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Our Toxic World, Our Brave New World - What's in our Water?

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posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 11:10 AM

The following thread is merely me thinking out loud, so to speak, and putting a few pieces of the puzzle together in an attempt to get the bigger picture.

I'll begin at the beginning, with what set me on this train of thought...

Forced abortions. Mass sterilization. A "Planetary Regime" with the power of life and death over American citizens.

The tyrannical fantasies of a madman? Or merely the opinions of the person now in control of science policy in the United States? Or both?

These ideas (among many other equally horrifying recommendations) were put forth by John Holdren, whom Barack Obama has recently appointed Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, and Co-Chair of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology -- informally known as the United States' Science Czar. -

Let's look at a few passages from Ecoscience, co-authored in 1977 by John Holdren and his close colleagues Paul Ehrlich and Anne Ehrlich...

Page 837: Compulsory abortions would be legal

Page 786: Single mothers should have their babies taken away by the government; or they could be forced to have abortion

Page 787-8: Mass sterilization of humans though drugs in the water supply is OK as long as it doesnt harm livestock

Page 786-7: The government could control womens reproduction by either sterilizing them or implanting mandatory long-term birth control

Page 838: The kind of people who cause social deterioration can be compelled to not have children

Page 942-3: A Planetary Regime should control the global economy and dictate by force the number of children allowed to be born

Page 917: We will need to surrender national sovereignty to an armed international police force

Now, I would like you to keep all of the above in mind when looking through the following information.

In a recent thread - The Overpopulation Myth, The Underpopulation Crisis - I presented the possibility that the overpopulation theory is being exaggerated and that in the coming decades the world will in fact be facing an underpopulation crisis, due to falling fertility rates.

I used the following graph to prove my point:

It is a fact that fertility rates have been falling for nearly 50 years now and are set to continue their steep decline in the future. It is a subject that has not gone unnoticed...

Out for the count: Why levels of sperm in men are falling

Experts in human reproductive biology were astonished by the Danish study. The declining trend seemed to indicate that men were on a path to becoming completely infertile within a few generations. - Independent

The infertility timebomb: Are men facing rapid extinction?

One in five men could suffer from fertility problems. And scientists have warned that it's just going to get worse... - Daily Mail

It got me thinking about what the possible cause for this dramatic decline could be? After reading an article about John Holdren et al's book, Ecoscience, it got me thinking; What exactly is in our water?


First of all, it needs to be stated that the 'substance' referred to as 'Fluoride' is a misnomer - there is no such substance listed in the periodic chart of the elements, nor in the prestigious CRC handbook, nor in the sacred 'bible' of the pharmaceutical industry - the illustrious 'Merck Index'. Instead, we find a GAS called Fluorine - and from the use of this gas in various industries such as aluminum manufacturing and the nuclear industry -certain toxic byproducts are created which have 'captured' fluorine molecules. One such toxic, poisonous 'byproduct' is called sodium Fluoride - which according to the Merck Index is primarily used as rat and cockroach poison and is also the active ingredient in most toothpastes and as an "additive to drinking water". But sadly, there is much more to this sordid tale. -

Toxic? Poisonous? Surely not?

But surely toothpaste is different?

It reads:

Warning: Keep out of reach of children under 2 years of age. If more than used for brushing is accidently swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away

At least that brand of toothpaste gives a warning, mine doesn't, even though it contains the exact same amount of Sodium Fluoride. Apparently my brand at home is not suitable for children under 7 years of age and the closest I get to a warning is the 'If using fluoride supplements consult your dentist' - I think we can read between the lines there.

To put it in perspective I have taken a still image from the video Professional Perspectives: Fluoride in Water that you can see below...

In the doctors left hand is a toothbrush upon which sits a PEA SIZED blob of toothpaste. I emphasize this because I know from personal experience that most people use more than a pea sized blob, they usually cover the whole toothbrush head in a slug sized amount.

In the doctors right hand is a cup containing 8 ounces of water.

Both the pea sized blob of toothpaste and the 8 ounces of water contain a quarter milligram of fluoride.

Enough said.

So why does our water/toothpaste contain sodium fluoride in the first place?

Well, apparently it 'prevents tooth decay', I stress 'apparently'. Here's why...

The chart below from the World Health Organization clearly shows the trends of oral health getting better since the 1960s in populations around the world who did not have fluoridated water and dental products. The question arises, why then do we continue to use an extremely deadly substance in our water and oral care products? -

So what has this got to do with fertility? Well...

“A few human studies suggested that high concentrations of fluoride exposure might be associated with alterations in reproductive hormones, effects on fertility, and developmental outcomes, but design limitations make those studies insufficient for risk evaluation.”
SOURCE: National Research Council. (2006). Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA's Standards. National Academies Press, Washington D.C. P 6.

"A review of fluoride toxicity showed decreased fertility in most animal species studied. The current study was to see whether fluoride would also affect human birth rates. A U.S. database of drinking water systems was used to identify index counties with water systems reporting fluoride levels of at least 3 ppm. These and adjacent counties were grouped in 30 regions spread over 9 states... Most regions showed an association of decreasing TFR [Total Fertility Rate] with increasing fluoride levels.
SOURCE: Freni SC. (1994). Exposure to high fluoride concentrations in drinking water is associated with decreased birth rates. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health 42:109-121.

HEALTH EFFECTS: Fluoride & the Reproductive System

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posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 11:11 AM
Not only has Fluoride been excessively linked with a decrease in fertility it has also been associated with an earliers onset of puberty...

It is now known - thanks to the meticulous research of Dr. Jennifer Luke from the University of Surrey in England - that the pineal gland is the primary target of fluoride accumulation within the body.

Luke found that animals treated with fluoride had lower levels of circulating melatonin, as reflected by reduced levels of melatonin metabolites in the animals' urine. This reduced level of circulating melatonin was accompanied - as might be expected - by an earlier onset of puberty in the fluoride-treated female animals.

Luke summarized her human and animal findings as follows:

"In conclusion, the human pineal gland contains the highest concentration of fluoride in the body. Fluoride is associated with depressed pineal melatonin synthesis by prepubertal gerbils and an accelerated onset of sexual maturation in the female gerbil. The results strengthen the hypothesis that the pineal has a role in the timing of the onset of puberty. Whether or not fluoride interferes with pineal function in humans requires further investigation." -

I mention this because of the following:

Alarming sign: Something’s causing early puberty

A new study released this week showed an increase in the rate of young girls going through puberty over the past decade. And we’re talking really young girls here. Try age seven.

I’m guessing that by the amount of news coverage this study is generating, other people are as shocked about these findings as I am. Just think about it: By age eight, an average of one-in-three girls will be well into puberty. - source

The health effects associated with early puberty for girls includes: greater risk of breast cancer, premature risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease and age inappropriate behaviour.

Teenage pregnancy is still a big problem in the US and the UK as is the increase in Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

For boys the risks are similar: greater risk of testicular cancer, lack of self control and age inappropriate sexual behaviour.

Two boys guilty of attempted rape charges in London

Two boys aged 10 and 11 have been found guilty of attempted rape of an eight-year-old girl in London. - BBC News

According to the US National Research Council, "several lines of information indicate an effect of fluoride exposure on thyroid function." Fluoride's potential to impair thyroid function is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that -- up until the 1970s -- European doctors used fluoride as a thyroid-suppressing medication for patients with HYPER-thyroidism (over-active thyroid). While it may be that the thyroid in a patient with hyperthyroidism is particularly susceptible to the anti-thyroid actions of fluoride, there is concern that current fluoride exposures may be playing a role in the widespread incidence of HYPO-thyroidism (under-active thyroid) in the U.S.

Some of Hypothyroidism 's symptoms include: fatigue, depression, weight gain.

People are getting fatter almost everywhere in the world. However, some people are getting fatter than others.

It must be noted that seven of the top ten countries with the highest obesity rates use fluoridated water.

It must also be noted that all ten of the countries with the lowest obesity rates DO NOT use fluoridated water.

Obesity is a modern problem - statistics for it did not even exist 50 years ago, coincidentally, before fluoride was added to most water supplies. Yes, convenience foods, labour-saving devices, motorised transport and more sedentary jobs play a major part but it is an interesting correlation nonetheless.

Oh, and just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...

Lithium in water 'curbs suicide'

Drinking water which contains the element lithium may reduce the risk of suicide, a Japanese study suggests. - BBC News

This is frightening. Lithium is a much more powerful substance than fluoride, with far greater potential side effects. Lithium is a powerful mood stabilising drug, used in the treatment of Bipolar-Disorder where it has a role in the treatment of depression and particularly of mania, both acutely and in the long term.

As accumulating knowledge indicated a role for excess sodium intake in hypertension and heart disease, lithium salts were prescribed to patients for use as a replacement for dietary table salt (sodium chloride). This practise was discontinued in 1949 when reports of side effects and deaths were published, leading to a ban of lithium sales.-

So the FDA banned lithium because of harmful side effects and even deaths. But what are the side effects?

Loss of coordination
Slurred speech
Fast, slow, irregular, or pounding heartbeat
Hallucinations (seeing things or hearing voices that do not exist)
Changes in vision
Excessive thirst

I find that last one particularly interesting, especially in light of what we have just discussed concerning fluoride. Perhaps not enough people are drinking the fluoridated tap water? Another powerful psychotic drug that increases thirst would be very handy indeed.

It's classic problem - reaction - solution.

Problem - Governments put fluoride in water supply (which has been linked with increases in depression via it's effect on the thyroid gland.)

Reaction - Vast increase in depression and consequently suicides ('suicide epidemics')

Solution - Lithium in water supply.

I would like to finish by presenting point one of the Nuremburg Code:

The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him/her to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonable to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment.

The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs or engages in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity. - Nuremburg Code

We are NOT lab rats and we should NOT be treated like one.

There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it.

- Aldous Huxley, author of A Brave New World

posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 04:39 PM

I say this in all earnestness and sincerity of a scientist, who has spent nearly 20 years of research into the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorides. Any Person Who Drinks Artificially Fluoridated Water For A Period of One Year or More, Will NEVER AGAIN, BE THE SAME PERSON.

-Charles Elliot Perkins

Mr. Perkins, who immediately after the Second World War was one the Americans put into the well-known I.G.Farben Company in Germany. There he discovered that I.G.Farben had developed plans during the war to fluoridate the occupied countries, because it had been found that fluoridation caused slight damage to specific parts of the brain. This damage had a very particular effect. It mad it more difficult for the person affected to defend his freedom. He became more docile towards authority.

I am appalled at the prospect of using water as a vehicle for drugs. Fluoride is a corrosive poison that will produce serious effects on a long-term basis. Any attempt to use water this way, is deplorable.

-Dr. Charles Gordon Heyd, Past President of the American Medical Association

posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 05:13 PM
Wow, extremely thorough post. I've known about the physiologically negative effects that fluoride has for some time now, but I never imagined the consequences were as far-reaching as this. I thought that it was just used to keep the masses unmotivated and passively ensconced so they would be less likely to fight against the never-ending circumscription on their freedoms and the ever-increasing corruption in our society, allowing the NWO to control the masses even more easily without fear of rebellion. After all, the first time fluoride was used in such large quantities on people was in Nazi Germany to keep the Jews sufficiently subdued and more pliable. When I get some spare time I'll definitely be reading through your posts more thoroughly. Good stuff. I remember telling my Mum the dangers of fluoride a few months ago and she looked at me like I was a crazy loon. LOL.

posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 05:16 PM
damned if i'll drink the stuff least run it thru my own filter.
makes the case for another beer. 'cuse me.

posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 06:02 PM
reply to post by Nathan-D

Yep, the Nazi's tested it and so did Russia - both using it in their concentration camps and gulags.

The alternative of bottled water isn't much better either...

The poison lurking in your plastic water bottle

The research by world expert Dr William Shotyk - who has vowed never to drink bottled water again - will be published in the Royal Society of Chemistry's journal next month.

The tests found traces of antimony, a chemical used in the making of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, used by most mineral-water sellers.

Small doses of antimony can make you feel ill and depressed. Larger quantities can cause violent vomiting and even death. - Daily Mail


In an investigation of almost 200 brands of widely used bottled waters, an Environmental Working Group (EWG) found some startling results when all of the data was collected.

Perhaps the most surprising result of the study was that out of the 188 different brands of bottled water investigated, only 2 disclosed these three basic facts about the water contained in them:

1. The exact source of the water.
2. How the water is purified.
3. Which chemical pollutants may be in every bottle. -

Also, look at the Health Effects of Bisphenol A, the compound used to make the plastic bottles that contain your water.

reply to post by p51mustang

In beer we trust

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 05:36 PM
Thank you for posting all of this. This is actually why I joined. I recently just heard about them wanting to add lithium to tap water. I knew that flouride was bad, but somehow blindly didn't concern myself as I should have... (probably from drinking too much of the stuff myself, now I realize.)

But hearing of what else they want to do has really woke me up and I am furious! How dare anyone try and force me and my family to injest these things. Even if it were true these things are somehow beneficial (which I know now they are NOT, but just being hypothetical here...) even if it were beneficial, it should be my choice what I want to put in my own body! Flouride is really horrible. But I was SHOCKED when learning about Lithium. That was when i was really like, "What is going on here???"

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posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 05:40 PM

Originally posted by p51mustang
makes the case for another beer. 'cuse me.

Isn't water used in the beer making process? I don't know for sure, but I thought that it was. Makes you wonder what's really safe.

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 08:11 AM
Amazing post. Seems like it's been overlooked a bit. S&F. I think there is quite a bit of information on it that's been presented but people can always use more information presented to them.

posted on Aug, 30 2010 @ 09:16 AM
Thank god i am lucky enough to get my water directly from the ground thru our own well. I really felt much worse when i lived in the city and drank that purified waste water from the tap.

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 03:34 PM
reply to post by angel119

Yep, I agree, which is why I posted an extract from the Nuremburg Code to show how they are violating it:

"The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him/her to make an understanding and enlightened decision."

I know their argument would be that they are not forcing people to drink the water but that is besides the point. Many people, poor people, rely heavily on the tap water provided by the government. Knowingly putting a dangerous toxin in the water without stacks and stacks of evidence in favour of it is ridiculous.

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 04:47 PM
Great Thread and research to back it up! Well it makes me think that we are a giant experiment that is being conducted under "their" own laws and regulations. It makes me so mad! It's my body.... I should have the right to put what I want in it. No one should make that choice for me! Freedom is something of the past it seems.

posted on Sep, 2 2010 @ 05:38 PM
Great thread. I am from Australia, and i drank rain water for most of my life till i moved to the city...I can't stand 'tap water'. The chlorine is bad enough let alone the fluoride. Water in not supposed to taste or smell like anything, here it does, shouldn't that be enough to tell you not to drink it?


posted on Oct, 28 2010 @ 06:46 PM
Great thread.
Jim Marrs goes on in his new book to talk about how Congress new the dangers of it but were getting kickbacks from the Aluminum manufacturers to dispose it that way since it was cheaper then doing it themselves. It disgust me that we allow ourselves to walk around letting these things happen. Then I remember... Fluoride has been in the water supply of major cities for 30 plus years. We do not care... goal achieved Congress

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 10:58 PM
Great thread, this hasnt come to light enough.
There recently was a quick broadcast about flurodating waters in australia and its dangers, but thats the last i ever heard about it on mainstream media.


It is now known - thanks to the meticulous research of Dr. Jennifer Luke from the University of Surrey in England - that the pineal gland is the primary target of fluoride accumulation within the body

The pineal gland has long thought to be where the collective conciousness recides in a human being (according to spiritual teachers) and it is where spiritual learning and the like takes place.
You can easily conclude that what we are bombarded with today is like a war for our minds, making people give in to materialism and making it exceedingly difficult to advance spiritually.
So fluroride in the water could also be another attack on our "conciousness" not just our minds.
Just an interesting thought to ponder

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 03:58 PM

Dr. Russell Blaylock M.D. is a retired neurosurgeon and author whose trailblazing research has tirelessly documented the fact that there is an epidemic of neurological disorders in the western world which are directly connected to toxins in our environment, and how this relates to the larger global eugenics program behind population reduction. In this fascinating interview, Blaylock reveals how depopulation programs forged by the Rockefeller foundation in association with the Nazis were the basis of modern day incarnations of eugenics like fluoride poisoning and vaccinations.

Blaylock explains how the eugenics movement began in America through Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie funding and what originated as The Science of Man project, which was an effort to socially engineer humanity to weed out those deemed "undesirable" to the elite. Rockefeller funding via major universities then bankrolled eugenics programs for the next several years, information about which was gleaned and exchanged with the Nazis in Hitler's Germany. Once eugenics had attracted the negative connotations of racial superiority and genocide, the pseudo-science was reborn under the umbrella of molecular biology and DNA.

The goal is to alter behavior by chemically changing the way in which the brain functions. One of the primary methods through which this is achieved is by fluoridating water and food supplies. Blaylock explains how fluoride opportunists seized upon falls in dental cavities, which were occurring naturally as a result of increased calcium intake and better diets in the west, to claim that mass fluoridation was the answer, while burying a plethora of studies that proved adding fluoride to water did not reduce cavities at all and in fact in several instances increased dental cavities.

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 05:36 PM
Very well planned post. Flouridation of the water systems is a major problem but not the only...... keep in mind most water treatment facilities treat the water just before it leaves the facility in a contact basin with large amounts of Chlorine, then de-chlorinate it with Sulfur Dioxide which is just as toxic. The final chlorine residual is quite a bit less than what it was in the contact basin but none the less, still detrimental. Unfortunately, the state will say that the final effluent is safe for consumption but remember that the basis for what is "safe" is quite skewed. To my knowledge, a long term study that is conducted to show the effects of these chemical processes on the human body haven't and most likely will not ever be taken seriously. I myself, along with other people near the field, question why flouride, chlorine, and sulfur dioxide are being used since their are better treatments, such as UV disinfection, Reverse Osmosis, etc....

Each plant carries what we call a MSDS book which shows the properties, warnings, and usages for specific chemicals. Flourine ( Sodium Flouride ) is incredibly toxic and is known to cause bone density loss, and death when consumed at a large enough level. With that being said, Sodium Flouride is a by product in which once the substance enters the body, it will not leave. It leaches on to Pineal gland, organs, bone, and muscle tissue. Certain heavy metal detoxs can help remove the substance but if you are continually taking something in quicker than you are ridding out then the battle is a losing one at that. Remember as well, water supplies typically carry a negligeable amount of Flouride, so this process is a slow one at that. That is why there is typically no sudden deaths from the stuff when being consumed.

There are many more problems with our water supply. As pharmaceuticals continue to become more prevelent, a new problem arises. Currently, most wastewater treatment facilities are not equipped to treat the drugs that are passed through our collection lines either from the manufacturer or everyday people that expell it through their waste. The coating on the outside of the pharmaceutical are not digestable since it is synthetic. You might as well eat a tinker toy. Since the drug doesnt break down all the way in the body, it is expelled, and sent down the collection line. it enters the plant and breaks down a little more but not completely since most plants dont treat for pharmaceuticals and from there enter the streams where the drugs continue to break down and release. Studies are finding that fish near the outfall of wastewater treatment plants are now carrying both male and female parts. ( Birth Control pills are the typical cause )

Keep up the good work.

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 11:46 AM
Heres a website i found. Notice how it says, if swallowed, contact a posion control center. They seem to think, thats attributed to sodium hypochloride. drano basically* as opposed to fluoride*
thats VERY interesting..the memeber here who says his ex gf's father worked for the water place in the city,a nd said fluoride moves calcium around, and ends up in the teeth, and how toxic it is! wonder what he also knows, about its effects on the brain, penial gland, and the rest of the human structure!

posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 12:29 AM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Excellent info about Flouride. S & F for you.

Flouride is toxic and sinister.

take care people

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