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Possible futures in a quantum universe

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posted on Jun, 20 2004 @ 12:53 AM
If I leave the house today.. I may get in a car accident and die.. or I could stay home and live another 50 years. What impact would either choice have on the future of the planet.

It just proves that the littlist decion can have a huge impact on the future and that "the future" is not easily predicted.

Everyone seems to have an idea about what the future might hold.. so lets ask ourselves where we might be in 100 years...

Based on you knowledge of current trends in science, politics, religion and the like paint a picture of what you see. You can paint more then one but be sure to seperate them some way so we know where one ends and one begins.

In 100 years much of mankind will be plugged into a vast computer network, through cybernetic implants. It will give us almost telepathic powers.. the ability to communicate by thought to anyone else plugged in.. we can allow them to hear what we hear and see what we see, without having to move from the park bench as well as browse the internet, and watch television without the aid of a monitor. There will be robots, some lead by AI some lead by our thoughts. I could wake up and "tell" my Handymaid 2000 to put on the coffee... THe blind will see, the deaf will hear, and those who've lost limbs will power new cybernetic ones with the same agility they would have if they were their own. The world will become a small place, where everyone knows everyone, cultural lines will be blurred by a new understanding of people who were once to far away to call neighbor. War will a more distant concept as our personal connection to those in other countries will become deeper.
Advances in genetics will give rise to custom made children.. some countries will resist partaking in this science but will be forced by a fear of falling to far behind other practicing coutries. This technology will escalate into types of therapy that can be applied at any age to cause changes in the body. The practice will become so comman that it turns into something done for fun or cosmetics. The genetic lines of humanity will fall apart as more and more people change themselves, and groups created different versions of advanced humans. Eventualy the abillity to procreate with eathother will become almost impossible and children will be manufactured rather then born. "humans" (now a term used loosly) will segregate themselves into groups generaly antisocial to one another.. and tension and violence will be more common all across the planet.

I look forward to reading about other futures

posted on Jun, 20 2004 @ 01:45 AM
An interesting post UnusualMe. I made a similar thread in regards to genetic engineering many months ago - no one took it very seriously though. :-(

How far are we willing to go with genetic engineering?

I shall respond to your thread later today. I must get some sleep now. :-D

posted on Jun, 20 2004 @ 02:54 AM
In 100 years? Honestly? I don't see much having really changed.

I think we'll be onto flying cars - the skycar, which is done now, and just being invested in and becoming commercially viable, will likely be fairly popular within 50 years and be the standard within 100. I think we'll have a single colony on another planet, but it won't be exactly 'flourishing'. We will probably have a lot more space travel, and a lot more general power - quantum mechanics and sonofusion will revolutionise the world before 2030. There'll be a second internet not widely used, and a third that everyone takes to. I'm thinking we'll call it I3 or 'It' for short. The one we have now is run and set a certain way, theres an 'Internet2' being planned by many universities in the US, and there's something simply being called 'The Grid' being developed over where the net began at CERN, but I'm pretty sure by 2060 quantum entanglement will be jumping and quantum computers will be going wild - we'll create a third internet that will positively take over not long after the second was introduced, and never fully accepted. By 2100 'It' will be like TV today, even more accepted than today's internet.

Chances are there will be a major war in the next 100 years, I'm looking to China. Communist government officially, but open economically, one of the world's lagest territories, the world's largest army, a harsh culture and a passionate and fanatical people, it's a powerhouse, and it will overtake the US eventually - we just have to wait.

In terms of the self, I think morals will have changed. I look at my older relatives and their sense of morals and find a massive difference between mine and theirs, I think in the 2-3 generations that will pass before 2100, we'll see a big shift in morality.

Religions will go one of two ways - assimilate together into a single system of 'belief', or separate farther and seed further mistrust between each other - I'm not sure.

Houses, cars, our whole lives will definitely be influenced by the second quantum revolution in the 2050's - things are going to be a lot more 'instant', and a lot less '100Mbps is hella-fast'. We're going to have everything integrated - you'll wake up and a computer will register a heightened activity in the portions of your brain that signal active consciousness, it will run a check for normal motion and then when it sees you are out of bed will issue a good morning statement, display the morning paper on a local wall-monitor or on a lens you have built into your eye, and will give you a sort of premade meal, if you specify it. Chances are houses will be fairly customizable, but there'll still be relics about that don't have integration systems built in. You'll hit a button before you go and your car will start and pull up to your 30th story entrance, you'll open your door, step in, and fly off on a computerised track to your office, videoconferencing as you go. When you arrive, 'new email' buttons will pop-up on your Personal Satellite Assistant, using specialised fans to allow it to hover about you. You have to take a flight to Beijing later (You're in New York, for some reason.), and the flight might take a whole 40 minutes, travelling is a bore.


Uh, yeah. That's my little rantalot. I sort of typed as I thought, so it might not all string together well. In a nutshell, I think life won't be spacemen and magic, but it will be a modified version of our own lives today. I say this because I hope life will be dramatically different from today, that we will have made contact and will be working with early warp technology or some biznatch, but revolution requires repression, and until I can revolute, I'll repress.

posted on Jun, 20 2004 @ 05:41 AM
just like how they said in 1960's we would have 12 colonys on the

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posted on Jun, 20 2004 @ 05:59 AM
please don't refute people's posts.. this isn't a debate just an area to discuss what would happen ideally.. or not so ideally.. and is for the purpose of using the imagination.

posted on Jun, 20 2004 @ 06:41 AM
As well as the quantum and nano revolution, i think the better understanding and controlling of electromagnetism, electrogravitics, ZPE and gravity will have a substantial effect on the world we see today. Maybe through the development of a truly unified theory, will usher a new revolution.
Theres so much we dont understand about the physics we already know about today.

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 12:04 AM
Viendin and UnusualMe present some very interesting ideas. These are things I'd definitely like to see happen in my lifetime, but the cynic in me says otherwise.

I feel that we will reach some type of stagnant period for a few years, maybe a few decades, where nothing really new or innovative happens. And then boom... everything we thought we knew, is rewritten by some new discovery. But why the stagnant period?

Well, with the way things are being plotted out by the crazy governments of the world (and their crazy leaders), I see some type of "dark" age period coming about. The blind leading the blind. The crazy following the crazy. I really hope something like this doesn't happen. But, World War III is inevitable. The world seems to have big wars every couple of decades or half-centuries.

I'm just looking for the catalyst.

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 12:13 AM
Embry... maybe you could write a story on what america would become if we were dominated by china.

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 01:42 AM
UnusualMe, that sounds like a great idea (I'd need your help though)! :-D I've got finals this week, but I might be able to think up something in my sparetime (like now, lol). I really should be getting to sleep in a little bit though.

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posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 04:39 AM
I agree with that. WW3 is inevitable. The only thing thats going to stop WW3 is if every electromagnetic device onteh planet stops work...but then it will be a race of who can get the best electronic equipment working again, and pump them out, into weapons, and go out and destroy the enemy, and take over as much land asap.

All i know is wars will continue to ravage our kind and our planet as long as we are divided and tehre are poeple amongst us who have dreams of power.

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