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Godspeed to Iran, and congratulations.

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posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 01:57 PM
Definitely a great day indeed. USA and Israel can suck it.... The US thinks it is world police and they think they are responsible enough to use nuclear technology.... but to be honest I think US is the exact opposite... As WE did drop the first nuclear bombs in warfare..

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by humbleseeker

LOL! Vision from nuclear fallout, or newkyuler rather. Anyway, in a way, we are partly to blame since we installed the Shah back in the day and let them run a nuclear energy program. It's a shame that we can't trust individual strangers right off the bat, but it's just plain foolish to trust despotic nations!

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 02:00 PM
really now.... u believe this poll is real?

i see there is so much jealousy of the US that it spews over in threads like this. the OP is happy for Iran who still stones their people to death and who allow honor killings of women when they have done nothing, because he hates america. he's glad they are 'sticking it to the US and Israel' huh.

when i see this anti-american sentiment come out it puts a smile on my face. it just proves that people are still jealous of us, would never admit to that fact, but they are. i'm sure the OP wouldn't be so happy for Iran if he perceived Iran was 'sticking to some other country'.

so this thread, draws the flies in, you have the radical Muslim America haters and those who are just jealous that their country isn't as great as ours. then you also have the Nancy Pelosi liberal, no freakin clue how the world really works, hate American Americans... ohhh, those are my favorite.

and just to set the record straight. Iran has done nothing to 'stick it to America'. Iran will only have their reactor for as long as America allows it.
which may only be another 24 hours

Originally posted by I AM LEGION
Congrat's to Iran and Mr. Ahmadinejad for bringing Iran into a nuclear era. Most of all the Iranian people deserve this congratulations who steadfastly supported their government

Source - World Public (PDF file)

and steadfastly supported their nuclear right
Iranians’ Support for Nuclear Program Cuts Across Political Lines

Nuclear program a source of pride for Iranians

What more the recent polls also suggests the Arab countries support Iranian issue

Source - 2010 Arab Public Opinion Poll: Results of Arab Opinion Survey Conducted June 29-July 20, 2010

Which clears up few things:
No. 1: Iranians are not against nuclear program
No. 2: Majority of Iranians support their government inspite of few pockets of resistance from opposing political parties on social issues not related to nuclear program.
No. 3: Support for nuclear program is undivided among all Iranian political parties
No. 4: Other Arab nations see Iran's nuclear program in favorable light.

Which brings up the question, if Iranians support the nuclear program, if Arabs support the nuclear program then who actually is against it? Here you have you answers gentlemen!

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 02:09 PM
There was an even more interesting poll from Israel that showed much the same thing. Basically, that they have no problem with a nuclear Iran. I had a thread about both polls around here somewhere. Things that make you go hmmmm.

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posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 02:30 PM
i have a poll somewhere given to pollsters that shows 87% of all polls taken are manipulated

Originally posted by ~Lucidity
There was an even more interesting poll from Israel that showed much the same thing. Basically, that they have no problem with a nuclear Iran. I had a thread about both polls around here somewhere. Things that make you go hmmmm.

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posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 02:36 PM
Deny ignorance. This thread had shown more ignorance than any 10 of the I'm an alien sent here to help you understand the universe threads.

Fact 1-Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has threated all jews.

Fact 2-Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has threatened Christians

Fact 3-Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants to destroy Israel

Fact 4-Mahmoud Ahmadinejad thinks anyone who recognizes Israel should be destroyed

Fact 5- The Iranian government murders gays just for being gay

Fact 6-The Iranian government treats women as substandard human beings

Fact 7-The Iranian government murders women who cause harm to no one

Fact 8-The Iranian government has lynched numerous children

Fact 9-Imprisons people for being Christian

Fact 10- Iranian government says it will share nuclear technology with other arab countries

Fact 11-Most Muslims in Arab countries support terrorism, and these are the countries who will get the nuclear technology

Fact 12- Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is supported by more than 2/3rds of the Iranian people

Fact 13- Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Was one of the terrorists kidnappers involved with the hostage crisis 30 years ago.

Fact 14-Every year the Iranian government provides more than 1/2 a billion dollars to Hamas and Hezbollah, not counting the weapons

Fact 15-The Iranian government is the chief supplier of arms to several major terrorist groups

Why would you support a constant human rights violating leader who wants to wipe Israel off the map as well as kill anyone who supports them to have nuclear capabilities. And it isn't just the government, even Iranian originated polls show he has at least 60% of the country's support. Why does a country that murders women, children and gays with the support of the populace deserve nuclear capabilities? They don't.

You can say atta boy and good job all you want, but they still want you dead. Supporting Iran in any capacity is sheer stupidty. To the 35% of Iranian's who don't support the current regime, God bless you. You should leave now. Because the present leadership is going to get your families killed by funding terrorism and spewing racist, bigoted, globe threatening garbage while pursuing nuclear power.

Andgod forbid you try to speak out agianst anything going on there. You'll be hung or stoned just like the women and children they currently do that to.

The progressives always get in a tizzy saying the US violated UN this and UN that. But when Iran does it these same people say nothing. They have nothing to say about the secret plant at Qom.

Who in their right mind would want this substandard human being to have the potential for nuclear warheads? Seriously. Comparing stonings to the electric chair is moronic. Executing a murderer being compared to hanging a child or stoning someone to death for being gay isn't in the same ballpark. They hid a nuclear program for 18 years, they've tested a neutron inhibitor. They use punishments from the dark ages. They don't even believe all human beings are equal. Some have lower value than others, like muslims vs jews, women, christians, gays, etc...

Deny ignorance. If you want so badly to hate the US then jsut hate the US. But don't support a backwards, bigoted, racist, terrorist supporting nation getting the ability to eliminate those who they are pregudiced against.

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 02:38 PM

Originally posted by fordrew
Definitely a great day indeed. USA and Israel can suck it.... The US thinks it is world police and they think they are responsible enough to use nuclear technology.... but to be honest I think US is the exact opposite... As WE did drop the first nuclear bombs in warfare..

I know for a fact that we have never dropped a NUCLEAR BOMB on another country, we did drop atomic bombs in world war 2, but you have no business trying to apply some kind of retrospective morality to the fact that we dropped two ATOMIC bombs on Japan. They deserved it, we did the right thing and stopped, rather than decimate the enemy into oblivion. I'm so tired of hearing how the rest of the world doesnt need policing, you do, and you should be damn thankful we stepped in to crush the tyranny back in the 1940's. with japan following in hitlers footsteps what else do you naysayers proposed we had done. we were lucky the bomb wasnt dropped on us.

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 02:44 PM
Let's look at something here shall we. Iran is a backer of terrorist groups like Hizballah which they still support if not directly but indirectly. And they also support other groups such as Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, and Hamas. Yes I know the US does support terrorists in one way or another, but that is not what this is about its about Iran. After 1979 Iran Backed Hizballah in the bombing of theUS Embassy in Beirut in April of 1983 and also the marine barracks in October of 1983.

I am not saying that all Iranians are haters of the west, but there are those who do. And yes I know they aren't the only ones that have a hatred of the western culture. Really I hope they are sincere about what the real use of this nuclear material is for, but you still have to look and see that there is a chance that certain terror groups may be able to aquire some nuclear materials and use them against their enemies in the west. Check out this information from the brookings institute it is a very good read. I am not here to throw hatred of Iran I am just saying that this is something that needs to closely monitered. I will not put down America or even Iran, but there is a deep distain for the US by those in power. I would love to see these two countries get over their problems and live in harmony but for now that is not going to happen.

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 02:52 PM
Yeah "while America is drowning in debt... Iran is getting their nuclear plant online"... welcome to 1940 Iran LOL

Iran might have oil, but their economy is #. Stop stoning your woman to death and maybe we'll take you seriously...

God speed? They'll need it.

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by DrJay1975

Not sure of the validity of most of that list, but I'm not here to refute it.

Why is Shariah law not held accountable for crimes against humanity? Sexism is just as bad as racism or anti-semetism. Why should a country be allowed to harbor such prejudice? Because it's based on religious laws and kept within the confines of their borders?

I'm all for freedom of religion and seperation of Church and State, but when Church and State are rolled into one... This is the 21th century, the world has become overpopulated, making scarcity of resources that much worse. Shouldn't we all be working together?

I know that sound idealistic, but affect political correctness is having on the world, we're headed straight for idealism.

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 03:21 PM
Lol yeah yeah yeah everybody hates America. i am American and i hate the government in America for sticking its nose where it don't belong.

but in all honesty what this does is actually put more options on the table for us. they just gave us more reasons to put up more missile defence systems around the region. with key members still in Iraq gives us a very very good chance that black ops will be working more ops. also frees up crap load of cash to pay out more to help destabilize the region. not saying any of this is right.

i don't hate Iran or its people. the only thing i don't like about Iran well 2 things 1 is i believe every person has a choice INCLUDING THE women. if they want that way of life so be it. but if they don't they should have the opportunity to move. in my eyes they are born into slavery but the way it sits right now is they don't get that choice or opportunity. the other thing is and i have a problem with this in America is the media. have you ever watched Iran TV? they start the hate for Americans in youth in cartoons. i don't feel is very right. now i do know this practice is common in that region. and for that i don't like any country that does them things. As a American i feel each person is equal weather your a women, man, black, brown, yellow even green and all the other races/religions. but people need that choice if that's what they want.

back on the nuclear fuel thing. all countries are entitled to have that has a power source, even Iran. but i believe it should be monitored closely to make sure its not for nuclear weapons as well as any nation including america.

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 03:25 PM
For my twopence here....

- There is only one set of people that will change Iran and that is the Iranian people. They are intelligent well thought people who [many] will baulk at the stoning of this woman.
- Many will hate the US but will be [because we are small world] massively influeunced by what they want from outside world [especially US]. ome of their ideology will be challenegd but others will be totally backed up.
- The strongest influencers are the very [internet] savvy student ages who are prepared to take ideas and think they can conquer the world.They will also be doing the most travelling.
- I do think what holds the country back is external influence, every leader has the "the world is against us" card and Armadinajad plays that card as much as any leader


What I have said about Iran above atually applies to any country [even my beloved England].
Borders mean far less nowadays and the biggest mistake that we can make is to forget that people are people wherever.

A border does not change a person or collective conscious anymore

[edit on 19-8-2010 by templar knight]

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 03:31 PM
For the balance...

- the western ethos has brought a freedom of thought and democracy, and yes like most of Western Europe I look up to the USA as our beacon.
- The principles have been fantastic there but individuals have got greedy and used it for their own purposes.
- I also look up to Turkey who have a very secular government and until recently have kept religion and politics apart - probably better than most western governments

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 03:35 PM
Even if Iran wiped the U.S. and Israel off the map do you think they would leave your crappy little country alone???
You'd be next and you'd wish the good 'ole U.S.A. was still around to save your sorry a$$ from being exterminated.
So go ahead and applaud these idiots all you want, you're on their list too.
Just not at the top because your country is not worth worrying about.

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 04:06 PM

Originally posted by Britguy

Originally posted by Boomer1941

Originally posted by Nomad451
crimes against humanity

I wonder how many women in Iran are getting Stoned today by these brave wife beaters?

[edit on 19-8-2010 by Boomer1941]

Yeah! Good ol' white people in Gods chosen land, the USofA never abuse women do they. No woman is ever assaulted, raped, murdered in our white Christian Shangri-La's!

Sheesh! Look inward for a while before criticising others.

[edit on 19-8-2010 by Britguy]

Well Britbutt, your're a regular 'Dudley Dooright' aren't you, why don't you grab your tunic and camel and head right over to Iran and wait for that Crossdresser to climb outa that well with the rest of those self righteous freaks.

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 04:33 PM
reply to post by Britguy

I don't know where you may have been for the last 30 yrs or so,but in the US a woman has the right to leave an abusive situation and also has the right to seek justice against the person that causes her harm. I will bet that they don't have that right in Iran? If you commit adultery in the US you can leave a relationship without the chance of being stoned. And if you get stoned here in the US it has nothing to do with rocks being thrown at you.

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 05:12 PM
reply to post by Stillalive

OK now I'm officially convinced with what's going on with ATS, they've attracted a bunch of anti-americans, No I don't congratulate Iran because I still believe there working on nuclear power. Americas not perfect but we've helped plenty actually there begging to stay here illegal and all thier native homes are history. So to all you anti-americans bite me! we spend MILLIONS helping countries that dosen't just include our own. You forget on 9/11 we lost LIVES who's sent one dime to help us rebuild, or compensate the families? (I'm waiting) truth is don't fault all americans and then stand in protest when americans judge all your countries on a whole!

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 05:43 PM
reply to post by CanadianDream420

they do seem to have more women in universities and in paid Jobs then that of its arab neigbours

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 05:54 PM
reply to post by jayde

You are right and bravo to you.

People only want to jump on the US for the bad things and don't want to talk about the good.

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 06:30 PM
reply to post by tsurfer2000h

Yea, I only heard the Iranian president speak from his own mouth about his views on America I never forgot who he was. This guy is some piece of work condoleezza Rice and the Bush Administration was trying to reason with him during there term to no avail and a couple years later we're still trying to get this guy to be honest with about his true intentions, that's like overlooking what Castro once was and taking his word for it his intentions are pure.

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