately, the MSM has most people confused and thoughtless to such issues.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 05:42 PM
If they do audit the gold supply, there won't be anything to audit because it is all going to Nibiru for the atmosphere.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 06:43 PM
reply to post by illusive man


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posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 06:57 PM

Originally posted by SunburnedLeader
If they do audit the gold supply, there won't be anything to audit because it is all going to Nibiru for the atmosphere.

Because Gold is only plentiful on earth right?

Anyway, I think Ron Paul is just as corrupt as all the other politicians, but he's going to be their golden ticket for when the populace become so disillusioned by wall street and all the corruption that they will elect RP, who will then bring in all the big ticket ideas TPB want (Martial law, etc)

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posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 08:32 PM
How many people posting here are over 30? I am 42 and I will let you in on a little secret, the NWO or Illuminati. they don't exist! With all your posts claiming this plot and that, then claiming the Government is incompetent, you're being ignorant. They are incompetent, but they have been planning all this since I was 11?, yep, 31 years ago, and what have they accomplished???? Nothing, but things are still going according to their plans. I love my kids and want a good life for them, But no one, NO ONE is going to make a plan so their great, great, great, great, etc. you get the point kids rule the world. The whole point of ruling the world is that YOU rule!!! Our Government, corrupt? Yes, Incompetent? Yes, Our voters incompetent? Yes Some other worldy, James Bond plot to rule the world? I don't think so

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