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Prison dorms for people on welfare thats up to 70 million possible people

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posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 07:01 PM
Quoting Jessica: “So, it's okay to do drugs and eat junk food if you're not on welfare? It's okay to have negative qualities only if you have the higher social status?”

***I’m not advocating eliminating free will. Actually yes, the rich can eat all the junk they want as long as they pay for it. ANd many of them are killing themselves with alcohol & drugs. They also have money to pay their own medical bills.

Do you agree that the chronically poor, who are not well educated on nutrition are likely to eat a lot of poor quality food because it is cheap? Diet affects mental performance, therefore feeding them properly and giving them a good general education, including the matter of nutrition would be of general beneit to everyone.

Yes, I know food in general is not up to the old fashioned standard. Organic isn’t that great either. They are using those amino acid fungicides and fertilizers on them. People sensitive to glutamate can suffer the effects the same as if they had consumed MSG.

As to segregating the people in these camps….that might be a good idea for some of them. If enforced it would prevent the young girls from getting pregnant, and the boys could be better able to focus on their studies and/or work training.

Sorry about your not being able to find a job. It’s a good thing I’m retired, as my profession (real estate related) is dead. The law business is very slow, you can name a time and date for Dr. & Dentist appointments. The parking lot at the Veterinarian’s office is usually empty. People are pawning their electronics….

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 07:47 PM
yea welcome to reality it is nice to finly see alest a few people who dont go around beating there chest saying how great they are and how much of lousers people who have lost every thing are.
The thing is these argent people are argent because thye are afraid of it happening to them.
yea we all hear how great yoy are have never needed anyones help and are no burdon to any one.
Just DONT ever get really sick bub Dont ever have any kind of accident taht keeps you on your back for 6 months .
and If any thing like this does happen DONT take money from mom or dad your nothing but a bumb who is a druged out louser.
You see It can happen to you NO matter how high up you THINK you are.
one bad thing and 6 months later you louse it all .
O but i know your probly marred so can live off your wife i am sure .
like i said all i can say is pray if you believe taht it never happens because the odds are NOT in your faver .
thye could close that bussiness Today.

posted on Aug, 28 2010 @ 08:45 PM

Originally posted by xxcalbier
Ok well here it is reeducation centers .
ok we are tired of poor people lets use the old prisons and house them there and use the old guards to teach them well what ever we want .
wow this reads right out of 1940ds in Germany .
well soon it will be you to they will reeducate after all you come here underemployed without the skills nessery to keep this from happing to you.
and here i thought the NWO people were nuts

[edit on 21-8-2010 by xxcalbier]

You need to look further back in history than 1940's Germany for an adequate parallel...try Victorian Britain in the 1800's with the workhouse for the destitute and poor

Welcome to the US 'free trade zone' workshops, where once these jobs were off-shored to 3rd world nations to produce consumer goods for the US retail market, those jobs are now coming back to the US, where labour laws and fair pay, healthcare, and pensions are the preserve of those who can afford to buy the cheaply made and overpriced branded products, whereas those who have fallen on hard times will have no choice but to make Nike trainers for $1 per hour

'Made in the USA' will be the new 'Made in China'

[edit on 28-8-2010 by citizen smith]

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