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Ramblings of the unemployed...

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posted on Oct, 2 2010 @ 02:00 AM

Originally posted by Shadowflux
I then got to a page that asked me for my Race and what language I spoke. I clicked "White" and "English" then Continue.

The whole test shut down and it told me to reapply in 6 months.

How is this not discrimination? I don't think they should even be allowed to ask about your race on a job application, why should it matter??

Affirmative action. You make things fair.

posted on Oct, 2 2010 @ 05:56 PM
reply to post by Key-Minder

I thought we all learned at a young age, that you are the only one responsible for your well being, nobody else as they are too busy being responsible for themselves.

The only true "help" you will ever get will have a catch, either through payment or some other reason.

Nobody really wants to help you, not even your family members, they are much too busy with themselves.


posted on Oct, 3 2010 @ 08:08 PM
Let me add to this thread. I got laid off couple of months ago. I was a successful store manager for a large retail chain. Successful meaning that I was with the company over 8 yeas and started it off as a part timer. Worked my way up. Once my store's lease was about to expire and the company decided to expand it with a different manager, I was screwed big time. Got put in a small store in some poor neighborhood. Not a bad neighborhood but with customers barely finished their high school educations, let alone college. My old store was in a up scale area and we frequently see celebrities. I was downgraded but making the salary of a high volume store. My district manager would come in once a week to this small store and tried to find # to use against me. He found some #, very minor and the company can easily overlook. He wanted to fire me and so he had his chance. Of course, I extorted the company also for some # my former manager did. I spoke to the HR and we came to a compromise. I was compensated for a lot more...... I still found it a sense of poetic justice in it. The reason why I was fire......that the same reason the HR has to compensate me for. Of course, I was denied of my bonus as well...looks like I have no legal grounds to get them.

I applied to couple of places, big famous electronic retailers. No replies. You may think that someone like me who has more than 6 years of management experiences and with proven records could get any retail sales management jobs easily. I could lower, and lower my standard and tried to get a management job at CVS or any of the large retail chain drug stores. I have been to these places. Negative energies everywhere. Far cry from what I used to do.

posted on Oct, 3 2010 @ 08:51 PM
OP gotta say, if your day to day conversations are anything like your post, I understand why people wouldn't want to spend much time around you... kind of a downer. I realize you're in a tough spot but these days, so is everyone else. When your family says that don't have enough to pay their bills and yours too, I'm sure that's the truth. I don't know anyone personally who has not been affected by unemployment, one way or another.

To those of you who quickly tell him/her to go find work... that's not as easy as it sounds. A lot of people are doing things for themselves they used to hire out to save some money. This in turn affects the sales of whatever services they were using but now aren't, so compeition for everything is tougher. Add to that all of the unemployed people that are already taking your advice and taking another piece of a smaller pie. Things really are tough all over.

I'm in an area that is supposedly not as hard hit as most but I see the damage. Granted, I work in the construction industry; particularly hard hit. With that said, I know (ex) construction superintendents that have been mowing lawns this summer to keep the cash flowing. Almost everyone I know has either been laid off, had hours cut, wages cut or some combination. Of course my family members have been impacted as well and when they're in trouble, I really can't help out because I've got less coming in than I'm accustomed to.

Not sure exactly what my point is here other than to tell those of you that haven't been directly impacted by the economic meltdown, the effects are very real and far reaching. Count your blessings.

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