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The Omega Agency: "Above The President"

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posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 06:01 PM
You can disregard any thread speaking of Aliens. Where were aliens in the 1800s? The rumor about aliens has been spread for 2 reasons. Human abduction happened and it wasnt because of aliens. Either an American citizen had been identified as an Russian spy and it was more convenient to abduct him and interrogate him, without the hassle of due procedure. Human guinea pigs were needed and a population looking for the Alien that abducts people is more convenient than a population asking hard questions.

A population looking at the skies on the outlook for alien space craft has the faint chance of spotting an Russian UFO that was not detected by American Radar.

posted on Oct, 9 2010 @ 08:53 PM

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posted on Oct, 10 2010 @ 05:12 PM
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posted on Oct, 14 2010 @ 09:50 AM
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Montreal Annexation Manifesto(created in 1849) ***Still holds true, just stand together guys****

To the People of Canada.

The number and magnitude of the evils that afflict our country, and the universal and increasing depression of its material interests, call upon all persons animated by a sincere desire for its welfare to combine for the purposes of inquiry and preparation with a view to the adoption of such remedies as a mature and dispassionate investigation may suggest.

Belonging to all parties, origins and creeds, but yet agreed upon the advantage of co-operation for the performance of a common duty to ourselves and our country, growing out of a common necessity, we have consented, in view of a brighter and happier future, to merge in oblivion all past differences of whatever character, or attributable to whatever source. In appealing to our fellow-colonists to unite with us in this our most needful duty, we solemnly conjure them, as they desire a successful issue and the welfare of their country, to enter upon the task at this momentous crisis in the same fraternal spirit.

The reversal of the ancient policy of Great Britain, whereby she withdrew from the colonies their wonted protection in her markets, has produced the most disastrous effects upon Canada. In surveying the actual condition of the country, what but ruin or rapid decay meets the eye I Our provincial government and civic corporations, embarrassed; our banking and other securities greatly depreciated; our mercantile and agricultural interests alike unprosperous; real estate scarcely saleable upon any terms; our unrivalled rivers, lakes and canals almost unused; whilst commerce abandons our shores; the circulating capital amassed under a more favourable system is dissipated with none from any quarter to replace it. Thus, without available capital, unable to effect a loan with foreign states, or with the Mother Country, although offering security greatly superior to that which readily obtains money both from the United States and Great Britain, when other colonists are the applicants; - crippled, therefore, and checked in the full career of private and public enterprise, this possession of the British Crown - our country - stands before the world in humiliating contrast with its immediate neighbours, exhibiting every symptom of a nation fast sinking to decay.

With superabundant water power and cheap labour, especially in Lower Canada, we have yet no domestic manufactures; nor can the most sanguine, unless under altered circumstances, anticipate the home growth, or advent from foreign parts, of either capital or enterprise to embark in this great source of national wealth. Our institutions, unhappily, have not that impress of permanence which can alone impart security and inspire confidence, and the Canadian market is too limited to tempt the foreign capitalist.

Whilst the adjoining States are covered with a network of thriving railways, Canada possesses but three lines, which, together, scarcely exceed 50 miles in length, and the stock in two of which is held at a depreciation of from 50 to 8o per cent-a fatal symptom of the torpor overspreading the land.

Our present form of provincial government is cumbrous and so expensive as to be ill suited to the circumstances of the country; and the necessary reference it demands to a distant government, imperfectly acquainted with Canadian affairs, and somewhat indifferent to our interests, is anomalous and irksome. Yet, in the event of a rupture between two of the most powerful nations of the world, Canada would become the battlefield and the sufferer, however little her interests might be involved in the cause of quarrel or the issue of the contest.

The bitter animosities of political parties and factions in Canada, often leading to violence, and, upon one occasion, to civil war, seem not to have abated with time; nor is there, at the present moment, any prospect of diminution or accommodation. The aspect of parties becomes daily more threatening towards each other, and under our existing institutions and relations, little hope is discernible of a peaceful and prosperous administration of our affairs, but difficulties will, to all appearance, accumulate until government becomes impracticable. In this view of our position, any course that may promise to efface existing party distinctions and place entirely new issues before the people, must be fraught with undeniable advantages.

Among the statesmen of the Mother Country - among the sagacious observers of the neighbouring Republic - in Canada - and in all British North America - amongst all classes there is a strong pervading conviction that a political revolution in this country is at hand. Such forebodings cannot readily be dispelled, and they have, moreover, a tendency to realise the events to which they point. In the meanwhile, serious injury results to Canada from the effect of this anticipation upon the more desirable class of settlers, who naturally prefer a country under fixed and permanent forms of government to one in a state of transition.

Having thus adverted to some of the causes of our present evils, we would consider how far the remedies ordinarily proposed possess sound and rational inducement to justify their adoption:

1. "The revival of protection in the markets of the United Kingdom."

This, if attainable in a sufficient degree, and guaranteed for a long period of years, would ameliorate the condition of many of our chief interests, but the policy of the empire forbids the anticipation. Besides, it would be but a partial remedy. The millions of the Mother Country demand cheap food; and a second change from protection to free trade would complete that ruin which the first has done much to achieve.

2. "The protection of home manufactures."

Although this might encourage the growth of a manufacturing interest in Canada, yet, without access to the United States market, there would not be a sufficient expansion of that interest, from the want of customers, to work any result that could be admitted as a "remedy" for the numerous evils of which we complain.

3. "A federal union of the British American provinces."

The advantages claimed for that arrangement are free trade between the different provinces, and a diminished governmental expenditure. The attainment of the latter object would be problematical, and the benefits anticipated from the former might be secured by legislation under our existing system. The markets of the sister provinces would not benefit our trade in timber, for they have a surplus of that article in their own forests; and their demand for agricultural products would be too limited to absorb our means of supply. Nor could Canada expect any encouragement to her manufacturing industry from those quarters. A federal union, therefore, would be no remedy.

4. "The independence of the British North American colonies as a federal republic."

The consolidation of its new institutions from elements hitherto so discordant-the formation of treaties with foreign powers - the acquirement of a name and character among the nations - would, we fear, prove an over-match for the strength of the new republic. And, having regard to the powerful confederacy of states conterminous with itself, the needful military defences would be too costly to render independence a boon, whilst it would not, any more than a federal union, remove those obstacles which retard our material prosperity.

5. "Reciprocal free trade with the United States, as respects the products of the farm, the forest, and the mine."

If obtained, this would yield but an installment of the many advantages which might be otherwise secured. The free interchange of such products would not introduce manufactures to our country. It would not give us the North American continent for our market. It would neither so amend our institutions as to confer stability nor ensure confidence in their permanence nor would it allay the violence of parties, or, in the slightest degree, remedy many of our prominent evils.

6. Of all the remedies that have been suggested for the acknowledged and insufferable ills with which our country is afflicted, there remains but one to be considered. It propounds a sweeping and important change in our political and social condition involving considerations which demand our most serious examination. THIS REMEDY CONSISTS IN A FRIENDLY AND PEACEFUL SEPARATION FROM BRITISH CONNECTION AND A UNION UPON EQUITABLE TERMS WITH THE GREAT NORTH AMERICAN CONFEDERACY OF SOVEREIGN STATES.

We would premise that towards Great Britain we entertain none other than sentiments of kindness and respect. Without her consent we consider separation as neither practicable nor desirable. But the colonial policy of the parent state, the avowals of her leading statesmen, and public sentiments of the Empire, present unmistakable and significant indications of the appreciation of colonial connection. That it is the resolve of England to invest us with the attributes and compel us to assume the burdens of independence is no longer problematical. The threatened withdrawal of her troops from other colonies - the continuance of her military protection to ourselves only on the condition that we shall defray the attendant expenditure, betoken intentions towards our country, against which it is weakness in us not to provide. An overruling conviction, then, of its necessity, and a high sense of the duty we owe to our country, a duty we can neither disregard nor postpone, impel us to entertain the idea of separation; and whatever negotiations may eventuate with Great Britain, a grateful liberality on the part of Canada should mark every proceeding.

The proposed union would render Canada a field for American capital, into which it would enter as freely for the prosecution of public works and private enterprise as into any of the present states. It would equalize the value of real estate upon both sides of the boundary, thereby probably doubling at once the entire present value of property in Canada, whilst, by giving stability to our institutions, and introducing prosperity, it would raise our public corporate and private credit. It would increase our commerce, both with the United States and foreign countries, and would not necessarily diminish to any great extent our intercourse with Great Britain, into which our pro ducts would for the most part enter on the same terms as at present. It would render our rivers and canals the highway for the immigration to, and exports from, the West, to the incalculable benefit of our country. It would also introduce manufactures into Canada as rapidly as they have been introduced into the northern states; and to Lower Canada, especially, where water privileges and labour are abundant and cheap, it would attract manufacturing capital, enhancing the value of property and agricultural produce, and giving remunerative employment to what is at present a comparatively non-producing population. Nor would the United States merely furnish the capital for our manufactures. They would also supply for them the most extensive market in the world, without the intervention of a custom house officer. Railways would forthwith be constricted by American capital as feeders for all the great lines now approaching our frontiers; and railway enterprise in general would doubtless be as active and prosperous among us as among our neighbours. The value of our agricultural produce would be raised at once to a par with that of the United States, whilst agricultural implements and many of the necessities of life, such as tea, coffee and sugar, would be greatly reduced in price.

The value of our timber would also be greatly enhanced by free access to the American market, where it bears a high price, but is subject to an onerous duty. At the same time, there is every season to believe that our shipbuilders, as well at Quebec as on the Great Lakes, would find an unlimited market in all the ports of the American continent. It cannot be doubted that the shipping trade of the United States must greatly increase. It is equally manifest that, with them, the principal material in the construction of ships is rapidly diminishing, while we possess vast territories, covered with timber of excellent quality, which would be equally available as it is now, since under the free trade system our vessels would sell as well in England after annexation as before.

The simple and economical state government, in which direct responsibility to the people is a distinguishing feature, would be substituted for a system, at once cumbrous and expensive.

In place of war and alarms of war with a neighbour, there would be peace and amity between this country and the United States. Disagreements between the United States and her chief if not only rival among nations would not make the soil of Canada the sanguinary arena for their disputes, as under our existing relations must necessarily be the case. That such is the unenviable condition of our state of dependence upon Great Britain is known to the whole world, and how far it may conduce to keep prudent capitalists from making investments in the country, or wealthy settlers from selecting a fore-doomed battle-field for the home of themselves and their children, it needs no reasoning on our part to elucidate.

But other advantages than those having a bearing on our material interests may be foretold. It would change the ground of political contest between races and parties, allay and obliterate those irritations and conflicts of rancour and recrimination which have hitherto disfigured our social fabric. Already in anticipation has its harmonious influence been felt - the harbinger may it be hoped of a lasting oblivion of dissensions among all classes, creeds and parties in the country. Changing a subordinate for an independent condition, we would take our station among the nations of the earth. We have now, no voice in the affairs of the Empire, nor do we share in its honours or emoluments. England is our parent state, with whom we have no equality, but towards whom we stand in the simple relation of obedience. But as citizens of the United States the public services of the nation would be open to us,-a field for high and honourable distinction on which we and our posterity might enter on terms of perfect equality.

Nor would the amicable separation of Canada from Great Britain be fraught with advantages to us alone. The relief to the parent state from the large expenditure now incurred in the military occupation of the country, - the removal of the many causes of collision with the United States, which result from the contiguity of mutual territories so extensive, - the benefit of the larger market which the increasing prosperity of Canada would create, are considerations which, in the minds of many of her ablest statesmen, render our incorporation with the United States a desirable consummation.

To the United States also the annexation of Canada presents many important inducements. The withdrawal from their borders, of so powerful a nation, by whom in time of war the immense and growing commerce of the lakes would be jeopardized - the ability to dispense with the costly but ineffectual revenue establishment over a frontier of many hundred miles - the large accession to their income from our customs - the unrestricted use of the St. Lawrence, the natural highway from the western states to the ocean, are objects for the attainment of which the most substantial equivalents would undoubtedly be conceded.

Fellow-Colonists, We have thus laid before you our views and convictions on a momentous question-involving a change, which, though contemplated by many of us with varied feelings and emotions, we all believe to be inevitable; one of which it is our duty to provide for, and lawfully to promote.

We address you without prejudice or partiality,- in the spirit of sincerity and truth-in the interest solely of our common country,-and our single aim is its safety and welfare. If to your judgment and reason our object and aim be at this time deemed laudable and right, we ask an oblivion of past dissensions; and from all, without distinction of origin, party, or creed, that earnest and cordial cooperation in such lawful, prudent, and judicious means as may best conduct us to our common destiny.

John Torrance Jacob De Witt, M.P.P. J. Redpath John Molson David Torrance William Workman D. L. Macpherson L.H.Holton Benj. Holmes John Rose, Q.C. Edward Goff Penny William Molson D.Lorn Macdougall Benj. Workrnan J.W.Torrance Peter Redpath James Torrance (and 308 other signatories)

posted on Oct, 17 2010 @ 05:23 AM
I was following you up until - the extra terrestrials. Where is the evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial life, let alone ones capable of interstellar travel and consistent evasion of detection?

posted on Oct, 17 2010 @ 05:25 AM

Originally posted by Cassius666
You can disregard any thread speaking of Aliens.

Agreed. The mention of extraterrestrials is the big red flag that always turns me off.

posted on Oct, 20 2010 @ 12:23 AM
You know what? This is really sick! You wrote OP like it was all a good thing! Like every day people are the evil ones and those "moral men" in these secret societies, (whichever one is in power, I dont care they're all the same!), are the good guys waiting in the wings with the "aliens" to save us from ourselves! B freaking S!! Im sorry but researching history, its easy to see who the problem is and has always been-the ruling class and their stupid secret societies hell bent on screwing us over! And dont even get me started on aliens

posted on Oct, 28 2010 @ 10:53 AM

Originally posted by Magnum007
You know, considering the overpopulation, high crime rates, and the general stupidity of people, I kind of agree with this agenda...

It's about time we get rid of people who harm others. Shot someone? You get shot. Kill someone, you die.

It's about time we control people having 10 kids in some dirty apartment and no job. Then we wonder why we have crime problems...

It's about time.


Sure A$$ Kickin' truth ! ! !

A good place to start is with the folks who support the genocide, because they are the most sociopathic of all criminals. They justify the unjustifiable, mass murder, on the basis of far less serious offenses than genocide. But that's OK because they're the ones thinking they're deciding who dies and who lives? Maybe their genocidal pecking order should begin by eliminating those within their own ranks, who use their residual gray cells to recommend killing off entire segments of the human population, using whatever criteria suits the day and the mood.

Way to go Magnum, I'll be volunteering you for the short list, for crimes against the human conscience.


posted on Oct, 31 2010 @ 01:10 AM
reply to post by

I under stand it is all very scary. But these are the real facts of what happened and why.

When will America wake up and understand the usurpations have always came from the DOJ not congress or POTUS. The DOJ are the problem totally!!!!

Please watch this video and then the information below will make more sense. This is more information than can be found in one place anywhere on the net and it is right at your finger tips. If you only view each site for a few moments you will know more than 99% of the people.


Time line to the REPUBLICS destruction.

1776: Declaration of Independents. A new country sheds itself from British usurpation. “Independents” inferring to the people and their rights.

1787 Constitution FOR the United States of America. “FOR”

1789 Executive Order law enacted. This law empowered the POTUS to circumvent the congress and to create a dictatorship without the authority of congress or we the people. This is the most profound usurpation and abuse of Federal power.

1791 Bill of Rights. This gave the Feds more power over the states and we the people. Not one word was expressed about the states or citizens to rule or make laws Just Feds. This opened doors for stratagem legalizations of DOJ opinions of constitutional laws.

1794-???? The Constitution Amendments 11-27
These amendment are designed to usurp all power from the original constitution from we the people and the states. DOJ is now free to interpret what ever they want because states and people have no standing in a maritime cooperate court.

Act of 1871: With this illegal act behind closed doors the constitution was shredded and a new article of incorporation was written changing the FOR to OF in the Constitution. The CORPERATE United States OF America moved into a 10 mile square now known as District of Columbia.

The Illegal Quasi-Government in Washington D.C.

1913 The Federal Reserve Emergency Act. America was broke and desperate so the United States was sold to the British Banking cartel creating the private incorporation called the Federal Reserve.

1933 The Gold Confiscation Act. This put the nail in our financial coffin. Fiat currency created. Congress extends its right to coin money illegally to the Federal Reserve.

“…a republic if you can keep it.” This was a quote from Benjamin Franklin when the Declaration of Independence was signed.

So yes it is hard for America to understand because the problems are 200 years old. Basically since 1933 the original Republic of America has been gone. The horrible truth is that the government perpetuates a lie to the American people claiming that it is still in existence. I hope this explains to you a little about the questions of “how can they do that.” They can because we no longer have any constitutional law to stop them. sk1951


1. When you put someone or a group over you it is inevitable that it will seek control and power. Was the central government organized to take over from the conception? I think when the central government was organized it was recognized as very dangerous by some like Thomas Jefferson. The constitution was to protect the States and the people. But as you can see from the above post you answered it did not stop the usurpation and destruction of the Republic.

2. In truth, the founding fathers set up the United States to be run and protected by the constitution. In all fairness NO, it would not matter who was in office really because the main job of the central government was to protect and uphold the constitution. There is no organic constitution to protect now. So the oath they swear to is illegitimate. The DOJ and the Military have not protected us as sworn and of course the usurpation of POTUS and congress even Glenn Beck has shown.

3. Bottom line: We have been turned up side down. When the Republic was established it was we the people, each of us sovereign to our birth state. Our States organized the central government and were sovereign to the state an its citizenship. The centralized government was to be subservient to the States and the people. People then State then central government.

4. Sold out? Secretly usurped? Lawed by congress and the DOJ into a secret incorporation? Legal strategies into this democracy of executive order dictatorship? There simply were many people involved and there was no real way for people to learn or understand 200 years ago in a long gone time of trust and faith and loyalty to America. We just did not and could not know back then. But we do today.

5. Understanding money is the main point of who is running the government. Those people are far above elections. The terms puppet government sadly are very true. I think after watching this wonderful video many of your questions will be answered and you will be on a trail of learning like no other you have ever attempted. Good Luck.

Creature from Jekyll Island 1 of 12 Basic info on the Feds. A must see.
Was the 14th amendment ratified? Read the information from the start or you'll never know the ending of how we have been abused.

Getting rid of the 14th will solve a whole host of other problems.

Win 50K if you prove the 14th is legitimate.

Adopted from roman law there are 3 levels of Capitis Diminutio(Minima,Media,Maxima(minimum,medium, maximum respectively))

Capitis Minima = minimal loss of rights (John Doe)
Capitis Media = partial loss of rights (John DOE)
Capitis Maxima = full loss of rights (JOHN DOE)

It all starts at your birth when your parents fill out your REGISTRATION OF LIVE BIRTH. The parents choose a name for the child. The State or Province take that name and capitalize it. If the state or province is in debt, the name is entirely capitalized, if the state or province is not then just the last name is capitalized.

posted on Nov, 2 2010 @ 10:45 PM
I hate to say it, but I agree with this OA concept. Because we will go extinct in short order if we aren't in some way controlled. The human race has been running rampant for a long time and I hope to high hell that we simply get annihilated before we start to corrupt the rest of the universe. I've had my run ins with ETs and they aren't really that bad of a kind. It may sound ugly but the peaceable people born on the Earth simply don't have the willpower to fight. There's too much of a negative force attacking them all the time. The one's whom want to make peace simply don't have the willpower to fight.

I just wish I wasn't born on Earth and I've ALWAYS felt out of place here. This place REALLY REALLY SUCKS. Because people think of one thing and one thing alone: Financial gain. That's it. This OA doesn't want to really destroy us, at least. And most of us aren't really that bad. In fact, it's just the governments that are the culprits. There's another forum I belong to which opposes a new world order, but these guys don't really know what's at stake. I personally could die tomorrow and wouldn't give two #s about the fact because I'm already at peace with who I am.

The clock is ticking down. But if the ET's don't simply glass the planet from orbit, we've all got the Apophis asteroid to look forward to which will probably become much more accurate if they fall asleep at the switch. You see, I'm an exorcist. I basically fight the negative thought forms that mankind creates and I've got to say that I see EXACTLY why they'd like to eliminate us. Some of you may doubt the reality of a thing called 'higher work' but we ALL have it. And I deal with humanity's thought form garbage all day long. We will NOT live past the next few decades if something radical doesn't happen.

So go and do whatever the hell you like because we've all gotta die some day anyways. I gotta say that 'death by aliens from space' is one of the coolest ways to go.

posted on Nov, 3 2010 @ 09:03 AM
reply to post by Mysterium918

I strongly agree with the previous post and with the concept of Omega. I would like to live long enough to see our civilization go from level 0 to level 1. One world will not only be people singing and dancing together on funky beats, it's gonna be a bullet in the head for every misbehaviour Judge Dredd style. Given what people do and get away with I guess it's time for some cleaning...yeah it's harsh but it's so goddamn true

posted on Nov, 4 2010 @ 01:19 PM
World war III does not have to happen and furthermore, I agree with the guy whom said the world is mostly peaceful. In fact, World War III WON'T happen and I know that for a fact... All the warmongers on this planet, they're all going straight to HELL. I've said something to that effect in my last 5 straight posts. But I'm serious. Hell exists and war is hell. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. In hell you basically see everything you destroyed and the ways you should have been good. Therefore the only real hell is extreme remorse. Further developed, hell is being utterly isolated from the love of God.

But still. With the rate of awakening the way it is right now, there's nothing to worry about. But what do I know? I'm just the resident exorcist in the room... So really, if you don't want to see world war III, there has to be a group consensus by the entire planet not to go there. Mutually Assured Destruction basically ensures that world war III cannot happen and furthermore, there's not going to be anymore major wars ever again after the final war is finished in Afghanistan. Or rather, there will be morons whom want to go to war, but they'll basically be shot on the spot. Metaphorically speaking, that is...

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 02:28 PM
reply to post by

An interesting post, but absolutely no evidence to back it up.

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 02:55 PM
The Omega Agency is exactly what the Alpha Agency wants you to believe in.

Get real.

posted on Nov, 17 2010 @ 03:05 PM
Nice post OP! - I had begun to believe I was the only one who had figured it out about the Greys or Archons or whatever TPTB really are - it really is the only theory that makes a lick of sense. We are thier 'smart monkey' project that they cannot afford to let loose on the rest of the universe - (think, hyper intelligent, immortal, cyborg jihadis)

This is the story of the Tower of Babel all over again and maybe Atlantis as well - only this time they seem to want to make us permanently 'safe' as microchipped serfs under a bloodline elite controlled directly through them, hence all the Occult wierdness that they get up to - they seem to be intent on eradicating the Jews and Anglo_Saxons as too difficult to contain, and maybe Islam as thier chosen control system.

All the labrytnthine networks of NWO entities are essentially being duped/used with agendas chosen to hook them in.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 07:01 PM
reply to post by omega007
ok , you say in the NWO, people will be killed for felonys. Sounds like communism to me . you didnt mention what is gonna happen to the old folks, the disabled, or sick .Where do they fit in in the NWO.Yes there is gonna be a one world government, but the anti-christ is gonna rule. Yes there is gonna be a world war three., a nuclear war , Armageedon., IT is prophecyed in the Bible. Jesus talks about it. there is gonna be a one world religion also. Now for the Aliens, I beleive they have something to do with God and Jesus and the Saints. because a spaceship is mentined in the Bible. And God can build a spaceship. Because he created the world . Poor old Bush gets blamed for everything . So he was a drug runner also , to fund the Vietnam War. .So our Government is apalled at what America has become, well its there fault.All you gotta do is look at the pay wages in the last 40 years,that will tell it all. Yes there is gonna be a NWO, however it is not gonna be like you tell it its gonna be worse. You didnt mention any thing about the monetary situation. theres gonna be a world wide monetary system. everybodys money is gonna be on a card. . there will be no more currency. thats when the Anti-christ will be in control. If you dont have a card , you will take the mark of the beast just so you can eat. If you dont take the mark you will die.

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 04:58 AM
There isn't a population problem. People aren't evil. When you deprive people of resources, opportunities, and choice, we shouldn't be surprised if we get chaos.

Our resources are just managed horribly. Because companies have to make a profit, we make our goods like crap, and they have to be re-made over and over again. Instead of using technology to build sustainable methods of electricity and food production, we used it to create genetically inferior plants that don't seed, and viruses that wipe people out.

We just don't have our priorities strait, and there is a big ignorance gap to overcome. Money has pretty much been used for control. We should all work together and create a system that's fair and sustainable. The individual is important, but the group is important too. Balance is key.

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 05:10 AM
I agree on almost anything, but 5 days.......that's just bull, man, and I know deep down you know it, too.

Second line

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 05:37 AM
Hmmm, sounds fishy to me. Why? First of all a poster said it nicely,
it is not the everyday normal person who causes Wars or any of the
other bad things that are going on, it is TPTB who are controlling mans
every step who need to step up to the plate. Many of the crimes that
are committed everyday are because of desperation and or necessity
due to poverty and or manipulation and exploitation of the general public.
Who controls the public's resources? Who owns most of the land,
houses, vehicle etc,.? The banks do. Who owns the banks? ah yes
now it starts to get a bit foggy eh? No, they can't pin this on the
general public we are products of our society and enviornment,
if they are corrupt and exploited then so too will we be. Who engineers
our society and enviornment? TPTB. I think advanced civilizations would
see right through this charade, Nice try though.

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 05:37 AM

Originally posted by the_0bserver85
I agree on almost anything, but 5 days.......that's just bull, man, and I know deep down you know it, too.

Second line

Five days...sure...SIX YEARS ago!

This thread is from 2004...

Figure out how accurate the prediction was on your own...

Here's a kinda crapped the bed.

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