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Autism rates - US & Military

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posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 10:40 PM
The commercial was about supporting military families with autistic children. Good cause, I'll check it out. I don't support our military anymore. I come from a LONG line of Military who were REAL Military. I support our troops and would do anything for them & their families. BUT the ones in charge? My Grandfather - WW1 expeditionary force & WW2 Colonel field artillery, teacher & Commandant at VMI - would have taken them to the woodshed & thrashed the daylights out of them.

1 in 88 is the military rate for autism.
The military did not appear to care about these children until lots of pressure came to bear upon them and they are still not doing much. Pretty much about how much they care about their soldiers.
Then I said to myself "self, what is the US rate for autism?"
1 percent of the population of children in the U.S. ages 3-17 have an autism spectrum disorder.
Prevalence is estimated at 1 in 110 births.
1 to 1.5 million Americans live with an autism spectrum disorder.
Fastest-growing developmental disability; 1,148% growth rate.
10 - 17 % annual growth.
$60 billion annual cost.
60% of costs are in adult services.
Cost of lifelong care can be reduced by 2/3 with early diagnosis and intervention.
In 10 years, the annual cost will be $200-400 billion.
1 percent of the adult population of the United Kingdom have an autism spectrum disorder.
The cost of autism over the lifespan is 3.2 million dollars per person.

1 in 88 for military, 1 in 110 for regular people.
No wonder the US military wants to ignore the situation.
That is a LOT of money they would have to shell out that could go to MUCH BETTER resources (their opinion - not mine). Also that is an interesting range in statistics that was quickly looked up and used. Is the military doing something to their troops to have them get a higher % of kids with problems?

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 11:56 PM
The Art of War states that to subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme
of skill. What better way to subdue the enemy than to burden them with the care of the infirm?

You and I are the enemy, and we are being quietly subdued--those
preoccupied with personal matters have no heart, nor time, for a fight.
We are being provided for and made dependent on the state. Our
enemy is clever, and subtle, and ruthless. In time our masters will slowly
win their war of power over us by attrition. And one day we will wake up
slaves to the state, and wonder how it happened.

posted on Aug, 22 2010 @ 12:50 AM
what changes we got peopele who gave dey life up da same neva sompare wwI or 2 lives our lives who controls answear me dat and tell me dat the lives lost arent lives lost

posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 05:40 PM
I read this article too and was shocked to see the statistics. 1 in 88 children are born with autism and I call this an epidemic.

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