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Your congress is NOT HAVING employement

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posted on Aug, 22 2010 @ 03:31 PM
You think a body which makes a lot of laws that discourage ppl in becoming employers which could create jobs, is not an utter abomination causing desolation?

Desolation in the future developement of a civilization.

You think congress is not the heart of the globe, since the U.S. is an influence throughout the globe?

Congress is a wicked heart. Congress is the abomination of desolation.

In the name of order, how far are you willing to go?

If way too much order is what is putting a STOP on employment, then will they come to their senses and SEE where the root of the problem is, since after all they PREACH THEY ARE FOR job growth/creation?

Hypocrites are half-ass. They will preach one thing but mean another.

Send your kid to college when you've been watching the news more than I have? Are you BLIND? Your kids can not work if they can not find an employer to work for. Since employment is at a STOP, it means you are wasting them saved bucks for your kid's college. You'd do better to STOP forcing your kid to BUY that college is the WAY you'd support them only when they are newly adult, when that era is NO LONGER.

But like I said somewhere, no one can see this because ppl are by far droids designed for bringing hells into the entire globe.

You might as well call this place the U.S. since the ppl inner here are half-ass in why they wont even call this place United States of America in full, with honor or patriot pride. So why would terrorist not seek hitting congress on 9-11, when congress is the source of anybody's supposed problem throughout the globe? If your country is occupied by the U.S., then how can you not see congress appoved the very order for that to be the case? You are dealing with many driods designed for making this place hells, particularly against a half-ass, living being amongst which I call Satan.

It's time for exiting congress. As in, GET RID of it in all ways. But droids would not but ever PROTECT that crap for a heart which continuously pumps outwardly abominable desolation, depending on if life on earth would even go on for ever.


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