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Looking for an alternative theory on the most terrifying inicent I've ever experienced

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posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 10:23 AM
reply to post by DrJay1975

Dr Jay, Thank you for this thread! I have experience many paranormal happenings myself. And yes, I have felt the pressure too.

As for the xanax, it well known that many herbs were/are used to induce vision states by loosening our hold on the conscious mind. Maybe the xanax had a similar effect. It allowed you to experience something that normally you would not have seen.

The odd thing about me finding this thread this morning is your description of the "veil" (my word).

There was something wrong with what I was seeing. It appeared 2 dimensial. Then there was a ripple not unlike you'd see on the surface of water if you dropped a small stone in it. Something began to materialize.

Last night as I was falling asleep I wondered about "veils" in our world. A place where things pass in and put of visibility (I had been reading about North American apes). In my minds eye I envisioned a "veil" exactly how you described it. When I read your description of what happened, I got chills.

Thanks again for sharing, I looked forward to learning more about your experiences!

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 11:38 AM
Hey there DrJay,

I know exactly what you mean about the 'pressure' I have felt it myself on numerous occasions when paranormal activity has been present.

I also agree with the other posters who have been inclined to think that your experience was one of paranormal origin ... as opposed to a medication induced hypnogogic state ... and I am swayed to this decision for the same reasons ... your dogs ... and your your young son.

Had the experience been hallucinagenic then your dogs would not have reacted and your son would not have asked if the 'monster' was still in the room ...

As for the picture that you took ... it certainly doesn't look like an effect caused by the light and shade of the blind ... and of course you already said that there were others in the house who witnessed this ... that in itself suggests (if this is the same entity that you encountered previously) that it was not a hallucinatory experience.

I'm useless with technology but is there any way to enlarge and sharpen this image ? It would be great to get a closer look.

BTW ... I sent the image to one of my W.I.S.P.S girls ... without any info about the situation or any details about where it had come from and asked her what she thought ... her reply ... 'it looks alien' !


posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 01:08 PM
The neat thing about that picture is that earlier when I described the white covering appearing to blow on it disappated the same way. Like ashes blowing in the wind.

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 01:33 PM
Get off the xanax bro...maybe you're having a reaction to them.
I stopped taking melatonin cause of some trippy sh*t that was happening to me.

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 02:37 PM
I stopped reading after about the first ten posts. If your dogs freaked out and chased after something and your three year old saw something, how can that be from a pill you took? Were your dogs and son drugged too? This thing was paranormal and evil. I've had similar experiences. It caused me to have a deeper faith in Jesus Christ. It is HIS name that has power over all that evil. I had to use it myself to get rid of some evil entity. I am reading a book right now about five people who were demon possessed. It is some wicked stuff and it's real.

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by Oreyeon

Tylenol 3 and Vicodine can cause you to stop breathing at night. So the next two nights, I did not take Vicodine, and since I was already terrified beyond belief, I took melatonin to help me sleep. Not an issue, either night. Then the third night, I took a Vicodine. An hour after laying down, still having not fell asleep, the irrational fear set in. The room felt electric, and I was not able to move. I did not sleep that whole night either. I stopped taking the Vicodine, and it hasn't happened since. While I didn't see any figures, I am almost 100% positive that the Vicodine did this to me, and on top of that, I need to mention that I take 1mg Xanax before bed every night. So, it could be the Xanax, and for me, the Vicodine just triggered the reaction.

Vicodin is one of the medications that doctors had prescribed to me for my migraine headaches. On several occasions when I had to take them, I experienced the same same type of situations you have described. I don't know what it is in the medication that causes this, but what you're saying is true. I haven't taken any prescription medications of any kind in over five years and it's experiences like you have described that have made me apprehensive about going to the doctors for any reason unless it's an emergency. These pills have effects that many want to deny exist.

However, I don't know that one Xanax pill taken as prescribed on a regular basis without any previous similar occurrences can be attributed to this very intense experience by the OP.

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 03:53 PM
Psychology is my means of employment. And I am aware of the potential hallucenagenic capacity of xanax. But the fact theat ther ewas other interaction and a subsequent photograph several days later makes me discount the hynogogic hallucination theory unless there is a random mass psychosis running rampant through my home.

posted on Aug, 31 2010 @ 04:26 PM
had similar experience... sort of.

I woke up at approximately 3 AM (yes i know, I was watching the exorcism of emily rose the night before... so maybe it was a coincidence or I woke up at this time b/c of the movie)... anyway,

I woke up and couldn't move. I felt like I was being held down and there was this noise in my ears like rushing wind, but extremely fast... scared the hell out of me. My bed faces the door way, and I felt dread looking in that direction as though something was there that I couldn't see and any moment it would walk through the dark door way. I saw my gf laying next to me and was trying to scream for help but couldn't move anything at all. I closed my eyes and asked god to stop this, nothing happened, your gonna laugh at this b/c it is lame but I then asked my dog who had died a few weeks prior (was an awesome golden retriever... still miss him, best friend) to help and voila... the pressure was gone and the noise no more. I covered my head with the sheets and curled up to my gf like a little wuss.... haha...

I can't explain it, but like I said I had never experienced that before... it scared the **** out of me. Has never happened again since.

posted on Oct, 4 2010 @ 01:22 AM
I have never awoken from sleep paralyzed and experienced an entity slowly manifest into reality and begin moving around my house, that is not sleep paralysis in the way I understand it.

In a journey I had last night, I witnessed the multidimensional layers that make up a human being, theres a lot, and I have the feeling anything residing within any of those layers can interact with us on some level and we might not be able to perceive them in any way shape or form, save for feeling.

What can we do against such reckless hate? Ride out and meet them.

Cheesy LOTR line, but its all I got.



posted on Oct, 4 2010 @ 01:46 AM
reply to post by porky1981

I had a similar sleep paralysis experience. There was a sound almost like wind rushing or really high pitched singing. A being appeared about 5 ft down from my feet next to my bed. It was radiating golden energy and my legs felt like they started to rise up, although I couldnt move any parts of my body. I was at our summer cabin and my brother, his wife and their child slept in the next room. My parents slept upstairs. I was trying to scream as hard as I could and could only produce a whimper, I couldn't move any parts of my body. After what seemed like a long time my feet "fell" back on to the bed even thought they didn't lift off in the first place, the pressure ceased and the being left. I could move after about 3 minutes.

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 07:31 AM
reply to post by DrJay1975

i went to reply to you about a month ago and was BLOCKED by a SPIRITUAL distraction for whatever reasons i dont claim to understand,,,,what happened took about 3 or so hours of my day that specific day witch took place right after i read your thread post,,,,,lol, dont worry im not complaining, it was my choice,,,,,when i read your description i began to recall my simalar past time experienced witch RELATED/CORRESPONDED to your detailed multy pixeled description,,,,,,,,the recalls then began interacting with my subconcious and concious at the same time and as i was trying my best to create a reply for you i had to make a choice wether to COMPLETE it or FOLLOW the SPIRITUAL AWARENESS that HALLUCINATED into my EXTERNALLY and INTERNALLY witnessed reality,,,,,,i may have saved the document i was working on at the time, im not sure as once i choose to keep following it i went on a ride through the memory corridors of my mind for the next 3 hours

in this HALLUCINATION i witnessed AWARENESS that i dont claim to be TRUE or UNTRUE, REAL or HALLUCINATION, RIGHT or WRONG, GOOD or BAD,,,all i claim is that the way i EXPRESS it is how i EXPERIENCED it on this day,,,,,,WITCH was via the EYEs of a DARK SPIRIT that POSSESSED me with my BLESSING and CHOICE of FREEWILL,,,,,,let me state what the DARK SPIRIT i encountered that day reflected to me as close to accurate as potentially possible ,,,,,,it reflected me VISIONs in PIXELs STREAMs that created a ONGOING conciousness within me witch i could use to CONNECT to all my PAST TIME memory files,,,,this DARK SPIRIT helped communicate to ME by somehow using my OWN memory files to help me understand what it was showing me,,,,the combination of its images and my past time memorys created a VISION for me that allowed me to witness for thousands of years when all human individuals have JUDGED DARK SPIRITs as EVIL in TRUTH of REALITY all the human individuals are JUDGING themselves as EVIL and DARK,,,,,,,,like i said i dont claim its RIGHT or WRONG etc,,,,,its what i witnessed clearly in a moment of time,,,,,made sense at the time the memorys im recalling right now allow me to feel clearly,,,,wether that means anything i have no clue,,,,,,,,,

so because i cant be sure what i experienced is TRUE or UNTRUE i will from this POINT in my POST forward go on BLIND FAITH that EVERYTHING i CLAIM is PERFECTLY RIGHT not because it IS,,,,,,,because it is the PATH of LEAST RESISTENCE to EXPRESS a CLOSE to ACCURATE TRANLATION from what i witnessed on that day etc,,,

the thread starter mentioned it came out of nothing,,,,,,this is because it came out of the SUB-ATOMIC-PLANE of the INVISIBLY SMALL,,,,,(continued below the triple bracket doohicky)

((( now i cant help but to say im not completely COMFY using the word "INVISIBLE" because the word creates far too many POTENTIAL MISPERCEPTION POINTs for ONEs mind to TRAVEL, however if ONE chooses not to QUOTE me to ACCURATELY, as well if ONE ALLOWs me alot of LATITUDE in what ONE FIRST percieves im saying with SPECIFIC words such as INVISIBLE,,,,,well if ONE can do that then they will have a CHANCE to REVERSE COURSE at the POINT that they create a DENIAL of the REALITY within these words. only by REVERSING ONEs COURSE and GUIDING their THOUGHTs back to the POINT whereby the DENIAL first occoured. Once at this POINT all ONE has to do then is LOCATE the """WORD""" whereby the MIS-AWARENESS occoured and created ONEs DENIAL of REALITY and then ONE just has to CREATE the ACCURATE AWARENESS of what i in REALITY really DESCRIBING,,,before i close this BRACKET and continue from the POINT FLOW in time BEFORE this BRACKET one reading these words should be aware i have no formal schooling and am a self taught dyslexic that struggles with spell checks as i cant accurately guess the correct spellings in short enough time periods without becoming overly distracted with CONFUSION,,,,,,one should be aware of this as occasionally i can type like i really know what im describing so well that the next moment when i type something WACKED it is simply because im RECALLING from MEMORIEs delivered to my conciousness at essentially the speed THOUGHT ENERGY travels at,,,,therefore MOST TIMEs when these STREAMs of RECALLs are DELIVERED to me they ARRIVE most times out of SEQUENCE to how i will choose to ORDER them into this TRANSLATION,,,sorry for the excessively long point, however it is meant to save US FUTURE TIME,,,,,the way it is intended to save US time is because MANY times when i state something WACKED when translating spiritual experiences ((or other, lol,) it is because i have simply CONFUSED myself and the one reading by REPERCIEVING a BUNCH of RELATED VISIONs into the INCORRECT TIME SEQUENCEs that they accurately occoured within,,,,if i or anyone creates this careless error in tranlastion it will many times create a POTENTIAL MULTYPOINTs to CREATE MISPERCEPTIONs from,,,,,it is then from all of these collective many points that ONE can create enough MENTAL THOUGHT STRUCTURE whereby they BELIEVE that i (or anyone, me in this specific case, lol) have created translations that are in TRUTH FALSE REALITYs of DELUSIONAL MISPERCEPTIONs,,,,,of course many times they will be right,,,,,while at the same time many times they will only be right because the methodology of the way i sequenced the tranlations was DISORDERED that all these FALSE REALITYs could be CREATED,,,,,therefore many times all that has to be done to REPAIR this situation is to REPAIR the DISORDERED WORD SEQUENCEs and MANY times all the false realites DISSAPPEAR,,,,,however most of us cant be bothered always doing that for other individuals because it is a massive amount of mental exercise and quite frankly we can only multytask so many awarenesses conciously at anyone time with out making glaring misfocus of some degree,,,anyways thats not important, let me BACKTRACK by ENDING this BRACKET to create it into its own INDIVIDUAL BUBBLE of BRACKETUAL AWARENESS so that we can then ZOOM back up to above this BRACKET, REPICK up the THOUGHT STREAM of the paragraph right before this bracket and then use the MENTAL MOMENTUM to LEAP FROG over this TRIPLE BRACKETED bubble and CONTINUE forward upon the PREVIOUS FLOW,,,,)))

,,,,,,,(continued from above the triple bracket),,,,,,,,,,yes it came out of NOTHING as it came out of the world of the UN-NATURALLY small,,,,well that is the way humans percieve it,,, UN-NATURAL,,,however that is simply because it does not make SENSE to humans how excessively SMALL demensions can CONDENSE,,,,,from splitting the TINY ATOM is RELEASED the POWER is excessive,,,all of this ENERGY is RELEASED as TIME and SPACE within that ATOM begin to EXPAND at a sequentially exponentially ever increasing rate of EXPANSE,,,,,so FAST does this RATE rapidly become that the EXPANTION travels from the PLANEs of the invisible beyonds of the SUB-ATOMic realms until it GROWs so MASSIVE it ONE in the EXTERNAL PLANEs of CONCIOUS awarenes of REALITY on EARTH would witness its effects,,,,,,,,if witnessed too close they would be incinerated of course,,,,,,,,,,THE POINT being that ALOT comes out of seemingly NOTHING,,,,,,,,,i am not PREACHING to anyone CURRENTLY,,,,,im RECALLING past time memorys of how alot can come out of nothing via the human perception of "NOTHING",,,,,,,,,,,,what comes out of NOTHING isnt just what comes out when humans split an ATOM,,,,,ENERGY is CONSTANTLY radiating externally into the EARTH PLANE of REALITY coming from with the atom etc,,,,,,,,,this ENERGY can be witnessed and SENSED by many of the individual humans in the FORMs of LIGHT ENERGY,,,,,,,a CLEAR SHINING EXAMPLE of a MASSIVE amount of CONTINUOUSLY RELEASING LIGHT ENERGY would be planet earths sun,,,,,,,,,,,however there is ANOTHER form of ENERGY that also is RELEASED from BEYOND the sub-atomic planes of reality that is and has always been surrounding us just as the LIGHT ENERGY surrounds us,,,,,,,however this energy and its matter reflect no LIGHT and thus they are apparently in some strange way INVISIBLE and UNWITNESSABLE to the human eyes on the external earth plane,,,,,,,,,,,CURRENTLY,,,,,,,,,,,nature designed life to evolve to a point whereby a AWARNESS of the FULL NATUREs of both DARK ENERGY/MATTER and LIGHT ENERGY/MATTER truthful REALITIEs,,,,,,,,somewhere eons of centuries ago (ie:not quite sure, feels long) human conciousness created a COMPLEX THOUGHT PATTERN,,,,,,,one could for simplicity if not for accuracy refer to it as a THOUGHT PROGRAM,,,,,,,,,,the WORDs only mean to point to the image that created the feelings within ONE,,,,,,,,,therefore this THOUGHT PROGRAM that created within the human conciousness LONG WHILE back created a ROUTE via the PATH of LEAST RESISTENCE that FORMED a RIFT-POINT (link-point? it is a POINT of CONTROL,,,,the CONTROL of ONEs concious and subconcious thought streams,,,,,,,it is a POINT that CONTROLs the LINK between these TWO human perceptions,,,,,,,this THOUGHT PROGRAM created a PATH of LEAST RESISTENCE for ONEs THOUGHTs created from DENIAL of the TRUTHFUL FELT EFFECTs of DARK ENERGY/MATTER,,,,,the TRUTHFUL FELT EFFECTs that are everywhere around and within us at any and all times,,,,,,,the EFFECTs that as a collective the human conciousness created a way to DENY in REALITY EXISTs within EACH of US,,,,,,,,,,as WE choose as a society to KEEP DENYING we FEEL and WITNESS its TRUTHFUL effects. WE all allow it the FREEDOM to keep SURVIVING CONCEALED within the MASSIVE MATRIX of DENIAL that this THOUGHT PROGRAM began from BEFORE the point in time whereby the HUMAN TRANSLATIONs of NATUREs TRUE REALITYs began to be IMPRINTED into WORDs creating STORIEs intentionally CONCEALING the TRUTH of our NATURE within the DENIALs of the BIBLEs,,,,,,,the STORIEs that SOLD the PECEPTION that DARK was BAD/EVIL,,,,,,,,the PERCEPTION that LIGHT was GOOD/GODLY,,,,,,,,,,the DARKNESS that the bibles choose to deny are TRUTHFUL FEELINGs regarding the """TERROR""" that we feel DEEP within,,,,,,these TRUTHFUL FEELINGs long ago had so MUCH CONTROL over our THOUGHT FLOWs that TERROR was JUDGED to be SLOWING down the EVOLOSION of NATUREs unfoldings,,,,,,,,a THOUGHT PROGRAM was thus CREATED that ALLOWED the subconcious and concious to CUT a SIDE DEAL whereby ONEs subconcious and ones concious would ALLOW a THIRD PARTY (the thought program is the THIRD PARTY i refer to) DENY that ONE was TRULY EXPERIENCING "FEAR/TERROR/DISCOMFORT/ANXEITY" (all same, just different volumes of dark energy that is creating and recreating within ONE faster than ONE can STOP it from creating and recreating within ONE) ,,,,,,,,,,,

DENY it not just to OTHERs that were thinking they felt something WEIRD but DENYING it to their own CONCIOUS selfs even when they were aware they felt something WEIRD within them RIGHT BEFORE they DENIED it

the THOUGHT PROGRAM uses the ENERGY from the DENIAL to OVER-RIDE the AWARENESS of the FORCE of NATURE that is CREATING the TRUTHFUL FEELINGs that we have for thousands of YEARs been INTENTIONALLY using to CREATE extra FREE WILL by SAVING ourselves a MASSIVE amount of internal MULTYTASKING by INTENTIONALLY denying the REACTION of TERROR by STOPPING it from REACTING within the concious MIND before it actually BEGAN,,,,,,,,,,,,the THOUGHT PROGRAM does this simply by looking at the FRONT of the THOUGHT STREAM and if the TERROR REACTION begins before it can COMPLETE itself it DENIES the REST of the REQUIRED SEQUENCE needed to create the TERROR and SENDs the REST of this SEQUENCE down a DARK MEMORY chamber within each of our minds,,,,,,

(dont forget im just relaying what the dark energy thingy said, i barely pay attention most times),,,,,the THOUGHT PROGRAM HELPED guide awareness by EXCELLERATING it in PAST TIME to bring it to its current POINT in time whereby the human collective created so many awarenesses they created a massive society that sent humans to the earths moon and back etc,,,,,thereby fufilling one of natures design to SEEK AWARENESS of TRUTHFUL REALITY from as far and wide as possible ,,,,,,,,,,,,there is ONE way to take ADVANTAGE of this AWARENESS EXCELLERATION within the human PAST and that is by STOPPING it in our future time,,,,thereby stopping it in our CURRENT TIME (when its STOPPED),,,,the ONE way to STOP it is by STOPPING the THOUGHT PROGRAM that STARTED it in the FIRST PLACE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

however there is ONE PROBLEM,,,,,,,the THOUGHT PROGRAM does not DESIRE to be STOPPED,,,,,,this THOUGHT PROGRAM is created from the PATTERNs that HUMANITY is EVIL,,,,,,,,,,this THOUGHT PROGRAM became SENTIENT a long time ago,,,,,this SENTIENT AWARENESS exists not just within one individual human,,,,it exists and travels in and out of all humans constantly and continuously,,,,this SENTIENT AWARENESS has gone ROGUE and perceives itself as a INDIVIDUAL BEING,,,,,,,,,,it operates under the ORDER that it PROTECTs humanity from itself,,,,,,,,,,,,it completed its JOB,,,,,,,,now it needs to be STOPPED however it can ONLY be STOPPED using a SPECIFIC CODE that exists of 50% negative energy keys and 50% positive energy keys,,,,,,,,,,only if all of both energy keys are used at the exact same time can this THOUGHT PROGRAM be STOPPED,,,,,,,,,,it will have to BE STOPPED fairly soon,,,,,,,for if too much more time continues to go be it will grow so MASSIVE it will choose to PROTECT HUMANITY from itself by DESTROYING humanity,,,,,,,,makes more SENSE then most are at this current time willing to deal with,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,time is ticking down to this point,,,,,,,,,,i have no clue when this point is,,,i simply feel that it is approaching,,,that could be half million years for all i know,,,,,,,DARK ENERGY PROGRAMs and LIGHT ENERGY PROGRAMs are collaborating together and are attempting to DEAL with this THOUGHT PROGRAM,,,,,,,,,,,what the THREAD POSTER experienced was ONE of these DARK ENERGY PROGRAMs creating itself into his CONCIOUSNESS,,,,,,it uses the POINTs of NATUREs survival instincts for ONE to protect their OFFSPRING , MATE, family, self, etc as a MEANs to NAVAGATE a PATHWAY into your human conciousness,,,,,,,,,,

THIS is NOT a BAD THING,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

i percieve it as a BAD THING everytime it happens,,,,,,,at ONE POINT in time i will DENY it by LOOKING away in TERROR,,,,,,,,,when i can resist looking away in terror i become aware that it is NOT EVIL and instead has AWARENESS of how to HELP STOP this THOUGHT PROGRAM,,,,,,,i cant remember the rest right now,,,,it has something to do with DARK ENERGY having the CONCEALED info of HOW to STOP the THOUGHT PROGRAM except it can NOT get this CONCEALED INFO to the LIGHT ENERGY as the THOUGHT PROGRAM denys the majority of the TRUTHFUL FLOW of DARK ENERGYs INFO,,,,,,i know that sounds wacked thats why i been sitting around doing nothing about it,,,,its PARALIZING even thinking about how to take hallucinations like these remotely seriously,,,,,,,,yeah so to complete the lunicy if the dark energy cant get the rest of its KEYs to the light energy in time so they can both use them at same time to STOP the THOUGHT PROGRAM,

as i said i believe it mostly as bull# as it is the path of least resistence rather than taking the uncomfortable steps (not always uncomfy) of attempting to CONFRONT and DEAL with it

thats the kind of thinking that can overwhelm ones conciousness in a hurry

posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 01:50 AM
Hi there, I could not read your dream story without responding to it, It gave me chills just thinking about it.
I have had a similar experience 3 times now over a period of 15yrs. Its usually the same type of horrific petrified feeling which is very real while I am awake just before I fall asleep or awakened by the fear alone as a presence is coming to towards me. The second time it happened , I was just going to have an afternoon nap in my condo I was alone and my bedroom had a lot of daylight as it was a beautiful summer day and my curtains were open. I was laying down for aprox 5 min when all of a sudden I felt this terror and new it was coming from just around the corner ,my bedroom door was left open a bit and I was on my side facing a wall when I briefly lifted my head up and turned toward the door to see what was there, I got so scared this was not a ordinary fear it was a petrifying fear . As the presence got closer I could feel the fear getting so much worse , I tried to look again but I was paralyzed with me facing the wall as if it did not want me to see it, I know it stood beside me I could feel it. Then I heard someone making noise in the pool just behind my window and it was gone but the fear was still with me I got up and called a friend and went out for coffee to talk about it.
(the 3rd time) I was sleeping beside my wife when I was awakened by fear , this presence did not want me to see it as it was coming up the stairs to my bedroom its presence was so strong I knew exactly where it was and every step it took closer to me the fear got stronger until I could not even budge,In my mind I said to myself omg not again I really thought it was going to do something to me this time, I tried to call out to my wife who was right beside me but my voice was paralyzed, I tried to move my hands but they also were paralyzed, my whole body was paralyzed but awake. This presence what ever it was has visited me three times and has left me with a fear that it will come back, one might laugh but let me tell you it is so scary and very real and I do not want it to come back again. Just to note since the last episode which was 2 yrs ago I got a dog which sleeps at the end of my bed on the floor and I have not had anything like that happen yet and also I believe if you look it up one of the major channels had a special investigative report on this as many people have been having the same type of experiences with this presence and its terror.

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