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Faces of Death.

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posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 09:22 PM
ok new guy here... searched the forums and this was the most recent and relevant thread i could find, hope you dont mind if i interject for a moment.
First off, its true i dont really ascribe to the thoeries of reptilian beings running amok in our society, we as humans have no issues with creating our own troubles. In addition the vidoes are questionable at best (imo) with that said...
You can imagine my surprise when i walked into a local retail store to find an old freind of mine working there. I quickly approached him to say hello and he recognized me immediately. It was at some point during the ensuing conversation that my real shock occured.
I noticed his eyes, it wasnt the first time i had held a conversation face to face with him and i wondered if it was just the lighting in the store but his eyes definitely looked like cats eyes with the pupil spanning the entire height if the iris, narrow near the tips and only slightly wider in the middle. (though his never went completely black, thankfully, not sure how i would have reacted to that).
I had to do a double one point while we talked i remember thinking that he noticed me looking at his eyes, as i could not stop staring at them, eventually i had to break off the conversation due to my growing feeling of discomfort. We parted ways and i came directly here...looking through old photos now to ease my mind but i cant find ANY of him...odd.
Anyway, i used to think that i would never know about the people in the vidoes as i would never be near enough to them to witness these things and im not sure what if anything i can do, he would probly think it very odd if i asked for some close up pics...

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 09:33 PM
think about this..
either way they will get the so called one world gov,
i think it will be the so called aliens that spark this... it will most likey be right about the time that StotalyHTF!
the whole breeding thing... kind of scares me so i wont talk about it

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 10:01 PM
I didnt read the whole thread.. I admit it and its because I didnt want to after the first few pages of ranting. I just wanted to add in here the Grove has been breeched a bazillion times and the last time I personally saw the pics of were by a bunch a teens. If you google it Im sure you can dig it up somewhere.. it was discussed on a thread elsewhere about 2 years ago... I imagine the site is still out there because it WAS interesting. The grove isnt the big secret BS thing it is being claimed to be if a few drunk kids can walk in and film folks "groving".

Mainly I see people freaking out over things like the grove because they have never been a member of a fraternity or other similar organization. They do weird stuff, but killer reptile baby killing blood suckers it does not necessarily make.
I feel the people that attend the grove stuff are flakes, perverts, and certainly have a screw loose for even being involved in such nonsense, but I still havent seen any proof of all of the claims that are made concerning the more unsavory parts of the Grove legends and stories.

COncerning Jones.. Being an egotistical, glory hound, fearmongering, hysterical, fibbing, fruitloop with a loud mouth and megaphone doesnt make him a reptilian Nephilim boogeyman. He's just a guy who is doing what he chooses to do, knows his audience and capitalizes on the real fears of real people. I can chose to not like the guy and voice my opinion. He has no solid inside information I have EVER been able to find.. including some of his outrageous claims concerning the Grove. He pretends he does, makes claims, freaks people out with his hysterical rhetoric and the godawful disaster never materializes. He makes teaser announcements and gets everyone whipped into a frenzy and never delivers. Everything goes VIRAL doesnt it?? Ugh. If those pics show anything about his eyes..... it shows he is full of poop up to his eyeballs.

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