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someone correct me on this weapon

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posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 03:52 AM

Originally posted by orangetom1999
You have to be some kind of uncaring ignorant dummy to build a hovercraft like the one in post ten of the link by the OP.
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"All war is deception" -- Sun Tzu

The moment you doubt your enemy's capability is when you compromise your own capability.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 08:43 AM

Originally posted by Dimitri Dzengalshlevi

Originally posted by orangetom1999
You have to be some kind of uncaring ignorant dummy to build a hovercraft like the one in post ten of the link by the OP.
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"All war is deception" -- Sun Tzu

The moment you doubt your enemy's capability is when you compromise your own capability.

yes I agree Dimitri,

Well said.

Now you see the link...the one from the Iranian military source??

Scroll down to the 8th block..the one with the submarine..the green boat with all the civilians on the pier taking a tour of the boat.

Here is the link I posted on this boat..

It is from the weapons section here and is titled " Iran has 4 new submarines.

Alot of this stuff Dimitri is nice catchy phrases..
But the British newspapers are pulling peoples legs with this stuff. The brits are good at fear mongering when it suits their purposes which for now is how to get rid of their submarine fleet to weaken Britain down to a third world country. America is soon to follow at the hands of our politicians selling the souls of this nation for power and control.

Someone here wants to make us British. Most of us who recognize this template are not interested.

Oh..and I have worked on All the 688 class submarines built at this yard in addition to several of the Virginia class boats built here.

Also worked on several Nimitz class carriers...including nuclear refueling.
What I know is not from Jane's fighting ships or from on line sources.

My eye will thus be automatically drawn to certain features by rote and by training.

Notice the difference in the Iranian Hovercraft and this LCAC in this link.

You can immediately see the protective shroud over the propellers.
This is very telling about personal safety standards. This translates into morale as well. The value they place on their peoples lives and safety.
Intelligence types will note this immediately.

here are used florida air boats for sale...
Note the protective shroud over the propellers.

Here is a larger airboat from a tour company..

Note again the protective shroud.

Our problem is not our equipment per has always been piss poor leadership across the board. This is the same in many nations around the world. To many professional politicians and not real leaders in our military and civilian government.


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posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by orangetom1999

Yes, I do know vaguely of your military history. This does make you a valuable asset to ATS, in my opinion.

And you are right about leadership. From my brief experience in the Canadian Forces, I learned the difference between soldiers and officers; it is tactics and strategy, the two components of war.

Western governments fight wars based on strategies with ultimate goals in the end and will throw their giant war machines at minor enemies. The people fighting Western forces are pretty much tactical, because they counter what is thrown at them on the ground.

US has it's shock and awe strategy, but Iran has the Revolutionary Guard, 100,000+ elite soldiers with a lot of tactical experience. While their weapons have not yet been tested against American weapons, they have the tactical experience necessary to adapt to conflict against an large enemy that is simply too large to change from its general strategy, hence why farmers with AK-47s and RPGs can hold off the American military for so long on many different fronts.

A war with Iran will simply show that the US cannot drastically change its strategy and that units like the IRG have paid attention to previous conflicts and know what is necessary to do in order to survive.

EDIT: For your comment on propellers, you are probably right. But also consider that Russia has always placed external fuel tanks on their MBTs and despite the obvious danger, they are still some of the best tank forces in the world.

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posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 08:54 AM
reply to post by Dimitri Dzengalshlevi


Thanks for your very considered reply.

I am going to disagree with you slightly on this...

Western governments fight wars based on strategies with ultimate goals in the end and will throw their giant war machines at minor enemies. The people fighting Western forces are pretty much tactical, because they counter what is thrown at them on the ground.

All governments with any real military capability do this. This is because they are not independent sovereign governments anymore. They are boot lackeys for some merchants interests including and not limited to banking and insurance interests.

America like Canada, Australia, England and also Russia (even in the Soviet days) have been controlled and regulated by world class merchant interests ...including banking, insurance, and manufacturing interests.

There has been for many many years now a resource war going on in this world for control of the worlds resources and manufacturing capability associated with access to these resources. This war includes control of the sea or trading routes for these resources.

That I can tell this war has been going on since the days of the Spanish Empire. New players have come and gone but the war continues and gets more sophisticated as well as deadly. Most of the untapped resources happen to be in third world undeveloped nations.

America is a boot lackey to carry out the goals of these merchants and has been since the days of Teddy Roosevelt and the Great White Fleet.

This dictum of the various players over the years has at times been labeled or identified thus...

Pan Americanism....identified by the Monroe doctrine in establishing American Sovereignty and independence. this doctrine has been secretly given up and replaced with this second doctrine coming up.
Pan Americanism and the Monroe Doctrine were given up secretly and quietly replaced by Angle Saxon Superiority and Rule of the World without the knowledge of most Americans and without the knowledge of most of the Congress.

Angle Saxon Superiority and Rule of the World.
This is the doctrine of England and the Crown..or merchant class which rules over England and the English government.
It says that the white man has the right and ability to go throughout the world and to spread Christianity and the Gospel to all the backward nations. Of course while they were "civilizing" the rest of the world they were also and mostly unseen....controlling all of its commerce by a continuation of these resource wars. And part of this resource war at one time ...if not continuing even unto today..involved the Opium Wars.
The British or the Crown took center stage here in this resource war after the loss of the Spanish Armada and then later the loss of the French at Waterloo. Since Waterloo..the Crown has had clear sailing until the arrival of the Germans and the Kaiser.
After the defeat at Waterloo..the French La Grande Armee became the boot lackey for the Crown's interests around the world until they could no longer handle the Germans in WW1. Since that time the Americans have taken over this role of protecting the Crown's interests or investments through out the world. We bleed for them and sometimes involving others...Aussies, Canadians, Kiwis, et al.

Pan Slavism. This is the Olde and Ancient doctrine of Mother Russia. That Mother Russia has the right and duty to go wherever Slavs are and to rule and protect Slavs as the Slavs have always been a type of downtrodden and looked down upon peoples by the rest of the world.
By the time of the fall of the Czars and the Naval disaster at Port Arthur...Pan Slavism had pretty much been lost to the other surviving doctrines.

Pan Germanism
This doctrine said that Germany tired of taking second place to the Crown's interests and would go out into the world and establish trade and commerce routes for Germany as a world power. To breakout of the British naval and commercial encirclement. The Kaiser tried it and so too did Adolph Hitler. "Lebensraum" or the living room space was the motto of Adolph for this expansion into the resource war.

Asia for the Asiatics.

This doctrine is what the Orientals operated under in an attempt to throw out the round eye from the Orient and establish their own kingdoms with their own resources. While the Chinese tried it under various Emperors and even the Empress Dowager..they were not successful.

Japan became the oriental power to almost successfully try it. Japan has been armed and fed technology to be the police force for the Crowns merchant interest in the Orient since the days of the Boxer Rebellion where the Western Powers put down the Chinese rebellions for a cut of the Oriental trade. This how the Americans got Shanghai as a trading port..their cut for participation.
Nonetheless the Crown wanted a more local police force to manage their investments and they chose and armed the Japanese. The Japanese were shown how to build modern armaments, a modern navy..carriers, submarines , aircraft et al.
The problem came when the Japanese realized that the Crown and England preferred to keep the Lions share. Japan decided quietly and secretly to go it alone. By the late 1930s they taken many of the Crowns investments in the Orient by force of arms.
This was the Japanese bid to enter the resource wars.

This war is still going on today only it appears to be involving Islam as the world powers continue to make a bid for the worlds resources. Particularly Oil though I believe in the future this will also mean water resources.
It appears on the surface that the Muslims are making their move for world dominion or at least their place in this order.

I believe Islam is being used and controlled secretly and privily by western interests to gain advantage in this continuing resource war.

I also believe the average American is dirt dumb about this history and is more attuned to the drivel spoon fed to them on the boob tube and movies ...until their finest blood is killed to keep this resource war going.
I think the Average American is dumb as a box of rocks about this as is the Average Englishman, Aussie, and Canadian. But they are often called upon to die and bleed for this whorish system of resource wars.

It is my belief that many of Histories wars and conflicts have been carefully planned and staged to a conclusion in this continuing resource war. Sometimes to gain access to the resources and at other times to take the resources off the market and keep them in storage and competitors out.

I believe Vietnam was an attempt to bring that country into the 20th century in certain technologies developed under the guise of war and at taxpayer expense. Then the whole nation was put into storage under a communist government to keep the resources off the market (oil) and competitors out. Vietnam was a planned failure by the merchants for this very purpose.
I also believe this is what is slated to happen in Iraq. The nation has been developed and upgraded into the 21st century technology and at taxpayer expense. Soon it will be turned over to Radical Islam for storage in like manner to Vietnam. And thus the resources will be kept off the market and the whole nation put in storage. So too will happen in Afghanistan.
Planned carefully in advance. These are planned military losses for the purpose of merchant goals. Resource Wars.

Communism was at one time used by these merchants to achieve this goal(keeping resources off the markets/putting nations and their resources into storage) but it became unsustainable and has since been replaced by radical Islam.

Hope this helps and clarifies much.


posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by orangetom1999

great inf, i have to say. it is sure to be helpful

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 09:06 PM
The UZI is widely used seeing as it is one of the best sub-machine guns ever made.

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