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The world is a Dream

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posted on Jun, 20 2004 @ 01:10 PM
I have thinking about something recently concerning the nature of reality.
Do any of you remember the movie "The Never Ending Story"?
A classic movie by Wolfgang Peterson which came out in 1983 I believe. Anyway, the premise of the movies was that this child gets this book and reads it, only to discover that the story is a "real" reality, and by reading it he is part of it. He is connected to it through his imagination and he affects the flow of events in realtime. The charchters in the story only know their own world and reality, and are not aware of the fact that they are being "generated" and exist by the power of 3 things:

1: The child's imagination
2: The child's emotions (spirit)
3: The guidelines for their reality set by the original author of the book.

Their world is much like the worlds we create in our minds when we dream and imagine.

What I got from the premise of the movie and from further research into Lucid Dreaming and Lucid Dream Practices of the Tibetans and other Cultures, is that OUR reality is a dream too. We just don't know it.

As far as a "conspiracy" spin on it:

What if at some point in time a group of individuals discovered that they are actually "dream charachters" in a dreamworld, much like the worlds they dream? Wouldn't it better for your group (if you are power hungry) to keep the rest of the dream charachters asleep and through controlled media outlets feed them the "suggestions" or ideas you wish them to accept as a belief and through their own volition collectively generate the world and events as you would like?

What if there is more than ONE group of individuals who know the truth and are just as powerhungry as the first? Now you have a battle for the minds of the rest of the sleepers.

Just my little idea. Tell me whatcha think?

Happy Da Da Day to all dads!

posted on Jun, 20 2004 @ 01:47 PM
This might help to explain why physicist can only find "emptiness" the deeper they probe into matter. It's all an illusion or surface, and the true reality is emotion, or vibration: Nada Brahma. Synchronicity and all the other paranormal and indeed normal things we experience (normal=1-12 grade school programmming of acceptable laws of reality) are controlled by our desire, imaginations, and waking to the fact that we are dream charachters (programs if you want to use a Matrix term, or the 13th Floor theme) and only we become Lucid in a dream and make it a practice will we see the powers of our birthright.

Any ideas?

posted on Jun, 20 2004 @ 02:49 PM
Wow... great thing somebody finally thought about posting on that matter!
I think I've been to lazy to do so...

As matter on fact I'm actually writing a book that's related to that theme in some ways, so I feel quite concerned about it... but that's all I can tell you about that unfortunately.

The very fact that we make dreams -whose reason is still a mystery to science and to most of us, but too mysterious for surrealists and Freudian theorists- might be one of the biggest evidences that we also are in a dream, thus leading us to the idea that death might not exist at all... but would be only the end of our sleep. Instead of dying, we just wake up from the strange dream that is this life. I found that idea in the ancient japanese book of the "Bushido" (the Way of the Samurai), but I'm pretty sure that there are some western or middle-eastern philosophers that elaborated on the concept at some point in history -yet before the surrealists-, but I still have'nt found it. As far as I know, the best way to know a little more about this is to go read some André Breton and the Surrealist Manisfesto. I know that Descartes gave way the idea that life may be a dream (if you are because you think that you are, then that means dreams are not less real than reality is, as you are just as much conscious of existing during REM phase of dreaminbg that you are when awake), but he never really did got further on it... well I have"nt read everything from him, but it does'nt seems so...

Just as some of us -well I don't know about you but that happens to me frequently- have dreams that are so elaborated that they "dream inside dreams", that they wake up form dreams, while they are still inside the dream world!!!

Another important evidence is -and it has some relation to Descartes`s paradigm- that there are no ways to prove the VALIDITY of what our senses perceive, and more precisely of what our perception makes up for us, as well as there are no ways to prove to ourselves that it is more real than what we perceive during dreams, aside from having the knowledge to wake up from dreams. But does the single knowledge of waking up makes dreams less realistic? How does it? Well the very fact that we can wake up from dreams INSIDE of dreams could lead us to the evidence that only to awknowledge waking up from a dream does`nt make things more real; and, well when each of us will die we will have the proof anyway, but I don't think I' reading to make the jump to prove it...

I also think that there would very well be a conspiracy from some elite group to keep people into the "dreamworld" (that sounds a lot "Matrix"-like, does'nt it? :lol
. All they would have to do, after all, is to create an elaborated system of control (which could be embodied by the government, science, religion, the mass media, and corporate authority) whose essential purpose is to blind people from the truth, to just don't even think of the possibility that this life might be fake. Not really to control their thoughs directly -it would be too much expensive and complicated to set up a mass control system such as sophisticated, to my opinion-, but to "condition" people into believing in a particular conception of both their personal existence and "Life" in a more global way. Isn't it what the medias are doing everyday, after all... propaganda? Of course, here it`s POLITICAL propaganda that they do, but what if this would only be a level of propaganda, that`s hiding an whole deeper and larger propaganda... about existence itself? And then the justice system and the economy would be there to keep people on the "right track", and to put aside, temporarly or permanently, the people who don't fit well with the whole pattern, but putting them to jail of lowering their material conditions. That would be somekind of spiritual war rather than a conspiracy... where the masses would be obviously the losing party..

Anyway, it's very fun to only think about such a philosophical -and yet spiritual- problem. And I guess I'm not done with my theory... still has some stuff to learn and discover.

If you've got any links to any piece of knowledge about that, I'd be very interested that you post it, or send it to me, just for fun.

I guess that the freemason members of the Really Above Top Secret branch might possibly know of a few things on that matter too!


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