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Fate: 10 Years of "prophecy"

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posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 01:35 AM
It is with great personal interest that I share my experience with the ATS community and get some insight on my situation as well as maybe share simliar experiences.

I will warn you that this might be a rather long OP, however the context in which I present it is extremely important to the end and I urge you to read it entirely in order to respond properly.

The Current:

I had just recently celbrated my 31st birthday on August 19th of last week. As some of you might know I have also been fighting the Michigan State Unemployment job hunting situation as well as working as a full time 3D Game Art Student and planning for my wedding on September 18th of next month and a new baby (My/Our First) due on/around March 15th of 2011. For the last couple weeks I have managed to find some side work repairing Recreational Vehicles for a local small buisness, but only 3 days a week, and it is a very temporary position, mostly a phone call each day IF they need me. My current situation is rather bleak, I am currently on my second UE extention which will only last for about another two months at best. I have ZERO job prospects and no money left in the bank to move out of state, or into a cheaper place of residence within the state. Needless to say I am in a rather delicate and difficult situation on how to care for my future wife and my future family.

To understand my situation in more depth I must give you a background that will shed some serious light and consequences on my current situation. My brother's wife, my sister-in-law is psychic. She has seen spirits since she was a child and she is amazingly accurate with Tarot cards and personal readings. I have had my own personal experiences with spirits and I am an absolute believer in Ghosts in some way, shape or form. I have had experiences that haven not resulted in visual confirmation, but audio and telekenetic. (Moving objects)

The Past:

About ten years ago now, maybe a little more I was a rather reclusive 21 year old, not real smooth with the ladies and I was still working at random places for decent money, each successive job stepping me up a bit on the paystub. I had no real goals for the future, no female interests at the time and I didn't know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, so having had experiences with the paranormal and having heard of the accuracy of my sister-in-law's readings I decided I would give it a shot. I am extremely skeptical however and this might have clouded my mind slightly in the beginning.

I decided that since I had nothing to lose that I would go ahead and have her give me a tarot card reading. She used a ?five card? style reading I believe that listed my past, present, future as well as outliers for my lifeline. Her reading of me was rather far fetched and seemed like a world away from what I was really concerned about. My initial concentration question was about relationships, as with most young men. What followed however was rather shocking.

The Reading:

Her reading was about 25% descriptive of my personality, 25% descriptive of my question at the time and 50% of future events. If I remember correctly she said something about the nature of the women I would meet and that for one reason or another they would not last. For the future she stated VERY SPECIFICALLY that either when I'm 30, or in my early 30's I would settle down and eventually have two children.

The "Prophecy"

For the last ten years I had forgotten all about her reading. I have strived to suceed in various endevors which have resulted in my paycheck getting slightly larger than in previous employment, but nothing that would put me in a comfortable class of living. I enjoyed myself, endulged in reckless spending and generally had a blast doing various different hobbies. I moved to a small town outside of Grand Rapids, MI. about five or six years ago now to where I met my soon-to-be wife. The most intersting part of this relationship is that I was just friends with her at the time because she worked at the local pizza shop and I saw her when I stopped in to eat. She was engaged to someone at the time and I respected that, so I did not even consider feelings for her and kept my relationship strictly plutonic with her. Upon some major issues in their engagement, she turned to me for help and guidance. I, being the outsider told her that she needed to follow her heart and do what she thought was right. In the end, she broke the relationship off with him, and about a week later I asked her to help me pick up a car I bought out of town and that is when she started pursuing me. Fast forward, she got me.

If you are still reading up to this point then you will begin to understand what I am going to tell you next.


When I found out that I was going to be a father a few weeks ago, my sister-in-laws reading didn't click in my head as a memory yet. It was my experience at the RV repair shop on Wed., the day before my birthday that really shook my world and everything in it. I experienced the strangest case of Deja Vu that I couldn't explain. I walked up to the corner of a trailer to work on some electrical wiring on a marker light and the two other shop guys were carrying on a conversation. I wasn't paying attention until he said something about his brother or cousin making a movie for a low budget studio. It was at that exact moment that I kew exactly how the conversation was going to play out. I stopped in my tracks and I waiting in eerie anticipation as each subsequent sentence for the next 15-20 seconds was played out in detail. I couldn't explain how I knew what they were going to say, I normall just chalk it up to a possible dream simliarity or maybe a movie I saw that was simliar. However this situation was so unique and shocking that I actually stopped their conversation in mid sentence and finished what he was going to say.

I shook it off as a very creepy experience until about an hour later, still thinking about the Deja Vu when I recalled something my sister-in-law said was her definition of Deja Vu.

She said that spiritually, Deja Vu is your "Spirit Guide's way of telling you that you are on the right track and doing what you are supposed to be doing.

Having thought of that statement, the event itself, worries for the wedding and thoughts on the baby I remembered the special reading that she gave me in my living room over ten years ago. I remember most of it and how stand-offish I was about the whole thing.



Taking into account my tarot reading, my wedding at 31, my future child early next year, my unemployment and my current work on a bachelor's degree; is it really likely that I am truely tied to one course of action throughout my entire life?

This is not a line of thinking that I take lightly, nor is it something that I really care for because it implies that I have lost all control over my life. However I also know that the evidence (although circumstancial for you ATS'ers) is so overwhelming that this is the only logical explanation.

My sister-in-law also has a spiritual opinion on the afterlife that might play into my "fate" and the life that humans lead. Her opinion on the afterlife is that when we die, we choose how our life plays out and we re-incarnate until we learn the lessons in life that we need to know in order to ascend to a greater spiritual conciousness.

This either implies that I can't control my life and that everything I do ultimately ends up in the same place, or that I should trust myself and just go with it, trying to learn along the way?

I hope you have made it this far as this is a very deeply seating personal experience for me and not something that I share very candidly. What are your thoughts on the matter, and do you have any of your own that might guide me in the future?


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posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 01:46 AM
If the tarot reader is sincere, and the subject is specific, I have found the Tarot to be accurate. However, I have seen others use other mediums and be just as accurate. Psychometry seems to be terrifically spot-on.
Is it fate? Are our lives mapped out?
None of us is sure of this, as far as I know.
I think it is more that the reader can temporarily see or "tune-in to" your past and future, not that your past and future are on any particularly delineated map.
It is the reader IMO who sees what will be, not something else that is causing your future to be so.
Be happy, and if you have had a particularly accurate reading, you might want to check your own gifts. You might be able to do the same thing for your self and others.
I wish you peace.

posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 01:54 AM
I have had some strange abilities in the past, but at best they would be considered "parlor tricks."

I used to focus my mind on sensing the energy from certain cards within a new deck of playing cards and split the deck straight to them. I did this multiple times with a deck that wasn't mine, never opened and shuffled out of my sight by at least a half dozen people. I could feel tingles in the tip of my finger as a ran my finger over the deck and I would cut straight to the card, or at least within two cards of it.

This is about as close as I get to being psychic myself I think. I have tried meditation and lucid dreaming in an attempt to contact my spirit guide, however I just have not put in the effort and consistancy to really make it happen.

This last week has really been frightening, or at least eye-opening. If she gave me a reading last week and something happened I might be inclined to think that maybe I passively or subconciously had something to do with it out of need for it to be true, but 10 years later?

She is attending the wedding, so rest assured I will try and get her to give me another, only this time I will pay far more attention to it.

I just can't seem to grasp the concept that what was predicted has transpired in almost the exact year she stated. Technically I was 30 when we got engaged, and also when I found out I was going to be a father; just as she stated.

So what kind of implications does this have on any future events?


posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 03:53 AM

Originally posted by Kingalbrect79
I have had some strange abilities in the past, but at best they would be considered "parlor tricks."

I used to focus my mind on sensing the energy from certain cards within a new deck of playing cards and split the deck straight to them. I did this multiple times with a deck that wasn't mine, never opened and shuffled out of my sight by at least a half dozen people. I could feel tingles in the tip of my finger as a ran my finger over the deck and I would cut straight to the card, or at least within two cards of it.

This is about as close as I get to being psychic myself I think. I have tried meditation and lucid dreaming in an attempt to contact my spirit guide, however I just have not put in the effort and consistency to really make it happen.

This last week has really been frightening, or at least eye-opening. If she gave me a reading last week and something happened I might be inclined to think that maybe I passively or subconsciously had something to do with it out of need for it to be true, but 10 years later?

She is attending the wedding, so rest assured I will try and get her to give me another, only this time I will pay far more attention to it.

I just can't seem to grasp the concept that what was predicted has transpired in almost the exact year she stated. Technically I was 30 when we got engaged, and also when I found out I was going to be a father; just as she stated.

So what kind of implications does this have on any future events?


Hi King,

What i will tell you is what I know from personal experience of Tarot cards. but, let me first say this.

Prophecy, doesn't necessarily have to be specifically tied to a certain time, i.e when the savior was prophesied to ride on the back of an young ass, no one could be able to tell who that was since EVERYONE pretty much rode an on ass back in Jerusalem and even now still do. Thus this wasn't a sure fire way to point to the savior; however, reading other prophesies and ancient text 'might' have provided a clearer picture.

However, if someone 'predicts' a certain situation & time when a certain thing will happen in your life, if they are a true prophet and have your best interest in their heart (that won't lead you down a dark path of criminal intent) which eventually will lead you to deeper spiritual relationship with God, it will be to do just that. Heighten your spiritual awareness to understand that there's a purpose in your life you need to follow.

As for the Tarot cards, yes, I was deeply into reading them; actually I had 10 decks, each one was different, mostly because I wanted to see which one was the easiest to understand just by studying the writings on them and reading 1 well written manual which you could reference as you read the layouts.

As I was at the kitchen table with them, my then wife, asked me if I was able to give her a reading since I was fairly new at it. I said, I would try and not to take my reading to literal. I choose the Celtic Cross layout and what came up was the death card. I wasn't to shocked about this but she seemed to be. I told her that this could be interpreted as an end to something and a start of something new, NOT literal Death itself, but, it might.

What I saw in the cards was a not so close friend of hers with red hair might have a accident (Death card) but, due to my newness of understanding the cards, it was hard to tell how serious the accident was. As we tried to think of who the heck my wife knew that had red hair? We sat there probably 20 mins and couldn't think of anyone that fit that description.

6 months pass, as we are were now divorced, and as I was sitting at her parents house to talk to her about picking up the girls, she came in sobbing and said.. Shelly (more of a neighbor than friend) and her younger boy were hit head on by a reckless driver which was passing on a corner in her lane; they were killed instantly.

As she looked up at me, she said. "Shelly had red hair and that's what you told me while we were at the table reading the cards.. remember?"

I felt a cold chill go down my spine and I burned all 10 decks that day when i went home.

As I wasn't walking with the Lord back then, and almost did it mockingly to see if any of it was real, and what I found out was more than I bargained for. I don't believe there is any good in Tarot Cards, in my personal opinion, and now realize that it's more witchcraft than anything else.

Through the years, I've asked myself, "why did these events happen" was it to warn Shelly, or to make a point to me that the forces behind the cards was real??

I've also come to realize that I don't need to know what ahead of me, since my life is securely in my Father's hands and at peace to take whatever comes my way.

But, I caution you, to tread lightly with these readings. Also, when I was reading part of this post and when I came to

She is attending the wedding, so rest assured I will try and get her to give me another, only this time I will pay far more attention to it.

I felt I needed to tell you that you might not want to ask her for a reading at that time. I don't feel there's any good in it and it's not the time for that, it's time to celebrate, there will be time later. Feel free to U2U me should you have any questions..

Congrats on the wedding and becoming a Father.

posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 07:16 AM
even if readers are spot on...nothing is written in in ones life are aviodable, available and seem to have attained a very good timeline that was available...good luck!!

posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 08:35 AM
18 years ago I went to see a Psychic called Anne who lived not far from me at the time in Knutsford, Cheshire. We had never met and I was new to the town, staying nearby where I worked. I had an excellent job with an excellent company, going places as they say. Work / life ratio was exciting and there was always new things to do, people to meet and places to be. A 21 year olds dream.

She too described my personal traits which were spot on (no date of birth asked so not based on horoscopes) and described the way I feeling at the time (all good and generally very happy and content) but said that I was extremely worried about one thing in particular, something that I had done that had happened out of the blue and that I was worried about the outcome. She said (I didn’t say anything to her about it) that it had involved my driving and it was my fault. Well # the bed, I was gobsmacked. I had, a week earlier driven in the back of another vehicle and yes, it wasn’t his fault but mine (well, my mate’s actually but I’ll take the hit). Anyway she said that my day in court would be serious and that I’d get a whopper of a fine but no custodial sentence and not to worry and she knew I’d be a lot more careful from now on. I got a £500 quid fine and 4 penalty points (a lot for then) but no ban or jail time.

Next she discussed my future and saw very strongly that I would be on the move very soon to work in S.A. It was around late August/early September when I had this reading and she told me categorically that although life was good for me at the present time that I would be working in S.A. by the end of December. I suggested that she meant South Africa and she said maybe but S.A. is all she’s getting right now. The general overview was that this would be very good for me and that it would be another building block in my personal and professional development. I asked what else was in store for me and she said that after S.A. I would be living somewhere similar to England but overseas. Definitely overseas. She saw me with more than 3 children and living somewhere very influential for horses and that one of my children would be outstanding in that area.

On December 12th of that year, I left my brilliant job at Nuclear Electric and I started my 18 month contract working for Raytheon in Saudi Arabia.
After that contract was complete I moved to Ireland, eventually buying a house on the Curragh in Kildare, around the corner from the racecourse and the training gallops.
I have 4 children, my eldest is a keen rider.

posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 08:39 AM
reply to post by Komodo

I can respect your beliefs and your experiences, however I must note up front that I am atheist and religion is not an influence in my situation. I do beleive in the spiritual world and because of personal experiences and previous contact with my spirit guide (However limited), I do not see anything I am doing or have been doing as witchcraft or "of the devil."

The reaction you felt in regards to your reading was completely natural. Anytime someone delves into the spirit world and comes out with information that eventually comes to pass it is a frightening concept at first. However it isn't always malicious. In my personal opinion, I believe that I have the capability and spiritual energy to do my own readings, but because of my lack of interpretive skills with the cards, like yourself, and my own personal internal bias towards the answers, I would not give an accurate result or a positive one for that matter. It is interesting that you found death on the first run through, in more cases than I can count, friends of mine have done it and nothing malicious has happened to them, nor has their ability to pull a winning lottery ticket!

As for the reading near the wedding, I also don't see anything malicious in this because my fiancee wants to have it done too. Nothing is wrong with wanting to know what might happen in the future, it is perfectly normal to be curious. It is also perfectly normal to worry about the safety and security of your family and to have someone else tell you that everything will be ok. It is a different matter when you force actions in your life with the sole purpose of making a reading come true; self fulfilling prophecy.

But like I said, you are entitled to your opinion and belief system and I will not question your decision to follow that line of thinking, more power to you. But in this case I feel that shying away from the subject is nothing more than a control mechanism that organized theism is designed to crush. But that is a different kind of thread.

reply to post by jazabel51

That is what I thought initially, like I said before, if it was a week or a month I would be inclined to think the same. But for such a long time to pass and then all of these situations happening in a relatively short time period? Without giving too many details I will say that my fiancee has a female family member related medical condition that makes it difficult to have children, or relations at all. I am perfectly accepting of this and it has made us stronger as a couple by not basing our relationship on sex alone. However that is where the "suprise pregnancy" comes in. We are more than careful and take more than enough precautions because we wanted to wait a bit longer until I am out of school.

The first thing my mother said when we told her, and that we didn't know exactly when or how, she said that if it was meant to happen, then it was going to happen. Which in this case just adds a small sliver to the puzzle.

I had a palm reading done by another friend of mine in high school in 1996, and interestingly enough parts of that are also coming to fruition along a parallel to my tarot reading. This is what makes me so intrigued about the concept of fate or the idea that our life is pre-planned.

What are your thoughts on my sister-in-laws opinion that our spirits plan our next life and that the choices we make are already our own?

This is a rather wild concept, but worth looking at now, at least to me.


posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 08:49 AM
reply to post by Mez353

That's an awesome story, much like the way in which I had mine done except the psychic in question is now related to my family through marriage.

Seeing that the reading that you had eventually came to pass in much the way that was predicted, does this make you feel like you are just following a path and that your life is already pre-determined?

This is exactly how I look at it, my reading is coming to fruition right now and I am aware of it as it it happening. The concept of a pre-determined fate is not really something I am happy about, but I also take the bad with the good. I consider myself lucky to having not had major injury, illness or impairment up to this point in my life.

How do you look at your life now that you have had everything pass just as it was determined? Does that make you uneasy or comforted?

I don't know how many people might be out there who have had this happen because of all the newer members here and the younger age group joining, but for us 30 something or older crowd, how does it affect you?

Thanks for sharing, I always wanted to visit Ireland.


posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 09:52 AM
Well King, I suppose because of the reading it’s often been on my mind and to be honest I would love to see Anne again, in fact I often yearn for it. Of course there has been a lot of water under the bridge in the past 18 years but to be so accurate over the short term and longer term (reading regarding the 4 kids and the horses) blows my mind. I’d love to have a reading from her again but I’m not even sure how to contact her. I was introduced to her by my best friend who had a reading from her that he said was spot on, he in turn was introduced by his girlfriend and she was so blown away by the following: Her Granddad left her a painting in his will. She recently moved to her new place and hadn’t put it up yet. Anne, the psychic, told her that during the reading she was getting some kind of intrusion from someone who was worried about something and needed to tell her that she really needs to put the picture on the wall as he’s afraid she’s going to damage it leaving it at the bottom of the stairs.

To answer your question, yes I do feel that my life is pre-determined and that we all know anyway what we have agreed will be our life before we incarnate, we just don’t remember when we get here. We make an agreement to pursue a particular life so that we learn something significant from the experience of it. Like your sis in law says, déjà vu is a check box to let us know we are on track. The psychic reader tunes into this ‘contract’ if you like. Ask her if this fits in with her impression of it, I think it may be close.

How do I look on my life now? Well, I believe that not everything was told to me in that reading, only what she could pick up on at that time and I don’t even think that these are the only ‘stand out’ events either or my life will be pretty uneventful. So I suppose I look on it, my life that is, as a journey where I am looking for hints as I go along (such as déjà vu moments or other surreal thoughts and feelings that I get). Sometimes I get them but still cannot piece together the meaning or even work out why I had them or what purpose they serve. Other’s are smack in the face intuitions and I know instantly what they mean and how to use them, especially when meeting people for the first time. So do I feel comforted or uneasy, mmm. I think neither or a mixture of both, it’s such a difficult question to answer. And then there’s life’s curveball that always mixes things up a bit to keep things interesting.

I know that I want to do something really creative, I just don’t know what it is yet. I am gravitating towards writing (it’s often something that I think about) but I’m still unsure as most of the time I can’t string a sentence together vocally to efficiently get my point across. Maybe writing would help as I’d have more time to think and correct any errors or deficiencies eh?

I have the same amount of disillusionment in my life as everyone else does I suppose, coupled with some sadness and sporadic moments of happiness, but I think that we all have that as life isn’t easy. Let’s keep in touch and I’ll let you know how I get on, if anything else surfaces that maybe I forgot about or if something evolves in your life I’d love to hear about it. And yes, keep up with the readings, you obviously have found somebody who can tune into your ‘contract’. Don’t be afraid of anything though, don’t be downhearted and remember that life is all about relationships with the world. Have strong ones and you’ll be a pleasure to be around.

posted on Aug, 24 2010 @ 10:49 PM
It's interesting that you have had such a similar explanation given to you regarding the re-incarnation portion of the reading. I have attended certain events where I have felt so at home that everything in my current life is absolutely meaningless until I leave. I have had the distinct feeling that I have lived in certain time periods before and that I have lived certain lives, although a past life reading is something I would love to do to help explore my current personality.

I am a very calm person as of right now, but in the beginning I was a typical red head with a fierce temper. I wonder if my anger was part of the goal for my life?

Have you come across any specific instances where you have been able to contact your spirit guide or are you just living it as you go with the memory of the one reading like I am?

I have some serious issues right now and although I don't want anyone to tell me the answer to what is going to happen, I would like to know that everything will turn out ok. If not then at least I can prepare for whatever may come so that I can deal with it in a more effective manner should that time arise.


posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 03:20 AM
Regression intrigues me too, I’d love a session. I do feel sometimes I am guided. I had a few instances where something told me to back off a lot when driving and around the next bend is a major hazard, things like that. Also, I am very intuitive and I think that this is because I trust my own intuition and maybe by doing this it kinda ‘grows’.

posted on Sep, 24 2010 @ 03:04 AM
Hi King, just to ‘top up’ some info. My daughter is now taking riding instruction from a local lady who won at Hickstead in the UK the other week and has won a few major events in Ireland this year. She’s pretty much top of her game and says that my daughter is blowing her away at the moment with how well she’s progressing. So what the psychic Anne said about one of my kids doing well in the field of horse riding is on the right lines I think.

posted on Sep, 24 2010 @ 03:15 AM
reply to post by Kingalbrect79

.. I think you need to find the meaning of truth .. and the truth within you ... you are on the right track .. in the now.. and should make sure of your next decisions ..for life changes in a flash .. and there are always a choice to make .. and yes it is a 50/50 outcome on that choice and.. if the last one was wrong then you get my point... Bless You and Yours.. my you find peace and happiness within ... shall continue .. and change shall always come.. and with change comes the new beginning .. and we all shall see it .. together..

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posted on Nov, 15 2010 @ 03:03 PM
Hey King, any developments?

posted on Nov, 15 2010 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by Mez353

Interesting you brought up this post. I read through the whole original post and something bothered me about it. After I was done I realized what it was. The story is the OP got a reading from his sister in law, about 10 years ago, he met his wife just a few years ago. Where / when did he make the connection that he married the sister of a psychic he saw so many years ago?????

I have a tough time believing this story. I also don't believe in fate, I think we can live our life in our own choosing.

I hope the OP answers you back, would like to hear myself more of his "story"

posted on Nov, 15 2010 @ 03:49 PM
I wasn't thinking of it in that way I was actually asking if anything has happened in King's life. Do you hve to be a cynic to interact in a post?

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by amc621

I'm sorry for my absence on this thread, I tend to delete them on my recent subscribed threads because I think that there is nothing more that I can add and then they just simply go away. However I was doing some things on my profile and I forgot I posted this so I thought I would revisit.

For you I might have to clarify some things. First off, I didn't marry the sister of a psychic. My brother married my now sister-in-law who is psychic. I have always known her to be psychic because I have heard stories of her paranormal experiences dating all the way back since she was five years old.

Having said that, I have had readings from her before but they were usually realating to inconsequential topics of interest at the time such as a job, money, material crap, etc. With each prediction I would usually forget about what she stated to me until it happened, then I would make the connection. I dont' hang on her every word nor do I write down dates and times in order to dis-prove her. She has shown herself to be correct to me many times as well as being correct with readings on my now wife, my mother, my brother, her family and her friends as well. If I could I would get a long list of people to post their contributions to this thread, but they just aren't interested in the nature of this site like I am.

I'm sorry that I can't absolutely prove to you what I am stating happened, I only state my experiences and ask questions about what could be the possible motives/intentions behind such events.

Mez 353:

I have been through a very rough time in the last six months. My unemployment ran out, our slum lord of a landlord woman refused to fix major issues wrong with the house we were staying in and instead chose to try and evict us because we refused to pay rent until the issues were addressed. This of course is illegal and we are expecting a lawsuit any time now for it. As of three weeks ago I finally found a job, not the best, but it's employment and I can begin to bring home money to support my now family.

My son is about six weeks old and my wife is expecting to return to work tommorow or tuesday to help pay the bills we are a month behind on.

Interesting side note however. We found a fantastic place to live where the landlords are amazing and are extremely lenient to our situation and helpful at the drop of a hat. Just before we recieved the illegal "eviction notice" from the landlord at the previous house I was at my wits end trying to figure out what I was supposed to do. I called her up, (her name is Jennifer if I din't mention it already) and asked her what she sees me doing within the next few months. She had to take a couple of days to meditate on it (she has stopped doing most readings at this point, although she still can do it...I don't know why), and what she told me was interesting, although slightly different.

She still to this day says that we are going to have two children, one a boy and I think the other a girl, I don't remember exactly unless I ask her again. However her prediction for me before we moved was that we would most likely be staying in a smaller place, possibly an apartment and I wouldn't be able to move forward until I started to let go of material things.

This is interesting because I have collected so much stuff over the last ten years alone that I could fill two houses and three garages. I love to have projects, especially automotive projects, and at one time I had at least 6-8 vehicles at home. I can remember two oldsmobile muscle cars, two vintage chevy trucks from the 70's, two honda civics (a daily driver and a dirt track car) as well as go karts and other hobby stuff, not to mention my show truck and work car. I have since gotten rid of almost everything I can't take with me easily and I have sacrificed everything I have wanted to do because I know I have to, not because I need to. I have condensed a 50x60' shop into a 10'x12' shed. Engines, tools, truck parts, etc. are all condensed into this little area. Suprisingly enough I actually feel better about it because there is less stress of worrying about it.

Now while this most likely could be brushed off as coincidental and her just "knowing how I am", I will reserve judgement on this until later in the year or next year when I recieve the acknowledgement or dismissal of the last part of her prediction for last year.

I am scheduled to graduate college (if I can keep up now with the baby) by early 2012. I asked her about how my career and school would be after graduating. She told me outright that it was going to be extremely tough and that it would take a long time before I would secure employment in my field. She told me that I was going to have to fight for everything I get and it was not going to be easy.

The only problem I have with this is that I know she's being honest, but if you look at this reading from an outside perspective, it looks more like cold reading or general knowledge than actual honest answers. Well, I ended up moving into a smaller place, a single wide trailer that is a third of the size of the house I was in.

What really freaks me out is that the week that I lost my unemployment and all of my extensions ran out, we were a month behind I was getting ready to go to bed and I was thinking/talking to myself and I asked "what am I going to do?"

The very next morning I got a call from the temp agency saying that they had four positions oppen immediately to work the next day and they wanted to offer me one of the positions. What makes this intruiging is that it was in a field that I have little to no experience in and that I flat out told the employment agency that I wasn't really interested in.

Yet I got the call when I needed it, and I took it because I had to. Strange. Was it fate again or my spirit guide answering my questions through some spiritual influence?

I don't know. Some possible coincidental events, or maybe pre-concieved events. What do you think?


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