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Poem about ATS

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posted on Aug, 26 2010 @ 04:54 PM
wrote it the other night, thought i would share

Ats is like a cancer of truth
that eats away at the center of our youths dumb views .
People argue about deliberate attacks by the elite few
while others use tactics to hide The truth and brainwash u.
True, u don't have all the facts to prove that nineleven attacks
took mos. to plan and days to enact
w. evil intentions behind the patriot act sanctions
that they were so anxious to pass before they could even clean up the mess.
But guess what u dont need all the "facts"
there's a track that u follow that leads to the mark
... trace of evidence I'm not gona go into explaining this,
there's plenty threads on Ats for u to follow, use search feature please!
And to the sceptics of theories dat Holla "this is swiss ch3ese to me "
do U really think u can know what reality is through looking with ur thick glasses onto "facts" u find online sitting on ur ***es?

i also used to do "rap news" just like the juice media guy on another forum(before i even found out about robert foster,
so coming soon, im going to start a thread for ATS front page news in rhymes.. or something of that nature. it will be humourous as well.

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