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Sunday morning dog vrs pig fight!

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posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 07:00 AM
What a sunday morning I had yesterday. I was walking my 2 dogs, 2 staffordshire bull terrier cross dogs. On my walk, there's a pathway, used by walkers and cyclists and anyone who wants to use it. Just off the pathway is a field, it has 2 horses, about 8 pigs in 2 pens and some chickens. Well, as i was walking towards it, i heard the pigs kicking off. Not unusual i thought at the time, as they make loads of noise when they get fed and stuff. I carry on as normal, and 2 ladies come up to me and ask me if I have a dog missing. Nope, my 2 are with me, playing happily. (as they normally are) they go on to say that a staffy is in attacking the pigs, hence all the commotion.

Oh balls, thinks I. These ladies obviously can't do much, one of them is at the fence shouting and throwing stones at the dog, but it was having no effect. So I get some poor jogger bloke to hold my dogs (they would have pulled the old ladies over no problem) , and dive through the fence. This dog has one of the pigs and ain't letting go. It was covered in blood and mud, and another pig is doing its best to help (bless it!) I manage to get through the hedge and over the fence, and grab the dog by the harness that it has on. I shoved my free hand round its bottom jaw, and stick my fingers into the cheeks, forcing her mouth open. I guided the dog to the fence, trying to avoid pigs (and getting bit by pigs, they can be nasty if they want to be) and pick the dog up, and hand her to the bloke who has my 2. I got back over the fence and get my 2 away from this dog, incase she started on them. The guy who still has the dogs, turns out to be petrified of dogs, god love him, he manned up and held on till I came back. He was close to tears when I took this blood soaked staffy off him.

As I was about to phone the number on her collar/harness, the owner came round the corner. She was in total shock, as most dog owners would be. Luckily she was an honest dog owner and went to the people who rent the field out to report what happened. Leaving me, soaking iin pigs blood and mud, to wonder what the hell just happened!! I was hungover to the nines and not in the fit shape to be doing heroics. One thing I guess I learnt, is that no matter how doog you think your dog is, it's still a dog, and will attack an animal if it gets the chance. It doesn't matter that it was a Staff, it could be any dog. Shook me right up, I can tell ya! Now I have bruises and scratches all over me, and I think the pig had to be destroyed. Poor thing, it was lovely. It had an extra ear.

lesson learnt, even my dogs, who seem to like the pigs could do that. (they give them kisses through the fence) I hope I've brought somehing good, from a very full on horrible situaltion. I shall be on guard from now on.


posted on Apr, 6 2011 @ 06:55 AM
just a little update. I saw the lady who owns the pigs yesterday. I did save the piggy. He had to have between 40-50 stitches. But he's good to go, and has farthered 6 little bacon sandwitches. (which my dogs want to eat)

Happy ending to a bit of a mad story.

posted on Apr, 6 2011 @ 07:35 AM
Crazy story man. Kudos to the dude who was afraid of the dogs for "manning up" as you said and even more to you for saving the pigs bacon.................... Man that was a bad joke, but yeah I like bacon so any less of it in the world and I would be a sad, sad man.

That is All


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