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UFOs recorded for two hours over Scottish town!

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posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 10:54 PM
reply to post by m0r1arty

many people automatically see this as Chinese lanterns, while I pay more attention to the people's comments about it standing still for 5 minutes then shooting off at high speed, or that it rose rapidly, or that they went in different directions. I think this video is not adequate proof of some otherworldly craft so I won't spend any more time on it.

my statement in the second post was hoping that the typical "Chinese lantern" brigade didn't jump right on and beat down this thread before it had a chance to be looked into.

by the way...
concerning your statement:

Originally posted by m0r1arty
I'm going to guess you've never educated anyone.

I have a Master's degree and do research and teach for a living - you really might want to recognize you can't know someone by their silence, or judge their personality by a few lines in a thread.

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posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 11:20 PM
Thanks for the explanation about your thoughts regarding the lanterns (and/or other potential anomaly) it certainly makes it clearer to your intended information recipients when you define some throughlines and framework for thinking.

As for what being an educator is...

You may be working your way towards a PhD in whatever field you have a masters in but an educator that does not make you. Doing part time lecturing of a particular elementary element of a subject whilst doing research is what that makes you, and every other PhD student out there.

Understanding the intricacies of experiential learners, interdependent learning, critical thinking, praxis, learning styles, charisma, group dynamics, conflict resolution, informal education, Socratic role-play and technological advances and transformational practise makes one an educator - and some people can do it naturally to (Whilst not fully understanding the academia behind it).

Judging by your presentation of evidence in your opening post in this thread and your second post I do not think that your undergraduates are getting an unbiased and full set of information from you if you act like this in the lab/room/library where you lecture.

Good luck with the PhD and I hope that your thesis is successfully received. I rather like the concept that we are all life-long learners and at no point unable to develop further. I hope that you, me and everyone else on ATS can consider this idea as we press forward together looking for the truth.


posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 12:18 AM
Not really sure what to make of you... you make A LOT of assumptions!

I'm not on a PhD track; I stopped with the Master's (and I'm not telling you why - please don't assume you know).

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 01:34 AM
reply to post by Thermo Klein

I make 1 assumption on these boards and it is about 1 subject.

I assume that there are not alien visitors to Earth and that any claims to say there are can be debunked with enough time and effort.

This is a complicated assumption as it has many subsections about factors such as people who would such claims (Are they just curious?, do they supply bias?, are they intentional hoaxers? etc.), what the claims are based upon (eye witness accounts, video, photographs, etc), independent corroborative evidence (Radar, weather reports, celestial positions, etc) and how others better than I at examining the evidence report their findings.

It is an assumption I would be happily proven wrong to hold though.

Outwith these boards I make a lot of assumptions such as that the sun will come up tomorrow, the tides will act in the way they always have and that human nature is as trending in its presentation as any other animals.

I do hope you see I am not against you here. I just wanted to point out that you showed opinion when telling others what these things were not and yet claimed not to later when asked about your opinion.

I'm happy to have my assumptions completely broken apart by an evidence based claim. In fact I hope for it.

Best of luck with the thesis!


posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 01:44 AM
I started a thread about this event when it happened.

Might help add something to the discussion.

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posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 01:58 AM
reply to post by scobro

Hey scorbo,

This incident is reported in the link to The Sun newspaper as being on Saturday the 25th of July 2009 about 10 weeks after your reported incident.

It could be that they are related though.


posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 02:04 AM
reply to post by m0r1arty

Yeah,it is the same footage,i think the Sun was late on picking it up!
The news report in the original thread is the channel for that area,and was aired the day after the incident.

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 02:08 AM
Another three quids worth of Chinese lanterns!

At least no dramatic music this time but sub-titles would have helped.

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 02:22 AM
reply to post by scobro

If it's the same footage then I'll add a link to your thread for cataloguing and research purposes.

You never know who finds what thread from which keyword so it's best to mark them both (Plus you'll get a bump for it! :p )

Torsion, I've got no idea what he's saying beyond the odd word. Subtitles would have been good I agree


posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 02:30 AM
swamp gas chasing venus

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 03:25 AM
reply to post by Thermo Klein

Thermo Klein.....

Yup.....chinese lanterns.

Kind regards
Maybe...maybe not

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 03:44 AM
reply to post by Thermo Klein

never seen leaves or other debris being blown about , first in one direction , then the other ?

the wind and air currents are not some homogenous block that behaives in a uniform manner at any given area for a lenght of time

might i suggest getting out more ?

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 03:48 AM
reply to post by Thermo Klein

please tell me how a civilian determines if an object is " standing still " or moving drirectly towards or away from him / her . IF that object is a single point of light against the night sky

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 05:11 AM
Just a wee note to say that I'm Scottish and even I had a problem understanding the guy. That's not a glaswegian accent, it's more like Aberdeen.

Also, people really really really shouldn't post anything from The Sun newspaper. It's trash, and not to be trusted in the slightest.

As to the footage I'd have to say again it's just dots in the sky! It's impossible to tell what it is but if I had to form a judgment I'd say it's more than likely lanterns. Winds move in diff directions at different levels, that's how hot air balloons navigate
Are they thermal currents?


posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 06:13 AM

Originally posted by Thermo Klein

Residents watched in awe as three bright orange dome-shaped objects hovered then flew at high speed in random spirals closer and closer to the village.

"The whole street was out with cameras and binoculars.

"Folk were coming out the pub and telephoning home about what they were seeing in the sky.

Hi Thermo Klein, thanks for sharing.

In the video you posted it’s for me impossible to say what those lights could have been.

Only if someone else had filmed the moments of where those lights flew at high speed in random spirals closer and closer to the village it could be helpful to debunk at least the Chinese lanterns claim.

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 06:24 AM
I must admit it does seem rather daft to ask for opinions and then to just rubbish them because it does not meet with your obviously predetermined wish for it to be ET.

Even more so when there's a report saying it WAS lanterns from a party, logic dictates that at the moment unless other evidence arrives that these were indeed lanterns or at the very least MOST LIKELY to be lanterns due to the known facts.

And that's not taking into account that they were glowing orange 'like balloons as said in the vid' which for the most part drifted erratically.

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posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 06:33 AM

Originally posted by greeneyedleo

I read the entire story before I even read your posts so I could form my own opinion
and I posted some very relevant quotes.

Wind can change directions and speads at different elevations.

why did Greeneye read the entire story first?
because she knows this helps form an unbiased opinion (about sorce material/articles).

as for the wind directions being able to change directions and flow speed .... after 11 years in the usaf, i can assure you, as it is also in public domain knowledge, that even planes have been known to crash during such phenomenon.

even during clear skies, air flow currents can be intense, and criss-cross eachother in opposing currents with elevations.

share what we know,

[edit on 24-8-2010 by Esoteric Teacher]

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 06:34 AM
Really disappointing. The sun trying to con people into buying a story again.

How the hell can people be so stupid to believe that they are flying in 'random spirals' when it is clearly camera shake. As soon as I saw them it was obvious they were Chinese lanterns and I am not one to normally jump on this band wagon.

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 12:17 PM
Already discussed in July 2009 under this thread:

I was also kind enough to translate for the members of ATS.

Please use the search function.

Mod to close please.

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 12:42 PM

Originally posted by Calgacus1
Also, people really really really shouldn't post anything from The Sun newspaper. It's trash, and not to be trusted in the slightest.



Thanks for the heads up!

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