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A Poem for Us CTs

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posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 11:22 PM
My computer screen glares back at me-
LCD threatens to turn blue
As it partitions me.
Eating theories and scavenging through the excrement
Aliens are coming for me!
This is the last will and testament
Of a conspiracy theorist.
On every block
I see figures in trench coats.
Plugged into the Matrix,
I know how deep the rabbit hole goes.
So I keep my voice recorder close, whispering
“This is an average day in my life.
Flames spinnin in my brain
Like I’m screwing the Devil’s wife.”

I wake up.
Take a crap. Eat.
Enjoy a nice shower.
Brush and floss my teeth.
Then it’s
To the laboratory!
Headphones blaring battle stories
As I study ancient allegories.
I don’t # with Google.
The government controls disinformation
Through the
Counter Intelligence Profressionals Operation.
(look around sketchily)
They can hear us RIGHT NOW.
(look around again)
Nothing to see here! Move along!

Researching page after page
Of info displayed
I revel in the better part
Of a full day.
I scan site archives
Too open for closed minds
And come across the most annoying message
A CT can find.
4-0-4 Error. (gasp)
Page not found.
Feces! Everybody knows
That the powers that be
Can seize pages of truth-
With ease.
So I,
Use my above par PC
To paralyze and infiltrate
What they don’t want me to see!
“What do we have here? All Roads Lead to Rome?”

My brain implodes
As nodes network with neurons
Trying to figure out
What the Hell does this mean?
Symbols abound that average men cannot read.
It would seem that the author was mentally diseased!
But trust me,
These symbols carry a universal force encoded in verse
Translated from pure thought into word
Is born.
The alchemist in me dilutes the process
To prove the conquest
Of a one world order.
Seems sorta on the border of
SKITZO and normal.
But think about it,
If God’s son brings light,
What does the moon’s daughter bring?
Darkness shadows
The Roman Empire born again.
Find a twin and then ponder why it’s
Illegal to get higher than stars be.
Bars be surrounding
The musical cubicle we live in.
Jailed up like guinea pigs
God can stick a pen in.
Speaking of that,
The only sing-alongs Disney ever sponsored
Was racist Caucasian rats!
You know just like I do why
Lion King did so well among black kids.
Pocahontas anyone?
Did anybody see
Any Indians getting hung?
I did.
I wait for the next page to load...

Julius Caesar wanted the Earth
So he conquered the continents
With the birth of monotheistic religious works.
Holy Roman Empire
Spread through the land
With the image of a vengeful God;
Scepter in hand.
And this is why some of us get locked up
In the nuthouse where the hypocrites give us drugs
Under Hippocratic Oath.
Go figure.
I detach my eyes from the screen
And rest my fingers
To take a chill pill,
And I’m not talking about medication.
I’m talking about good old fashioned-
Butt firmly planted on the pillow in my seat
My eyes close, my back straightens, my mind retreats into a light that flickers brightly.

My breathing thins.
I forget about the little green men
Who have tapped my phone
And replaced my Facebook friends.
20 minutes later,
I walk around the hood.
Admiring the beauty of life
Misunderstood for the last time.
Everything is one when you look at the big picture.
No matter how many objects you can count in the Mona Lisa,
It is still one lovely painting.
This is also true for the vista of our UNIverse.
No matter how many planets there are,
No matter how #ed up our world is,
Life is beautiful.
Peace is unachievable.
Love is everywhere.
Reality is changeable.

Namaste, from the conspiracy theorist prepared for truth.

posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 11:57 PM
That was Good although I did not understood some parts of it; art is art no matter how u look at it. I liked da message of love u took da time to include and the attitude of a C. theorist, things that interest us and the paranoia persistence. It was a good piece to read thru. Thank u.

posted on Aug, 26 2010 @ 12:06 AM
reply to post by iditenahuiats

Thanks for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed!

This is actually a spoken word piece that I'm going to perform at a poetry venue, so your criticisms are/would be highly appreciated. Comments like "what don't you understand?" or "what could I improve?"

I probably should have included that in the OP but... oh well!

posted on Aug, 26 2010 @ 01:46 AM
Well first I would change mentally diseased to mentally ill. It will fill in the rhythm better, for real. And only thing I did not understood was the thing about the daughter of the moon. I hope it Goes good... knock on wood.

posted on Aug, 26 2010 @ 02:29 AM
Thanks dude. U gave me a good moment. I like to write but I always lack topics. U gaveme one.

Ats is like a cancer of truth that eats away at the center of our youths dumb views . People argue about dteliberate attacks by the elite few while others use tactics to hide The truth and brainwash u. True, u don't have all the facts to prove that nineleven attacks took mos. to plan and days to enact w. evil intentions behind the patriot act sanctions that they were so anxious to pass before they could even clean up the mess. But guess what u. dont need all the "facts" there's a track that u follow that leads to the mark ... trace of evidence I'm not gona go into explaining this, there's plenty threads on Ats for u to follow, use search feature please!
And to the sceptics of theories dat Holla "this is swiss ch3ese to me " do U really think u can know what reality is through looking with ur thick glasses onto "facts" u find online sitting on ur ***es?

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