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The Book of Daniel Secrets Revealed? Are We The Last Generation?

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posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 07:07 PM
reply to post by littlebunny continue from above

When you open your eyes you will find these lies are everywhere within the Bible. But before I post one more, I’ve always wondered why Martin Luther was not murdered by the Pope… Even Martin understood he was heading towards his death… Question: Did someone within the Catholic Church Realize that Martin Luther would actually help promote and cement the Catholic Version of Jesus for all of time? How many of you know the truth regarding what equals, or what is now termed… Paganism? Isn’t it actually a mixture of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Persian beliefs… How many of you have actually compared their stories to the bible? How many of you understand the symbols/idols those Pagan beliefs venerated, and then finally, how many of you have seen all the symbols/idols within the walls of the Vatican? When you start to understand the truth about history, you will finally begin to unlock all the lies perpetrated within the bible… However, I believe God did in fact put his truth within the Bible, I truly do… However, it always struck me as weird why the Book of Romans was never used against the Christians… I mean if anyone reads that book they realize as long as you don’t know you wont be held responsible to the same level as Christians… Kinda like a used car salesmen sales pitch… Even if (add your religion here) is wrong, and Christianity is the truth, just be a good person and you will only be judged by your works… But if you’re a Christian and you reject some of what is taught, you could burn forever… Brilliant… Which makes me wonder if that Book was added to the Bible because the Paganist/Catholics at that time realized what they were doing was disgustingly wrong?

I realize you need some more proof, and I could spend half the day posting verse after verse that forced me to realize I’m being lied too. Like… Christians will tell you that when Jesus was referring to the rapture he was not talking about his time, but the time in which the Rapture would occur… If that is true, then homosexuality is no longer a sin…. Because Christians will tell you… only the righteous will be taken in the rapture, and no one… and they mean no one… who is of ill repute will be taken, and if you read Leviticus you cannot deny one half of the Bible calls homosexuality a sin… YET, Luke Chapter 17 verse 34 says:

“Two men will be SLEEPING in the SAME BED, one will be taken, the other left”

Now perhaps in Jesus time two men sleeping in the same bed happened all the time, but in our time each of us knows that phrase means a brokeback mountain moment. What I find entertaining about that verse is how every single preacher and priest I’ve listened to on Youtube, every single one of them, always either skips that part of Luke, or they lie and change it, because they know damn well what it means. Why is that important… Because it’s a major contradiction, everything I’ve mentioned is… It demands I’m being lied to, and if I’m being lied to, then is there a real message I should be looking for…

I know that is true within the Old Testament, and in time I’ve also learned its true regarding the New. If you use those, plus the other markers I’ve suggested before, and then re-read your bible, you too will start to see the truth hidden right out in the open. And it amazes me how someone could’ve hid all that truth mixed within all those Paganist lies… Whoever did so was absolutely brilliant… Finding it aint nearly as tough as creating it. Kinda like the truths I’ve found within worldwide Religious numbers 144,000 and 666. Those truths absolutely proves mankind must’ve been in space in our distant past, while at the same time explaining why the Sun, Moon and Earth were venerated by our not so ancient ancestors… And over time the science was replaced by a Religious Dogma… Hell we see that happening in our own time, so much so its getting harder to tell Science from Religion. Like, the truths that can be found within 144,000 and 666 demands, demands, our truly ancient ancestors understood 3 dimensional mathematics. While our Science currently does not. I’ve tried hard not to force my discoveries onto people, by giving just enough information to teach how they can find the truths for themselves. Yet in my next thread I’m going to give you the math, show you the pictures and then explain why those who believe in Paganism are actually believing in a Religion, that our not so distant ancestors misunderstood the science and over time turned that ignorance into a Religious Dogma… and some of it can be found within the Bible. And that is what this thread and what I wrote above is attempting to help you find on your own.

When it comes to modern religious and ancient religious texts, I believe it prudent to walk towards revealing the truth, instead of forcing everyone to catch up to the truths I’ve uncovered. In order for all of this to make sense, you must find all the lies yourself. The quickest way it worked for me was denying God could be anything other then love, and then comparing what is said in the Bible to other cultures… Like, did you know that the entire world used to believe Gods come from outer space??? Did you know Catholic history proves they murdered that truth everywhere they found it? Don’t believe me? Study the truth about the Mayans and what the Roman Catholic Church did to their religion… or for every Jewish atrocity committed over the last 16 hundred years, find out where the Catholic Church was and what their doctrine was as decreed by the Pope of that time… It is shocking to say the least… However I have to give props… What the Roman Catholic Church was able to pull off was exceedingly brilliant… the bad news is, the truth is going to find them guilty, just like your bible demands… The Catholic Church is on its last legs, and if they ignore the edict handed down from 3rd Secret of Fatima and the truth hidden right out in the open with the bible… As Jesus warned his disciples, and as the Book of Daniel and Revelations warns… not one stone…

I hope you study to find yourself approved… I’ve done all I’m willing to do to help you open your eyes… my next post will reveal some deep truths that have been purposely hidden from the world… I hope you seek the truth, for it is only the truth that can truly set you free… Even though I must admit there are times I wish I never started this journey… Ignorance truly is bliss… unless of course… knowing the truth is truly important to you…

--Charles Marcello

posted on Jun, 14 2011 @ 04:10 AM
I never liked religion but somethin happend to me a few years ago that made me want to study religion. Daniel has a 70th week prophecy which is about to happen and unleash a 7 year trib based on the astronomy in Rosh hashana of 2011. I can assure you this will happen. They did everything based on astronomy and the same exact astronomy that happend from the birth of christ till his death in 33 Ad happen from 82 to 2015 for 33 years. The same exact lunar and solar eclispes happen as well.

posted on Nov, 13 2011 @ 05:48 AM
reply to post by littlebunny

There are definite Biblical signs that we are the 'generation' that will see all prophecies being fulfilled by the end of the age. Read Enoch Chapter 1:1 where he speaks about the righteous and the elect - being a remote generation from his - living in the time of the Tribulation.

Matthew 24:9 & 14 explain that the preaching that signifies the end is that his followers will be handed over to Tribulation and hated by [other religious] nations and killed over his name. (And this 'preaching' has never been seen before because it has been veiled from sight - as 'good news'.)

So you can take up your cross to follow him and to prove worthy of his sacrifice.

The Apostasy from current beliefs is what reveals the Antichrist for who he is, and is also the sprouting of the twigs of the Fig Tree that represents the religious nation of Israel.

The Image of Nebuchadnezzar and the Four Beasts are all religious nations - the ones that use the Bible. Jewish, Greek/Eastern Orthodox, Catholic & Protestant. The feet of clay is the secular powerbase (Lateran Treaty 1929) putting its sovereign King on par with other secular world leaders and monarchs.

The Catholic Church broke away from the Greek/Eastern Orthodox Church in around 1015 AD over including 'the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father - & the Son' into the Creed. e.g. Daniel is now an open book. Check the timeline... all currently existing and headed for destruction.

The Eighth Head is the next soveriegn of that 'great city' which shows just how close we are!

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posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 04:32 PM
I would like to state here that I believe the Bible is largely metaphor...and very little of it literal fact.

But the thing is, the Bible comes from days when the Church was a monolith of power...nearly a titan among people. It alone had the power of God behind it (which, in and of itself, says that they were misusing it. Who has the right to speak for God except God Him/Her/Itself?) and thus the Bible was the equivalent of today's constitution. Those people chose to interpret it literally, preferring not to think that it might have been written in riddles: "Milk for babes, and meat for men". We weren't ready for the true message. Perhaps we still aren't. But I know one truth in the Bible...

We are God. We are all from the same source as God, of the same material as God, and have the same power as God, except on a much smaller scale. The largest organism in the world lives about 400 miles away from where I sit right now. Do you know what it is?'s a fungi. A mushroom that has spawned and respawned, creating a vast network of fungi that is all the same creature. Now, if a single spore, invisible to the naked eye, were to drift away and lodge in a log, what would happen? BOOM! another mushroom. And if the laws of such biology apply to everything of that nature, everything made from smaller, similarly intelligent matter, why would it not apply to us humans, who are the spores of God Him/Her/Itself?

Anyway, I find your discoveries fantastic. Very little can be taken for granted these days...let's hope these hidden messages can be trusted.

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 11:58 PM
reply to post by littlebunny

If we use the date you mentioned regarding the creation of Israel then the world is truly in the last few years, because 2018 equals 70 years... However 2017 would most likely fall more in line with the Biblical reference to the creation of Israel, and fall in line with at least two other predictions regarding Israel and the end times within the bible, though I would agrue there are many more... However, its also possible that the prophecy was referring to the Jews having complete control over Jerusalem, which finally happened in 1967. So that would give us a final generation date of 2037. Personally I don't know which one is true

None are true because the modern state occupying Palestine and calling itself, Israel is not a fulfillment of prophecy, nor a trigger point for any other prophecy, this is all just wild personal conjecture and might I suggest that you deal with your current life and stop using your fantasy end of the world as an excuse to blow off your personal responsibility to work to make this a better world for future generations.
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