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13 Dimensions & Understanding the coming Transition

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posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 05:30 AM
The Eighth Dimension

The eighth dimension is the realm of the Divine Mind, or at least the aspect of the Divine Mind that manifests our galaxy. Some describe this as the divine light, but it’s not simply light; it is the consciousness of creation. In faery traditions, there is the Utterer who speaks the world into creation. If his utterances are the actual “sound”, or seventh dimension, then the Utterer, the being doing the uttering, is the manifestation of the eighth dimension.

When we look at the eighth-dimensional mind of light, the seventh-dimensional cosmic sound, and the sixth-dimensional geometry, these levels have parallels in the lower dimensions-in the unity of the fifth dimension, the archetypes of the fourth dimension, and the form of the third dimension.

In the third dimension there is the manifestation of the visible light spectrum and the sonic spectrum, and the physical manifestation in the world

All potentials exist in the eighth dimension, though our choices govern how this potential manifests in the lower dimensions. The eighth dimension is not inherently good or evil, but rather it is neutral, with the potential for both good and evil. #v=onepage&q&f=false

The Ninth Dimension

The ninth dimension is the galactic center, metaphysically described as a black hole that acts as the gravitational linchpin of our system. From a multidimensional view, the heart of the milky way is a gateway, an interface and transformational point, into the next realm, which some describe as a new universe. The ninth dimensional time waves emerge from this point, aided by the guardians whose name we draw from Mayan lore-the T’zolkin. The ninth dimensional time waves are like the fertile soil in which our third dimension grows. Some would say that it is a “stargate” to the great central sun of the universe, which is the true gateway to the next realm and new universe. #v=onepage&q&f=false

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posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 05:47 AM
The Tenth Dimension

The tenth dimension is the vertical axis that aligns the previous nine dimensions. It is the shamans world tree, the Qabalistic Tree of Life, and the spire running through the dimensions. When a person’s consciousness is simultaneously aware in all nine dimensions equally, it is in the tenth dimension. We use the tenth-dimensional axis all the time, to ascend and descend the vertical axis of reality, but the mastery of the entire axis gives us access to the tenth dimensional-consciousness. #v=onepage&q&f=false

The Eleventh Dimension

The eleventh dimension is the all encompassing energy field that manifests and contains all previous dimensions, one through ten. This is the first realm of universal consciousness. If we could envision the ever-expanding boundary of our universe, in all dimensions, the eleventh dimension would be the boundary for that container. #v=onepage&q&f=false

The Twelfth Dimension

The twelfth dimension is the Great Central Sun of our universe, the source from which all the galaxies in our universe emanate and and around which the all revolve. It is the source of universal consciousness, and a higher aspect of the Divine Mind and Creator. It is the Universal Logos, the universal creative source. Some look at the twelfth dimension as Melchizedek consciousness, while others feel that Melchizedek consciousness is one step beyond the twelfth. #v=onepage&q&f=false

The Thirteenth Dimension

The thirteenth dimension is the gateway to the universes beyond our own universe. This is the level of cosmic consciousness, the Cosmic Logos, and the source of all the other universes in the multiverse. It is through the thirteenth dimension that we are able to access other universes. Many see the thirteenth dimension as a new universe that humanity is ascending to, as mastery of the thirteenth dimension allows you to travel between universes.

The dimensional model works in even and odd numbering, at least for the first nine dimensions. The odd-numbered dimensions have a more intuitive and emotional feeling to them and are often described as more feminine, while the even-numbered dimensions are more analytical and intellectual, having a more masculine flair. #v=onepage&q&f=false

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posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 06:27 AM
This is a diagram that shows how the several different ways to categorise dimensions fit together. Now we have understood the different levels and what they are comprised of, I would like to start visualising them! =onepage&q&f=false

posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 06:45 AM
So imagine the universe as a bunch of large tori, (they are actually dual tori but I'll start with one half.

If you were to be nested in each dimension all at once you could imagine that it would look like a torus inside a torus inside a torus and so on, with the inner most torus being the 1st dimension, the next torus being the 2nd Dimension, and the 3rd innermost torus being our current dimension etc. You would be present in all dimensions. Of course there are many other parts to this but this is just a basic visual to explain how you can be multidimensional.

posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 06:54 AM
I think you have all heard, as above as below. Well this next image, describes the nature that we see the universe in, and it's dimensions. Now imagine if it was nested together the same way the previous tori were nested, then you could have a pretty close concept in my opinion to the actual physical representation of how the dimensions are integrated.

sourced from the resonance project:

Except there is a little more to it! many researchers have noted through their research and reviewing esoteric knowledge that the same pattern repeats on all levels of creation. So if we can think of the human body as a mini universe, encompassing fractional overtones of every dimension, you could quite easily understand the basic layout of the universe. This is something I found describing esoteric anatomy. Imagine that this is the force of energy flowing through the body. looks very similar to Nassim's above diagram doesn't it!? Now we are on to something!

Here is another example of how Torus' nest within each other. Notice a very unique curve happening on the dark line...

Breath of Creation

if you can fathom that the same fundamental pattern repeats in all dimensions, this ever perpetual, cyclical wave, which increases in subtleness (higher frequency) as we approach the source then you could imagine that as this was happening it could be referred to as an "in-breath" as the cyclical wave perpetuates further away from the source, the frequency becomes lower, and more coarse; this could be seen as the "outward-breath". Can you picture that the simple fact of our breathing is actually the same fundamental design as the entire universe's motion? So simple yet so profoundly complex.

So think of the 1st dimension as having a very long slow frequency which then becomes higher and more tightly coiled as you get closer to the 13th dimension.

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posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 09:31 AM
Amazing thread, and I'll have a deeper look at at when I get home from work, but just to recommend a video that gave me anohter perspective - have a google for a youtube video called "Undestanding the 10th Dimension".

Looking forward to reading the whole thread properly.

Much love...

posted on Aug, 26 2010 @ 03:49 AM
I will admit that the above dualtorus doesn't really resonate with me the way it is structured but that could just be my lack of knowledge. The torus section below on earth shows some arrows which show the flow being clockwise on the left side of earth and counter clockwise on right side. But of course this is due to the section cut, they are all flowing from top to bottom, and back again.

Remember I said that the fundamental patterns are repeated? Well, you can see this Toroid pattern around the earth, representing it's magnetic fields we can start to understand that this torus has some unique use that nature wants to re-use.

The next image I want to discuss is an MRI of the heart. As I was saying earlier, if we can the human body holding the blueprint on a micro scale for the rest of the universe, by studying it we can gather further understanding of our universe.

I did some more research on this, and this image looks very similar to what Nobel physicist John Wheeler described in 1955 as Quantum foam.

if we could zoom in to a scale of 10^-33 centimetres (the Planck length). At this microscopic scale, particles of matter appear to be nothing more than standing waves of energy. Wheeler proposed that minute wormholes measuring 10^-33 centimetres could exist in the quantum foam, which some physicists theorise could even be hyper-spatial links to other dimensions. The hyper-spatial nature of the quantum foam could account for principles like the transmission of light and the flow of time.

Some scientists believe that quantum foam is an incredibly powerful source of zero-point energy, and it has been estimated that one cubic centimetre of empty space contains enough energy to boil all the world's oceans. So, if we could describe a microscopic standing wave pattern that appeared particle-like and incorporated a vortex within its structure, we might have the basis for a theory that could unite all the current variants in modern physics.

Figure 1 appears to meet these criteria – it is a drawing of a subatomic particle reproduced from Occult Chemistry by Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant, which was first published in 1909, although a similar diagram was published in a journal in 1895. Leadbeater explains that each subatomic particle is composed of ten loops which circulate energy from higher dimensions. Back in 1895, he knew that physical matter was composed from "strings" – 10 years before Einstein's theory of relativity and 80 years before string theory.

Here is figure 1 that they are referring to:

Here is the pic in much more detail. I find this just incredible.

and the interesting thing, it still has a very similar shape to the torus, or toroidal pattern but elongated.

Side View
Top View

Now if you can imagine it flowing in time, this is what it might look like:

Author: unknown

There is one more image I want to add to this post. It seals the deal for me, that this shape is fundamental.

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posted on Aug, 26 2010 @ 04:23 AM
You can't really see the text on the bottom of that image, but it says this:

Doodle on a napkin during 1975 while discussing Einstein's relativity and quantum theories, along with other mysteries of being, with a nuclear physicist who helped design the trigger on the Hiroshima A-bomb, and later, became a Tibetan Buddhist Lama, following along the similar path of redemption as scientist Richard Alpert, a.k.a. Baba Ram Dass.

This pattern is known by quantum physicists and also the great Leadbeater who was part of the theosophical society? Hang on there, I didn't think science and spirituality were really on the same path... Anyway I think you can make up your own mind here but to me it seems like there is some correlation between the smallest quantum measurement, the heart, magnetic fields and so on, the same shape re-occurring which would also outline how the dimensions are structured, how the movement of energy flows through these dimensions, and below - a possible way to interchange between dimensions.

This trait of never ending cycles seems to come into play here, we can see shapes that are completely infinite in their movement. The reason I am mentioning all of this will become clear. I am trying to describe the nature of dimensions, and of course how many there really are...

To comprehend the origin of this endless and beginningless fundamental nature of all harmonic polar hyperspherical (toroidal) fields, at any phase order of overall involved spacetime, see: Note that the central spiral vortex crossover point (analogous to all adjoining toroidal fractal involved fields) is what modern string and quantum physicists might call a "twistor" or a "wormhole" in our total physical spacetime.

The link this quote is referring to is the image above.

So I gone slightly off track here, but there was a reason! The below diagram represents a cross section of this toroidal energy field which also looks remarkably like our chakra system.

posted on Aug, 26 2010 @ 05:00 AM
So if this shape were to be the predominant structure of the dimensions, the "Anu" or "Quantum foam" would basically be nested on inside the other, very similar to how I displayed the Tori's nested together.

I am going to add this flash video below and I URGE you to check it out. I think this might be something extraordinary, maybe not exactly in the right shape, but if you can picture this as the torus from above, or the quantum foam from above, about towards about the halfway point in the video, something incredible happens. The flower of life shape starts to come out of the negative/positive polarities being overlayed together, and dances in between many different resonant combinations. but it's cool, you kind of get to see what the energies in the universe are doing, the ones we cannot see in our frequency.

here is a little screen shot of what I am talking about...

posted on Aug, 26 2010 @ 05:34 AM

What are frequencies and overtones and what do they have to do with dimensions?

Okay so now back to the questions, and we are almost ready to start talking about the shift near 2012-2013, and give details on what it will possibly look like, and how to experience with the most positive outcome. but first the frequencies. I have already explained what frequencies and overtones are so now I will go into what they have to do with the dimensions. everything we see is vibrating at some level, just like musical notes.

Think of our current dimension as an octave in music; a scale which contains all the notes just once, which are vibrating at different frequencies. now if you think of our dimension as the lowest octave on the piano, and as you up, there are many other octaves, just higher in pitch, meaning a faster vibration. Same as the EM spectrum. See pic below.

Each dimension has overtones of the previous, just in a higher vibration. When you play two notes on the piano exactly an octave apart, they resonate with each other in harmony. You could say that this is the border line between dimensions.

The seven planes/ thirteen dimensions are linked, they just draw the borders between dimensions in different spots. I say this because I wasnt to represent below the never ending-ness of dimensions. There may bea set of dimensions in our universe, which could be represented as all the notes on the piano, but once we get to the thirteenth dimension, we are just one actave of a larger piano, and so on. This is cyclical just like the torus and it's movement, from and to the source or centre. The below diagram represents this amazing structure but in the 7 plane model.

posted on Aug, 26 2010 @ 08:46 AM
Great thread! Thank you. I am anxious to learn tools, techniques to assist in moving into higher frequency..leaving the third dimension. Would it be possible to skip dimensions (skip a grade) leave this kindergarden and go onto high school or college? Namaste

posted on Aug, 26 2010 @ 09:50 AM

Originally posted by Klaatumagnum
Great thread! Thank you. I am anxious to learn tools, techniques to assist in moving into higher frequency..leaving the third dimension. Would it be possible to skip dimensions (skip a grade) leave this kindergarden and go onto high school or college? Namaste

Hi Klaatumagnum, glad to hear some one is interested! I was beginning to think no one was ;-)

Tomorrow I will begin documenting the ways in which I have been taught and from my own experience what it feels like to vibrate more subtlety. I wouldn't say I have shifted dimensions, but you can experience higher overtones or frequencies within this dimension, people who are usually in the higher overtones of the third, are more understanding of others situation, more willing to give without conditions, and generally I would say happier, seeing beauty in all there is, after all, once you realise we all come from the same source and on a higher level we are actually the same consciousness, you are actually just helping yourself evolve faster by helping others (in a non-selfish way).

Regarding skipping dimensions, in our current situation, I believe you can train to do this, but you can train your mind to do this, but there are lots of lessons surrounding the emotions, lets say from a heart space. So those who skip these lessons will have to still learn these lessons in the next dimension. I have heard of monks doing this but have no direct personal experience with this. I think what's more important is to address the issues before the shift so you can enjoy the ride more thoroughly and evolve at a faster speed.

posted on Aug, 26 2010 @ 10:12 AM
Very interesting thread Reflections. It looks like you should have written a book on this material yourself since you seem to be very well qualified in details which many of us have never seen.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 03:06 AM
Thanks Russian Scientist. There is still more to come!

For those that don't wish to read the whole thread I'll just give a little recap on each dimension. I believe this is more of the egyptian way to see dimensions as they work on the 13 chakras (similar to the pentatonic scale) and the same with dimensions, being 13.

1. Planetary consciousness
Our relationship with the Earth and other life forms on Earth,
Also known as the underworld

2. Elemental Consciousness
Consciousness level between core of planet and the surface governed by the four elements, earth air, fire, water.

3. Human Consciousness
The collective consciousness of physical reality. height, length, width, linear time, cycles, physical laws. Form.

4. Collective unconsciousness
Archetypal realm which links mind, conscious and unconscious. Thoughts manifest as reality. Also not limited by time and space. Dream World.

5. Unity Consciousness
All dualities understood. Conscious of all times, and all places. Individual identity and Group Identity.

6. Mental Consciousness
Sacred Geometry, All form precitates from geometrical light templates. Morphogenetic fields.

7. Cosmic Consciousness
Sound & harmonics of creation, all particales and forces of the galaxy exist here as pure vibration, the fabric of reailty.

8. Creation Consciousness
Divine Mind of our galaxy. Mind of Light. All possibilities of the galaxy exist here. No shape or form as we know it. The source of Archetypal lunar godesses and gods

9. Galactic Consciousness
Galactic Center, The Stargate, or heart of the Millky Way. (Heart?... What's in our heart then if patterns repeat universally...?)

10. Axes Consciousness
Balanced or Aligned Consciousness, Ascension Axis / Vertical Axis that aligns all lower nine dimensions. Allows us to transcend and descend realities.

11. Universal Consciousness
The ever expanding boundary and container of our universe

12. Melchizedek consciousness
Central Sun or central force which galaxies in our universe revolve around

13. Multiverse Consciousness
The gateway to other universes in the metaverse

You can see that we are actually utilising many different dimensions in our daily life but we are just not completely aware of this. I think that we can say, theoretically that we are multidimensional beings.

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 03:19 AM
I believe this is how we are able to embody the different frequencies within us:

Here are the Main notes and their correlating frequencies, although this is not a full list:

Musical Scale - C, do (264 Hz) | root chakra (256 hz and 194.18 hz)
Musical Scale - D, re (297 Hz) | sacral (naval) chakra (288 hz and 210.42 hz)
Musical Scale - E, mi (330 Hz) | solar plexus chakra (320 hz and 126.22 hz)
Musical Scale - F, fa (352 Hz) | heart chakra (341 hz and 136.10 hz)
Musical Scale - G, so (396 Hz) | throat chakra (384 hz and 141.27 hz)
Musical Scale - A, la (440 Hz) | third eye chakra (448 hz and 221.23 hz)
Musical Scale - B, ti (495 Hz) | crown chakra (480 hz and 172.06 hz)

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 03:22 AM

Drunvalo Melchizedek Explains What Happens During The Shift

From The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Volume 2

What usually happens is that when we approach this point in the precession where this change takes place, everything begins to break down - all the social structures,etc begin to dissolve and break down. The key that does it is the magnetic field of the Earth. Which as present-day science realizes may also be the key that enables the axis to shift in the first place through magneto- hydrodynamics, where the magnetic field supports a connection where liquid aspects of the earth's composition become solid. When the field collapses, some solids become liquid and become slippery. They have demonstrated this in laboratories. The magnetic field and the electromagnetic field are the key. The magnetic field is what we use to interpret who and what we think we are, and also to store our memory with. We need an exterior magnetic field to retain memory. We cannot live without some form of magnetic field. If you look at major cities all over the world, you will notice that the day before, after and during the full moon there is more rape and murder going on. The reason is that the full moon tends to cause a ripple in the magnetic field of the earth, and this change is enough to take people that are emotionally near the edge over the edge. The magnetic field affects the emotional body.

The Collapse of the Magnetic Field
Imagine a planet where you are at a point on the precession where things are starting to get out of balance. Suddenly the magnetic field of the Earth, over a very short period of time (usually three to six months) starts fluctuating a lot and undulating. What happens is that people start losing it. They go crazy. That is what breaks down all the structures of the planet. Without their balance, everything falls apart. The magnetic field will go away entirely for at least three and one half days. Usually you will see a buildup of chaos.

Morphological Grid Interactions
Every time one person plugs into the consciousness grid, they increase the signal from the grid. There will come a point where people will just start remembering and start breathing this way. Children will have the least problem. The older you are the harder it is.

The Final Time of Axis Shift and Dimensional Interface
Hopefully it won't really get crazy out there - if it does, that is where the idea of Armageddon comes in. If you look back through the records, you will see that when the axis shifted in 1400 A.D., in South America, they all started fighting and warring with each other, because their emotions got so strong. Hopefully, that won't happen.


posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 03:23 AM

About five to six hours before the dimensional shift in consciousness, the process (which is usually tied to an axis shift) begins. Axis shifts and shifts in consciousness are usually tied together. In this case, the consciousness shift may happen before or after the axis shift. Usually they are simultaneous, and usually what happens in this period five or six hours before a dimensional shift is a visual phenomenon. This almost for certain will happen as 3rd and 4th dimension begin to interface, and our consciousness begins to move into 4th dimensional consciousness and 3rd dimensional consciousness begins to recede away. When that happens, synthetic manufactured objects which consist of materials which do not occur naturally on the Earth, begin to disappear over a wide gradient, depending what the materials are. They do not disappear all at once. When the grid of 3rd dimensional consciousness begins to break down along with the collapse of the magnetic field, these synthetic objects begin to disappear over this five or six hour period. Since axis/conscious/grid changes have happened continously for millions of years, this is why there are few manufactured objects from previous civilizations (some of which have been more advanced than ours) which remain to tell the tale.

The fact that objects start to disappear really starts to make people who do not understand what is happening go crazy. That is why it is important to remember this. It is a natural process, and when this starts to happen you should get to a place that is natural, not inside an artificial structure. You want to be out on the earth. This is the reason why very advanced civilizations built structures out of natural materials, like stone. They make it through the dimensional changes and remain there.

This is also why at the Taos pueblo, which is 1,400 years old, they are not allowed by tribal law to have anything synthetic in their buildings. They know that when the day of purification comes, they go in and remain centered.

There is another phenomenon that will probably happen. As the dimensional interface occurs, 4th dimensional objects may appear in the 3rd dimensional world. They will be objects that will not seem to fit in anywhere with colors that will boggle your mind. These objects will impact your mind in ways you cannot understand. Since gradual movement through the interface is desired, do not touch any of these objects (to touch one would pull you instantly and fully into the 4th dimension) or look at them. They are mesmerizing, and looking at them will pull you more rapidly into the 4th.

If you are calm and centered, you will be able to watch all of this for a time, but not for long. As soon as the magnetic field collapses, your field of view and vision will disappear and you will find yourself in a black void. The 3rd dimensional Earth, for all intents and purposes, will be gone for you. What happens to most people during this time is that they will fall asleep and start dreaming during this period, which lasts about three to four days. If you want you can just sit there, but realize that whatever you think is going to happen will happen. Realize that you are about to literally go through a kind of "birth" process into the 4th dimension, and don't worry about it. The process is perfect and natural, but fear is a big problem for humans on a 3rd dimensional level. This appears to be a new process, but it is very very old. You have done it before. At some time during the process you may in fact remember that you have done it before.


posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 03:24 AM

The Other Side
As the 4th dimensional world comes into perception, light comes back again. You will find yourself in a world the likes of which you have never seen (although you have, but you will not remember it because your memory has been erased so many times before). It will feel like a brand new place. All the colors and shapes and the feel of everything will be new. You will be perceptively just like you were when you came into 3rd dimensional conscious- ness, except that you will be the same size you are now. There are a lot of things that are very similar from world to world - one of them is the idea of the holy trinity (mother-father-child). As you enter into this brand new place, although you won't understand anything, you are going to see two beings standing there - mom and dad; they are going to be very big compared to you. They are going to be about ten to sixteen feet tall. One will be male and one will be female. These beings have a bond with you and will guide and protect you during your early formative period in this world. These beings do not have the kind of attachment to you that parents on Earth might have had. From the very beginning, they know that you are part of the Creator and recognize your divine nature. You will appear just like you are now, though more than likely naked, since any synthetic clothing will not have made it through the shift.

You will come out the other side and be in this incredible reality with these two beings that you somehow feel this intense love towards, although you won't understand why. Although your physical form is exactly the same, the atomic structure in your body will have changed dramatically. Much of the denseness of the previous physical structure will have been converted into energy, and the atomic structure will be farther apart than before. Most of your body will have been converted into energy, but you won't know that.

The Many Are Called - Few Are Chosen Scenario
In the Bible, Jesus said "two of you shall be in bed and one of you I shall take". This speaks of a "many are called-few are chosen"scenario, which is often what happens, but you can only do so much to help someone. You will go through this process alone. It will be determined by your character and who you are.

What usually happens is that some people go through and some do not make it through, but there is a third possibility - that someone will have just made it through. Jesus spoke of a parable about the wheat and the chaff as an analogy. The wheat that goes through had some weeds with it. Who takes the weeds out? The weeds do. You take yourself out. When you get to the 4th dimensional conscious- ness, most people don't know that you are creating the entire world and every- thing in it second by second by your thoughts and your feelings - every- thing. It is true in the 3rd dimension as well, but it is not realized because we have culturally put all these limitations on ourselves that we can't do anything. There, it's all inclusive and instantaneous. If you are there and you are not really ready for it and you start thinking negative thoughts and fear comes in, you will create a scenario which will result in your being thrown back into a lower dimension.

At the same time, the "wheat" is going through, and sitting there and thinking "love, truth, beauty, peace and harmony" - and that is what happens. You start manifesting all of it. You become stable in the new reality because of what you are thinking and feeling - your character and who you are. Jesus, referring to this time, said "if you live by the sword you shall die by the sword" and "the meek shall inherit the Earth". Those who are there and not trying to protect, kill or anything else along those lines, but just being and thinking positive thoughts - that is what manifests, and you've just won the game.


posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 03:27 AM

After the entities who are not resonant ("chaff") are gone and the resonant entities ("wheat") remain, one of the first things that begins to happen is that you begin to realize that "hey, whatever I think happens!". Usually people look at their bodies in this light and begin to change their appearance to suit whatever idealized image they have in mind - it's a childlike exercise. If you look at some of the non-terrestrial races, they are all tall, beautiful and healthy. The self-modification of body structure is a natural occurance from the 4th dimension onward. It is a creative expression. After that, other things become more interesting as activities.

On Earth in the 3rd dimension, it takes roughly 18-21 years to go from a baby to someone who can go out and take care of themselves. On the 4th dimensional world, experientially, it takes about two years to go from your present size and state (when you first arrive) to an adult - and you start growing again. Your body grows, your head elongates in the back, and you end up looking like Ahknaton. This is what the Egyptian egg of metamorphosis was about.

All this explains why it is essential that you maintain peace within during the first few hours of the dimensional interface and progression into the next area of dimensional consciousness. Again, work on your character. The moment you establish the Merkaba during this time, you've made it. Its the inner technology that is most important. Helping others is very important. As you understand more of what this is about, you have a moral responsibility to help if they ask.

Your Cosmic Development
During this shift, there is a polarity with your "higher self" which merges into your current state of consciousness to the point where you and it become one.

A very high level of dimensional consciousness has as its "body" the planet Earth. You, on a high level of consciousness, have as your body the body you are currently using. Literally, someday you will become suns and stars in the sky - it is part of the process of life.

Your new "Parents"
Relative to these beings you will encounter, your new "parents", you already will have a "karmic" bond with them; they will guide and protect you during the first two years until you can go out on your own. They realize your true divine nature as part of the creation, unlike Earth parents, many of whom view their children as "possessions" to be "controlled". If your new parents wanted to tell you something, you would simply experience it. If they wanted to tell you about a room, you would be in it. It is sort of like an extension of a higher level of dream time from the 42+2 level of consciousness. The 4th dimensional realm is really not that much different than the 3rd dimension in some ways. It's still a world which has a physical aspect to it.

Injection of Christ/Unity Consciousness Models Into The Planetary Grids
Many individual entities have manifested themselves on this planet in order to illustrate the possibilities in unity consciousness. After the introduction of writing, a model was need in order to inject an example into the akashic/ morphic field and into the memory of man that unity consciousness was an option. Jesus, who had been through a great number of dimensional levels, was the entity who accomplished that purpose. Because of his efforts, the IDEA of man-unity consciousness is within the MEMORY of man to act as a model. It is also within the grid around the planet.

Thanks to Dedoidrify for typing that out:

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 04:23 PM
Amazing thread! I did a drawing about 25 years ago of what I thought time and space would look like represented geometrically. I came up the toroid shape and the spirals cutting across both axis.
This is much to reflect upon and research further.
Thank you

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