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Music in News and Film, who's paying the piper?

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posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 03:40 PM
I'm wondering if this is true for other countries besides the UK. Back in the Analogue Age when I was.....younger than what I am today......and only 4 terrestrial TV channels vomitted their issue into living-rooms, all news bulletins were accompanied by what the British comedian Bill Bailey describes as War Music. Those habitual, orchestral fanfares replete with urgent strings and kettle-drums for gravitas; not forgetting the obligatory gong punctuating each headline. This was 'shut up and put your knife and fork down' music, for all intents and purposes.

However, since 'News' media now share the waves with a multitude of competing dreck in the Digital Age, apparently the music becomes less bellicose; more genial and polite; like an advertisement for the Tourist Board. But you've only got to go to the cimena to find out where 'News' Music is being put to use now. Any film marketed for mass appeal under the 'block-buster' soubriquet will affect its spell on the sheeple by grace of this tool. You name 'em. When true film art comes along and transcends all of the above, that's when we're being given 'News'. Check out P. T. Anderson's 'There Will Be Blood' with its score by Johnny Greenwood, which serves us by serving the film the film, as perfect example of how to bust blocks with art as opposed to 'entertainment'. Al Gore and Micheal Moore should weep in their wallets.

So propaganda still serves itself of orchestral arrangements for its gravitas. What's new? Nothing I suppose. Just be aware and wish a criticla mind for our kids. They already know The News is The Ruse. But how many will get up instead and - I don't know - go and learn a different language; how to purify water?

Anyway, the News is on so I'm finished.

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