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A Day In The Life Of Antar... (tragedy of Course)

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posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 06:11 PM
Had to come 'talk' about what happened in my world today...

Started out unable to awaken completely from really busy and dreadful dreams of my family in chaos.

Dreamed that my grandpa was in distress and rushed to the hospital. I dreamed the whole events of the morning taking place while I slept.

There is far too much background to go into here but suffice it to say that sometimes when people get old they choose the wrong people to trust and push away the people who truly love them and have their best interests at heart, I did and always will have the best interest at heart when it comes to my Grandpa.

As it happened they decided to trust a total lunatic con artist who at one time was known to be the biggest drug dealer in our area. Now grey haired and having married into a side shoot of our family, well off I might add, he worked his way into my Grandpas life.

He has set up my sons and I for the things he stood like tools and what nots of my grandpas, I know he has put things out of place and blamed it on my sons as if they were set there to steal in the future. weird but true this guy is as close to evil as it gets. he knows I SEE him and has always hated me for that.

I know none of you know me well enough to know if what I say is true or not so you'll just have to believe me when I say that even though no one is ever perfect, I am proud that my sons are good people and satisfied with what they have and love grandpa with all the respect I could as a Mother ask for them to.

They spent their summer vacation taking turns staying in the hot house (always too hot) cooking, cleaning and entertaining the Grandparents, setting up their meds in the pill caddy's, helping take the blood tests for diabetes, and just giving all they could to be there in support of their agedness and need for help.

Ok so, the main goal of this guy who slipped into power of attorney, was to over throw the will and see to it that me and my boys the only living heirs got nothing when the Grandparents were placed in a convalescent home.

GOAL complete! Every time Grandpa got the sniffles he would place him in a convalescent hospital to get well...

Now, this time it is for good. He probably had a UTI and if you know elderly it along with dehydration can be the culprit for most symptoms that take them down.

Grandpa slid out of bed this am and couldn't get off the floor, the POA was called and so was 911, he was taken to the ER and now 8 hours later he is in the permanent wing of the local, lower quality rest home.

Grandma in the meantime was all for this as she had gone to the uptown once to heal after a small accident. She would sit in the rehab section of the facility and be waited on hand and foot byRNs, all the while sitting in comfy overstuffed loungers and visiting like a queen with the others who were only there for a short time and to recoup after whatever ailed them.

I have tried to tell her its not what you think once you enter for good, when your entire life's savings are gone with less than a cocktail party thrown by the hospital administration...

You end up in the medicare wing, same Dr. same meds (they always medicate) and you end up like the lifeless souls sitting at the gates of purgatory in the old folks waiting room...

Well, as you know my grandpa is already there, I went to visit him and he will wake up from this and once again become the alert, funny, flirty and awesome Grandpa I know and love, the only difference will be that he chose to trust outsiders who didn't give a hoot about him, just what they could get from him eventually, today in fact.


posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 06:31 PM
So I decide to make a run over to their house to get the pictures of my children and me I have given them over the years and when I drive up there is this beat up old red truck parked in the driveway and a dirty looking skinny drug addict type gal steps out with a big broken toothed grin, she started to speak to me and I asked( with hand up at her as if speak to the hand)"Who are you?"

She said oh I am the person hired to take care of them, I said HUH? Hired by who? and said the name of the POA. With my steady stide unbroken I continued towards the house and said "Your a tweeker" she went balistic!!! DUH...

(* NOw if she were'nt then how would she know what one was? or get sooo rattled*)

So into the house I go to find grandma happy as a lark at the thought of having Grandpa admitted, she's kind of evil herself and always has been, age didnt change that much.

She was shocked to discover that the hospital told me she was being admitted tomorrow morning as well...

She was in denial, but I told her, well I cant get you out of this one grandma, you guys made your choice on who you could trust and it wasnt me. She went off and long short wont believe it until morning.

So at this point the next door neighbor and old lady herself, comes in with the druggie woman shouting at me for calling her a druggie. I told her this is my grandparents home and I call it as I see it.

I had never seen the old woman before but she was somehow a distant relative of the druggie woman, I guess...

They were shouting that I am not GOd, I have no right to judge! i say "Well, you are." The gal FREAKED and tweeked out... nuff said...

I collected the pictures I had given grandpa over the years and meant to get the vegetarian foods in their freezer that we had there for when the kids stayed over, but as I was being assaulted by two old women and a druggie, I just calmly headed for the door.

My 11 year old son was CRACKING UP!!! he thought that was the funniest thing he had ever seen and wished it could have been recorded for placement on YouTube which would have gotten a million hits.

Probably right, but none of my best and rarest moments are ever actually caught on tape.

I knew to get the precious pictures, that was all I needed.

As for the rest, well Ill probably get a knock on the door in the am with a restraining order, so be it, wont be the first after all, and since I am not a material girl at least not for ill gotten gains, then all I can say is that it is time to let it all go, visit grandpa when I can and let the dead handle the rest. to me they are the dead, the walking dead.

posted on Aug, 26 2010 @ 06:15 AM
That sounds an awful situation.
I hope things improve for you and your family soon.
Maybe those meth head snakes need a visit from the cops..
Be strong.
BTW,Thanks for the U2U.

posted on Aug, 26 2010 @ 07:56 AM
reply to post by Silcone Synapse

I think it is related to end times and evil alien agenda really, kind of stuff I dont share but have alot of oppinions on none the less.

Had a vision once long agao where I saw the direct connection between a very bad race of alien invaders and the lower factions here on earth, there was a deal made , souls were involved and the very life essence of tens of thousands of people were up for... sale more or less.

The drugs themselves are the vehicle for transmission of the chips and the earmarks of a plot to destroy an entire generation of possible higher elementals in human form.

Those who have come here in these end days for humainty came with full consciousness in tact and even though they dont know who they are , they fight for the good side and are more suseptible to attacks from birth onwards.

Likewise those who have through either generations or through tricks such as the drug line are not consciously aware of who they are either, at any moment the 'energy' can jump in and control their very thoughts and actions for as long or short a period as needed for a particular act.

People who are not in control of their actions display this energy in many different forms.

Anyway its complicated and a long story, but just wanted to thank you for stopping and bothering to reply.

Its all ok, I am deeply saddened by my Grandpas choices, but will move forward and do the best I can in my own life.

I'll probably spin a thread about him one day as he was quite the living being in his day from 1915 when he was born to this spring out on my tractor plowing the fields for me.

My old International tractor has no power steering and a sticky clutch and barely any brakes, so yes, it was a big deal...

I kind of wish he had gone while working on that then to rot in medicare wing of the worst eldercare facilty in our town.

Blessings to him, and one more thing, out of hundreds of beds, grandpa was placed in the same room as the guy who placed him in there's Mom lived in till she died, that is just so weird to me.

Ok Gotta go. I do feel better just airing this experience with members here who also in the future can and will face similar troubles with family.

If you have experienced similar, talk to me either here or in u2u, I care and understand.

posted on Aug, 26 2010 @ 05:08 PM
reply to post by antar

I'm in the UK so I don't know the ins and outs of US law, and I gather it varies from state to state too, but you do know that you can contest a Power of Attorney ruling? Also, have you seen the document itself and checked that the attorney that drew it up is legit? In the UK, if a none blood relative is appointed POA, all heirs to the will/estate have to be informed of the action, I would assume that that is the same in the US.

According to this link,

a POA cannot in anyway benefit from their position and it is a criminal matter if they do. Keep records, make sure you know what is where, who owns what etc, and if you have any reason to suspect this man is benefitting financially from his position as POA, then call the Police.

You may find this information useful

My Nan had Alzheimer's Disease, it was diagnosed pretty late on, and we had kind of the reverse situation to you. She was being taken for a ride by neighbours and relatives, and the POA was needed so that she couldn't keep handing over large sums of money. She was lucky, my family agreed to my Step Father being her POA. He assured that all the money that she (and her two husbands) had worked for all her life, provided her with the best care available for the 15 years between diagnosis and her death. We were very lucky to have such an honest and decent man to take on the responsibility, but either way, both my Mum and Uncle, as heirs to her 'estate', had to approve otherwise it would have had to go before the Court. You should talk to other members of your family, find out what they think of the man your Grandpa has appointed to control his affairs and what documentation they have seen to prove that this POA is actually bona fida. If there is evidence to support your belief that he is irresponsible or exploiting his position, then contesting the POA may be fairly straightforward.

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