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Want to Astral Project? Really bad? Here's some tips.

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posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 01:07 AM
reply to post by PPGrocks

Searching for a deeper understanding, while watching the ultimate movie / playing the most realistic game, but really, just to learn, and then express to other people. People talk, ideas form, we change our way of looking at things. It's a thirst for knowledge and freedom.

The side effects only last about 5 minutes and they are neat I think. Makes me think there is more to me then meets the eye, so its a welcomed feeling, and all intense feelings like that I welcome, why? For example, the sleep paralysis technique only worked for me because I experienced sleep paralysis and so I could try and re-create it. If I wake up with intense feelings in my body, I can try and recreate those too for some meditation purposes. All towards further understanding myself and the world. The side effects really aren't that bad though, to me they are almost rewarding because I know I pushed the bar high for myself. They don't ruin my day, in fact, I feel pretty good all day about the event, its inspiring.

Ultimately its to learn, to experience something new, freedom as well as fantasy is nice now and then.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 03:07 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Thanx Caveman! Pretty intriguing experiences I must say! But heck, why did that 'voice' tell you that you're not allowed on the Moon? I wonder why not? Is it something to do with 'other dimensional beings' in the astral world not wanting you to do so for fear of blowing the lid off what's actually on the Moon?

Though I'm more a skeptic where alien beings on the Moon or Mars is concerned, it's possible that beings of other dimensions do probably exist there, though there's no proof of this being so. And until then it's all hogwash!

But of course, astral traveling is another ballgame altogether. Nothing to do with encountering ETs I guess!

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posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 03:16 AM

Originally posted by _Phoenix_

Originally posted by FIFIGI

I am not sure if this whole thing is a good idea, but I am sure I will try it again. It is very, very, very scary I have to admit. I did not see any entities or anything threatening - it is just the thought that I am leaving my body consciously is frightening.

[edit on 26-8-2010 by FIFIGI]

So really there is nothing to be scared of, eventually your mind will realise this and you can have more experiences.

I kind of know that. But the fear was almost uncontrollable. And the mind fully subservient to emotions.

I think I also fear making a thread holding my soul to my physical body too loose and eventually dieing too early.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 11:22 AM
Hey new member here. Ive been lurking a while now and this is my first post.

First off let me just say that I am no new ager and to be honest, although I liked the positive angle on this whole conspiracy lark, I thought the whole new age movement which includes the likes of David Wilcox, was wishful thinking at best, fraudelent at worst... I may have been wrong.

I'll try and put this into words as best as I can but Im no Shakespeare so bear with me.

Growing up I've always had the ability to control my dreams, but I didnt put that down to anything special, I just thought everybody did that. It was only until a couple of years ago when I spoke to an older, wiser man that I found out that what I had been doing all of these years was something called 'lucid dreaming'. So I looked into this phenomena a little bit and began experimenting. Up until this point I had been having these types of dreams at random, but over the last couple of years I have learnt how to purposely induce them which I did not know was possible before.

So, now Im able to go to sleep at night with the intention of having a lucid dream.. fantastic! Its usually in the morning between 5 and 6am. You know when ones coming on because you get that tingly feeling throughout your body and become somewhat in a state of sleep paralysis, then off you go to wherever you want on the planet, Ive even ventured into space in these states.

Anyway maybe its because Im too aware of what im doing now, but im no longer able to induce myself into a lucid dream
... instead what has been happening recently is when I get into this state (sleep paralysis, tingly body etc) a wormhole/portal type thing (sorry thats the only way I can describe it right now) has been opening up in the centre of my forehead but it was always very faint, flickery and hard to make out. Also because I was in a semi concious state I wasnt sure if I was in fact lucid dreaming or if this thing was real. I thought to myself "why would I lucid dream about some crappy tunnel when I can go anywhere in the world and do anything". Anyway turns out this thing really is a tunnel/portal, but everytime I fancy venturing down it I get scared, its like I feel I wont return to my body and I will die, thats a fear I need to overcome.

This morning was the most intense experience yet. After reading some more stuff about LD and astral travel last night I again induced myself into this state. The difference about this morning though was when I was there, I was fully concious and awake for some reason so what happened was extremely vivid, there was no mistake.

My eyes were closed (obviously) and there were these white electrical like pulses or waves either side of my peripheral vision. I continued to concentrate and then these pulses/waves made their way to the centre of my forehead and formed this tunnel. At that point a 'voomf' like sound bellowed through my ears, then they started ringing real loud. The tunnel/wormhole was clearer than its ever been, it was brighter than normal, imagine a cylindrical like tube in the middle of dark space, on the inside of this tube, all along the inner surface are what look like little lightning bolts going all the way down to the end of this tunnel, where there is a bright light.

Whereas before it was normally very faint and flickery, this time it was solid, vivid, illuminated and clear as day. The best way to describe it is, it was as if I'd just switched on a beacon in the centre of my forehead, and this beacon was ready to do something but I dont know what. It only lasted a few seconds (its never normally much longer than that), but immediately afterwards my heart was racing, the pulse in my neck was throbbing and I felt overall amazing.

Im 100% convinced that this was my pineal gland going from 'dormant' to 'active' so to speak. Years of lucid dreaming seems like it was just training for this body part to finally come alive.

Can anybody here relate to my horrendous description

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 11:26 AM
reply to post by Socio

I believe, because of various concepts that make sense and from experience, that all minds are ONE. On some level you are aware of your subconscious, your conscious mind is the experiencer, it is very limited but on a deeper level that emptyness starts to feel more like a network without a location / origin.

Think about astrology how planets are used systematically to chart different characteristics of a person and trends in society. It's a big mish mash of networking to me... whereas no one thought is unique or truely individualized.. it came from a concept from something you perceive outside yourself you observed, it comes from life experience, it comes from things you deem outside yourself, how can one thought be individualized? You think your mind is your own and actions are unique until you are surprised to see other people thinking alike, you are suprised at how many "co-incidences" you experience.

These days if I'm talking to someone and staring in their eyes I can almost hear their thoughts. Sometimes I can and I blurt out what they are going to say before they even start the sentence with "ummm". But mostly through is I just feel their emotions. I'm trying to think how to explain it...

Just focus on the feeling in your body, tingling on your skin,.. feel what a thought does... for instance... you think something uncomfortable and it does something unique to your body, like the thought is a wave. Over time you identify those different "waves" and can tell what they are. Its just that our minds are clouded and we doubt ourselves... but you know that if you are a disciplined person, impossible to anger, confident, happy, clear of mind and you feel balanced and solid as a rock... then you begin to feel what others are feeling... its difficult when your emotions and mind are firing, you confuse the signals.

But anyways.. I think there is no seperation with our minds... only limitations of awareness... we can be taken to those more aware steps with various methods but consistent meditation - understanding and decluttering your attachments to things/people/experiences... your desires and fears that occupy your mind, what I mean to say is the gradual efforts you take to declutter your mind, understand yourself and find your center, leads to increased awareness of this network. It's like training your eyes to see more pixels, your ears to expand their range and your skin, your nerves, your sense of "personal space" people complain about (electromagnetic field) around you..allowing those to be decluttered, and focussed, and then expanded.

It's not an over-night thing. Its almost unbelievable but as the days become months, become years you can't deny that your sensory (and extra-sensory which I just consider an unrecognized in-built sense) awareness has been greatly sharpened and expanded.

Certain people connect better together, their minds are similar or have similar qualities that it's like they read each other better.. this can lead to thoughts bleeding through... also being around people. You can pick up their negative thoughts and confuse them for your own, but mostly it would just make you feel uncomfortable and anxious, and the inverse also applies where they raise your mood.

Think of it like this.. all the atoms and sub-atomic particles and beyond that, they are all firing, aranging, connecting and polarizing.. You come into someone's field and a magnetic sort of transfer of charges occurs because nature tries to balance itself out... so take a happy person and a miserable person and that miserable person will start exchanging charges with the other person to bring about a balance..this sometimes comes out in a very surface kind of way...such as insults to make them feel better, or needyness, getting you to do something for them to put them at ease, and see likewise you experience some mental stress because of this, or if your ego is secure enough, you'll mostly just feel it in your field.. like in your lower stomach, upper if they are nervous, in the chest if they are "dead inside".

Think about this, people enter a certain distance and you start feeling them.. because that is your most sensitive layer, the borders of your "aura" so to speak.. but it keeps going on and on one could reason.. and so we are always blended as we move through nature in a dance, like a school of fish, think we're so individualized. It then becomes apparent to you that you are always connected / exchanging even if it has to go through a long process, but you are still exchanging charges/ energy with people who you'd want to seperate yourself from. It then becomes apparent you're in the same boat, and from this stems the realization that your environment and the people in it need to reach the same level as you if you want to collectively progress. You might feel some neighborhoods just FEEL nicer then others, some cities, distances away across countries all have different feelings, vastly different.

You can even look at this from a very basic level... one guy does something that another guy's mind has a problem with..affecting that guy's mood.. that guy's drop in mood then acts out on someone else whether directly or just energetically.. which travels to other people and so on and then comes back to you in the form of a now bitter person who had a crappy bus-ride because of the rude guy on the bus that had a bad day at the office because of another guy who he unable to accept / tolerate. You see what I mean? Either way you want to look at it, the charges / the changes find a way of finding you. You are part of the network.

You observe people and identify with their problems, relate to them, and acknowledge how you used to be, you go on the wisdom you've acquired and you understand how they could be this way, this turns into compassion and with that awareness that you are inter-twined with them, its no longer a matter of self-interest to make becomes a mutually beneficial thing. The peace you bring to others has a very simple to understand way of coming back to you, if only on the surface level. No BSing your kindness is needed, its legit, it becomes the only way you know how to function, the only way that makes sense, to bring peace, because it makes the most sense and gives the most satisfaction that no ambitious accomplishment can match up to.

So do I think our dreams are affected by people? Yes.. and as much as "I" am affected by people, my envirionment one way or another, that is reflective in my dreams anyway, otherwise, what would I dream of if not subjected to the "external" world.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 12:04 PM
This worked for me, thank you caveman dd.

I have had it happen in the past, but it would just happen randomly (or when I was falling asleep really drunk and then being woken up soon after).

I think the 1 thing to note here that people need to know, is that you need to go to bed thinking you want to wake up paralyzed. I hadn't gotten the paralysis for about 3 weeks. After reading this thread yesterday, I went to bed wanting to wake up paralyzed..and guess what? I did.

I had about 4 tries this morning on it, each time the ringing would get insanely loud (one time my ears felt like they were going to pop, I could feel the bones inside shifting). I was laying on my stomach with my arm out to the side, so every time the ringing+buzzing started, I could feel my 'astral body' rolling over onto its back.

Each time the ringing+buzzing started, I would see this green thing in my closed eye vision. The first time it scared the # out of me because it looked like an evil face. But from past experiences I've learned that there is that fear that pops up for no reason when you're about to lift up, and that is enough to snap you out of it and wake up. You just need to focus and have the mindset that nothing can scare you, as it's all in your head.

So I snapped out of it there, and checked to see if i was still paralyzed. Yep.

So the next try, I focused on that 'face' that scared me the first time, but after staring at it enough it started to change into the patterns you'd see on a wall if you were on lsd. They look like square intricate doilies.

But then i got the 'signs' again.. literally. As I got the buzzing+ringing, I could SEE street signs flying past me as if I was going warp speed. Yellow or white signs with arrows or directions/words on them. But I can't stress enough these were literal IMAGES in my mind.. it was like watching a tv screen with your eyes closed.. vivid colours.

This had happened before.. but the other time I was actually able to influence it. I could say in my mind 'canadian flags' and then the street signs were suddenly all flags flying past me. I could do any country which I knew the flag of.

So anyways, this time my astral body didnt turn, but I had the street signs. That happened the 3rd try too, with slight turning.

4th try the ringing was so loud that it snapped me out of it (again) when I was ALMOST out of my 'body', but I also blame it on living downtown and having my window open ;p I could hear sounds from outside that weren't nature, so I know that played a role in me not being able to 'lift up'.

I've floated out of my body a few times before, but I knew it wasn't 'real'. They turn into dreams sometimes, I can float around everywhere in my house, through doors, but my roommates are there too and they can see+talk to me.. lol

So again, thankyou caveman for posting this.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by MurrayTORONTO

Sweet, right on, glad it worked for ya. That's at least a few people now who said this worked for them, that gives me assurance that this is basic and useful and not just a technique that would work for only me. I wouldn't want to make this thread if it didn't work!

So, that's good!

Next time try increasing the vibrations, or relaxing more and more, don't worry that you'll fall into a drifting sleep... just relax.. and then casually roll out of your bed.. if you feel paralyzed like you can't move, imagine rolling out. Trying to peel out is do-able but seems pointless and a waste of energy. Some people have said lucid dream but everything i've read, today just to make sure, seems to indicate this is still an astral projection.. but its all the same to me, just with side effects / different natures and limitations.. but like the same family.. its all good to me.

I hear you on the noise in (Toronto) if thats where you live. I got crackheads yelling out my window all day and night. That sounds judgmental of me, but these people literally are a step beyond medical science ever fixing.. crack is one hell of a drug, wow. Ahh Toronto.

I find when i'm projecting though that it's hard for anything to wake me up, its just so deep for me, usually wake up drooling or feeling like I got kicked in the head and like my brain is saturated with '___' / seratonin or something.

My second successful projection was after a night of drinking. My friend's only projection experiences happened to him after a night of drinking as well, or sleeping on the couch, the couch is good for that. It's easy, but downside is i usually end up on my face and that never works too well! Actually I feel like i'm suffocating and I can't "get out".. so i just wake up.


posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 04:08 PM
I've been trying to achive OBE for awhile now but no success. After reading this, I followed your directions and IT WORKED!!!! THANK YOU !!!! I plan on having more OBE's in the future thanks to you! S&F!

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 12:12 AM
Dammit, yes!

That makes me happy. Well I hope you enjoy the interesting times ahead and learn something. And hell its just plain fun too.


posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 10:14 AM
Wow! I followed your instructions and it worked! I repeated " I'm in sleep paralysis" mentally. Then suddenly I saw a bright light and started to hear a very loud-high pitched ring. I got scared as soon as I heard the ring. Now I'm trying to built some courage to try again.

This ring reminds me of Neo picking up the phone to go back to the real world.

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 05:41 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

I tried this the other night and again the same thing happens. I hear the tone, I feel the vibration, I start to drift into fog. And get so freaked out that my heart began to pound so loud that I thought my chest cavity was going to burst.

I know what you are saying about staring into someone's eyes and feeling their thoughts, it happens to me all the time. I do not know what my fear is and why I can not further these abilities. I feel as if something is lurking on the other side and does not want me entering. The same thing happens when I do yoga.

I am just on the verge of meditation and I get snapped back. It's as if I am standing in a circle of safeness but once I step out, something may devour me. If that makes any sense at all.

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 07:08 PM
reply to post by Socio

Well I think the most crucial thing here is you found a doorway into this experience, finding it again is easy. You started something with your efforts. When the timing is right, when the fear is understood, you can take it further. Hey i've done this lots of times and I have no fear doing it, but the first few times it had moments that scared the hell out of me!.. I think it took until about the 4th time where I had absolutely no fear.

Keep trying, you will get it, probably next time, because you'll just be annoyed at your failure to go to the next step, get so fed up and you'll just make it happen. That's the thing about fear, we just get so tired of experiencing it that sometimes we don't have to understand it because we're just defiant of it.

Try increasing the vibrations, move your arms and legs, see if you can see them floating out, the confusing part is understanding what is your physical sense of body and the other.. its hard to explain, easier just to experience. The getting out process you can just imagine happening or otherwise I can't really explain the mindset and senses.

Keep trying man.

[edit on 29-8-2010 by CavemanDD]

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 08:36 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Will do so. I think my fear may stem from the inner self that is afraid to disconnect mind from body. Like it will sever and I will be forever trapped in a vegetative state or something.

Also there is the intense fear that once I portal, something is waiting for me to do so. I have started a fictional novel on the experiences. Suddenly when reading this post the antagonist makes sense. I've always thought that he was separate from me, but he's not. They are elements perhaps of myself, projected as this evil creature, trying to consume my being. The book becomes distorted upon itself, the main character becomes so entangled she doesn't know if she is conscious or unconscious state. All the while she travels backward in time looking for the solution, trying to escape the nightmare.

This thread has helped in many ways. 1) I am new here and this is my first response to a post. I have always wondered if astral projection and meditation were fact based elements that humans could achieve. I am very much into yoga( except I have never meditated) and believe in the link between mind and body. Perhaps I am not looking to get out of my body as much as I am trying to unite the mind and physical being. 2) I figured out an element of the book, that I for a long time have become stalemate. 3) It validates my conclusion that I am not alone. So thanks again my friend.

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 09:45 PM
reply to post by Socio
Hi Socio

Yes that first part can be bad, I know when I was young I was having this happen and I aways thought I was dieing, I told my karate teacher, and he said it sounded like I was astral projecting.
That night or the next time it happened I said I didn't care if I died, and that was the release, I just popped out of my body all the noise and stress stopped.
Another thing is if your scared, don't go away from your body just hang out see what's going on.

These evil things I think are your own demons, maybe created by your egos or what.
It seems like to me the subconcious is in the back ground and knows what is going on most the time.
The other day I said I was not afraid of anything but the Creator, so my subconcious gives me a dream about Frankenstein. Now I was not afraid, but I was having fear for this girl, and the guy that made the thing.
What was strange I was hitting FRank right in the Heart Chakra, and the girl was up against a door next to some stairs, both of wich is what I use to go lucid.
Finally I took the girl and was wondering if she could run fast enough to get away from Frankenstein, but then I woke up and I could hear my subconcious talking but I wasn't listening to what was being said.
I had to go somewhere, but I was thinking to go back to sleep, and jump back into that dream, because everything was telling me to wake up in that dream and I didn't, this was to much.

SO anyhow that heart thumping is strange, they do say if you have a bad heart don't Astral Project, I don't know, I mean what's the worst thing that could happen.

When I first started to Astral Project, I just stayed by my body, I thought that Satan had hold of me, plus if I sat down sometimes while I was wide awake, I would start to vibrate and float away from my body.
Boy I wish I could do that now I would be one of the best remote viewers in the world, I think there is another name for that, it's biolocation I think.

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 10:20 PM
reply to post by googolplex

Nice to meet you googolplex,

A few days ago I had a dream that I was looking for a mountain, with me were 2 friends, one I had not talked to in quite some time, the other I wish I'd talked to more. Anyway mountains are big themes in my dreams, as well as smells. I dream in scents, I do not see faces but smell their pheromones. So.. we are searching for an artifact and people are attempting to kill us. The mountain is covered in snow and ice, we cannot breathe the air is so thin at the altitude we are at.

We may all die, we may find the artifact, whatever it is, I am not quite sure. I wake to the alarm, I really wanted to know more. Now I later check the friend who I have not spoken to in some times, web page. I find that this person has been MIA for over a year and last week posted a comment about his return. Now I have not dreamed of this person in a very long time. I'm not sure if it is coincidental or something else. I definitely think we have links to people.

This is not the first time it has happened with this individual or others as well. Once, while dreaming about the destruction of Earth, this friend was making a web page about the end of the world. I had a dream that my best friend was being sucked from life. As a green glow was shooting from her mouth she was being ripped into a vortex. My life long friend died that night, at 32 years old, of a stroke, hopefully in her sleep.

I dream about characters I could not know. Such as a African slave in colonial times, I speak with her dialect, I see what she does, hear what she does, smell what she does, and feel what she does. It's not just her, there are many. When I wake my my feels clouded. I have dreamed of other existences beyond this one, and in times both past and future.

I just know if I could get passed the fear I could sharpen this skill. Maybe it is them I am afraid of.

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 10:34 PM
Good work cavemanDD!

Seriously from all the Astral Projection threads I've seen this is up there at the top as one of the most helpful because people are actually coming back saying it works for them!

So you really did explain it in the best way.

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 10:35 PM

Originally posted by Blue Delight

This ring reminds me of Neo picking up the phone to go back to the real world.

Yeah never thought of that before.

It's also sort of like an empty channel on a tv with the volume up high.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 01:13 AM

Originally posted by Socio
I had a dream that my best friend was being sucked from life. As a green glow was shooting from her mouth she was being ripped into a vortex. My life long friend died that night, at 32 years old, of a stroke, hopefully in her sleep.

Sorry to hear about your friend but that sounds really cool, really, it makes me think. It is consistent to many things I`ve pondered and become aware of. The fact that the glow was coming out of the mouth was most interesting.

They say we are bound to our body and the world(s) by our heart chakra, as everyone knows the color of light our heart chakra eminates is GREEN.

I hear stories of old people and I ask how they die and often the answer is `there heart just gave out`. Pulling the cord me thinks, as they perhaps have a dream the night before where they realize `well that was enlightening, mission accomplished, this body, and life has now become too limiting to my next direction of self-realization, I must be reborn into different circumstances`.

I for one am interested to know if I`ll have such a dream, or that feeling where I know time is up, it must feel very peaceful like the deepest humble moment of detachment you`d attain in meditation.

The wormhole thing is interesting and I figured as much... more like the energy and the MIND bending in itself like a shifting keleidescope.. something happens.. a dream sequence, maybe for a while... and you are reborn... a dream sequence in itself.. just like an astral projection though... where each world has a different feeling of density and limitation.

I visted a friend of mine this one time and his wife asked me to do a tarot reading for her. I didn`t want to tell her what I was reading and she herself already had drawn the same cards prior to this. She asked about her friend and what I got was 1. An ended relationship (between her and her friend) in which a lesson isn`t being learned, experience let go of.. and 2. She was in a place of healing.

She found out about a week later that her friend had died as we both thought.

I picture death like going into a dream where I get lectured by a big glowing ball that feels like my own mind.. telling me what I did wrong and what I can do better so that I`ll never have to dream again..essentially freeing the mind, keeping it focused and pure.. life itself is like entertaining a stream of thoughts and curiosities. A few hugs happen, I meet some alien that I somehow know and then a wormhole opens, I can`t remember much and then we`re having the same conversation in the future while in different lives trying to figure it all out again.

This amnesia, the way I look at it.. I may well have learned so many things that have been continueously forgotten.. but something is retained, that to me seems key.. its refinement.. different chances to attempt enlightenment... take the humanity out of it and it just seems very natural.. like the universe re-arranging itself to its most perfect form.

Anyways, thanks for sharing that.

posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 01:17 AM
reply to post by Socio

I had this idea for a graphic novel that I haven`t gotten around to. About dreaming and forced lucid dreams under some government control in the near future.. where everyone`s dreams are filled with terrible mind numbing TV commercials.. imagine having an astral projection and a commercial comes in front of you, lol.

Feel free to take that idea.
I had other ideas and I thought it could have been a fun project but I can`t remember a lot of it, never wrote it down. I`ve got enough stuff to do anyway.

Sounds like this has been helpful to you in more ways then one.

Cool cool


posted on Aug, 29 2010 @ 02:42 AM
Thanks for this thread. I had one experience where I almost astrally projected on my own will, but I got a bit nervous by the sensation at the last moment and snapped back. So close. I've had sleep paralysis a few times and I've been lucid in my dreams a few times too. Gotta keep trying tho...

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