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Total amount of energy is like bandwith.

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posted on Aug, 22 2010 @ 05:07 AM
I will try to keep this thought brief, but I have a endless wave of thoughts, insights, epiphanies, theories and philosphies on different things but I usually just keep them to myself and not share them with people, but lately this month I been having them pretty regularly, especially regarding music, I may post a blurb about music under this current theory.

Now imagine this the universe that we can see, the total matter inside of it takes up a very small percentage of the actual total universe, dark matter, dark energy, non luminous and luminous matter you can see here the estimated percentages of the total universe:

Now if we are living on the tip of the ice berg and everything we cant see is the larger part of the iceberg, and we are on the smallest bit.

I view god as a machine or factory that keeps everything working and in balance, there is no emotion involved just perfect harmony and balance with everything, there is no difference between destruction and creation, or good and evil, you can't have one without the other.

I believe the things we experience in the physical are a result of dna moving to all parts of the universe and trying to become life whereever it can.

Now my thought is on this, if we view death as an ocean of energy when your dead you can more easily see that you are no longer a individual you are one. When you incarnate on the planet you are like a drop of rain breaking away from the ocean going up into a cloud and being rained out onto the earth.

Now I think all knowledge and wisdom is just known when your dead and that there are many places to goto, and different duties to be peformed if you are able to retain your self awareness and individually which I think can only be achieved from working your hardest in each experience you have to keep from being mixed back into oneness or thrown back into the grinder, just as a sun dies it explodes and creates new life elsewhere in a endless cycle.

So I think after one of the first lives you live or the first many you gotta work your way up from a low level energy being and you start becoming aware in life and after life, it takes thousands to millions of life times to start to full develop grow your energy to become your own.

I think the larger being you become in energy the different task you can take on, many will never make it passed being a ghost, or living in the heaven of their religions choice.

But heres the though, your energy is like bandwith, with internet you can have a few different programs running taking up bandwith eventually if your uploading, streaming doing whatever your going to run out.

When we are living this life we may also be living multiple other lives some lives such as a bird doesn't take up that much universal energy and spiritual energy so we can multitask and fuel many life experiences from all different perspectives. The human life I think takes up alot of this energy, and its possible to live more then one human life and a multiple of creations, even trees and plants, a tree is like a master monk meditating through all conditions for years. As goes for all things that live very long lives a very slow and long life.

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