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SpaceShipOne CHAT is online for the flights

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posted on Jun, 20 2004 @ 06:43 PM
For those interested, we now have opened up the #SpaceShipOne chat room to the public. As they ready the project to step (well fly) into space, the buzz is high and we hope many will come in and talk about the project, the concept of privatization of space travel, and most any topic-related item. Please spread the word! With more support, the better the general subject-matter and more things to talk about. Since there will not generally be any online broadcast of the flight, this may be the next closest thing short of watching on the news (CNN sconfirmed but expect that NASATV 'might' cover it as well (from rumor mill)... we'll see.

The chat is located on the freenode servers at As always, we are a family and professional channel so please refrain from trolling, soapboxing, or using foul-language.

More info at their website:

John Boney
-Pandelirium -
Moderator - #SpaceShipOne #maestro #cassini #Pandelirium MaximumPC


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