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What would life for a person be like if he/she didnt have a job?

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posted on Oct, 1 2010 @ 05:47 PM

Originally posted by Loutty

The downside of not having to work is that mankind will most likely come to a standstill. There will be no one motivated enough to invent new techniques, divices, expand on others ideas. Or it could have the inverse effect and technological/medical breakthroughs would become common place.

Our technology exists because of leisure, so people having more leisure time should increase our technology, not reduce it. It takes free time to have ideas, and then follow up on them by building, gathering more info, etc.

posted on Oct, 1 2010 @ 06:43 PM
I enjoy my job. I design and build kitchens.

At 8am I switch off from 'home' and go to 'work' mode. I immerse myself in the depths of 3D design, and stay there for 8 hours.

This is what I would be doing if it wasn't necessary for me to work for a living.

But I would still need that 'switch off' period. I couldn't just sit at the kitchen table with the computer and work. I am in the process of building an office in my house so I can shut myself away with my 3D design, and become oblivious to the world!

I have been a stay at home Mum, but after about 18 months of this I need a challenge. I guess I get bored. I have only been in my current job for 10 weeks, in 2 weeks my 3 month trial is up. (But they already gave me a new uniform when mine was too big for someone else...)

I would say I am one of the lucky ones in that I am doing a job that I enjoy. I get to see my projects from paper to installed, so combined with a great team that I work with, so work is essentially a fun place to be.


posted on Oct, 1 2010 @ 06:54 PM
I'll be honest...the majority of the replies in this thread are downright depressing. The other half just haven't thought it through enough to be depressed.

People who don't have jobs shouldn't become depressed because they feel "worthless". That's just how society has conditioning you to think. Humanity, and any species for that matter, is made to work as a whole. However, if you are not whole yourself, jumping into the world of relationships and value is dangerous. I understand that people need to survive, but you don't need a comfortable income to do that. Is sitting in the same room, doing the same mundane daily tasks really worth a life of misery and a side-pouch of symbolic worth (expensive clothes, cars, massive cell phone bills)? Spending money you don't have, for things you don't need, to impress people you don't know.

I will probably get bashed for this, but if you want to live a life of 'worth' without the hassle of a job, then all you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

- Don't get married, this is a big one. I know people will think it's crazy to stand against an ancient tradition like marriage. But the fact is if you want a life on uncertainty, and want to reach out to more people, then don't commit yourself to a lifestyle. Once a man or woman loses their motivation to impress the opposite sex they will naturally get depressed. And if you are married and have kids, then you should never lose focus on raising your children.

- Take a survival class. Learn how to survive in any situation, how to defend yourself, sleep in a tree and kill your food. I guarantee you that the depression rates for uncivilized people were probably non existent. But the fact is, if you can defend and rely on yourself than you are safer than any uptight millionaire.

- Help people for the right reasons. The sad truth is, probably 75-80% of people donate and help people so they can experience their own personal endorphine rush. Would you be willing to trade spots with a cancer patient so they won't have to suffer? That's what it really means to reach out. Would you help out a homeless person before you helped out a suicidal has-been-millionaire who just spent his entire fortune on gambling, drugs, and sex? If so, then you are one of than you don't know what it means to really help somebody.

-Never stop learning and developing your skills. Go to college and get a degree with worth to the soul instead of worth to the wallet. And don't tell me college is too expensive...I was given $2,000 in financial aid just to attend college. That is, all my classes paid for, plus $2,000 for my personal use. And I come from a middle-class family. 90% of people are just too lazy to go through the processes. You can try to help all you want, but the sad truth is, no one will listen to you unless you have credibility.

-And finally, realize you are the dumbest organism on planet Earth. How many wolves, insects, fish have to question their worth? Are the cells that you are composed of complaining about their job or psyche? Could any amount of human technology ever wipe out the entire bacteria on population on Earth? Face it, we are just the face on the puzzle...we don't put anything together. So there is no point in questioning an image.

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