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Muslim leaders to abandon plans for Ground Zero community center

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posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 04:56 PM
If the plans stop to build this cultural center/mosque it would be wise to see all religious building go down in NY (churches/ synagogue etc).

After all 9/11 happened due to USA (Christian) support of Israel (Judaism) atrocities in middle east and US (Christian) hegemony over middle east. If one were to blame only the religion aspects of it all three religions would fall since the event of 9/11 involved all three religions.

Islam/ Judaism and Christianity! None of them is better than other, they are carbon copies of each other.

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posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 05:08 PM
I don't know if this has been posted, but wanted to let you know:

Property honcho denies Islamic leaders abandoning Ground Zero mosque plans

Fox News quoted property owner Sharif El-Gamal as saying: "This is completely incorrect. We are committed to our plans of building Park51 to serve the community of lower Manhattan. Our mission is one of peace, understanding and tolerance."

He was responding to a report in Israel's English-language newspaper Haaretz, which cited sources in New York as saying Muslim leaders were considering abandoning the controversial plan.

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posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 06:02 PM
And as I've said before. If you can afford the square footage that close where the towers went down, you can afford to build anywhere in the world...

posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 09:59 PM

Originally posted by XyZeR

Maybe you should all protest when a new MC Donalds opens up near Ground zero, for they have been responsible for the death of more Americans then 9/11...

Absolutely! The next time terrorists attack with hamburgers I will protest the construction of any fast food joint near the site of the attack! Good on you, sir!!

posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 10:01 PM
reply to post by Benevolent Heretic

Yes...posted it two or three pages back this morning.

But it bears repeating. I loved the Twitter war between Haaretz and 51Park, too...did you catch that. A bit of levity.

posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 11:15 PM
Before all of our domestic America-haters celebrate prematurely, there's this as the governor of NY steps in to try and arrange a reasonable compromise:


There was a possible resolution in the works Tuesday night in the debate surrounding the proposed mosque and Islamic cultural center near ground zero.

CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer has learned it looks as if the developers of the mosque may be willing to budge and move away from the Park 51 location where they originally planned the construction.

So will the mosque be moving?

New York Gov. David Paterson plans to meet with developers of the controversial ground zero mosque as early as this week to offer them state land – at another location – for their cultural and religious center. Paterson told Congressman Peter King about the meeting, and King said the governor asked him to make it public

Go ahead and build the mosque, just build it somewhere else. What's wrong with compromise? Why is is SO important to some of the posters here that this issue gets shoved down the throats of a majority of the American people?

Yes, yes, we've heard about freedom of religion ad nauseum. Pay close attention now, because I don't think ANYONE here is against freedom of religion. Again build the mosque, just pick a place where a majority can be happy with the choice.

Please explain what's wrong with that solution?

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posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 05:57 AM
While there is no definite source indicating whether the mosque will be abandoned I will say that in the event the mosque is moved to another place, folks cannot then fully blame the protestors and conservatives for the actions of the mosque sponsors. While many have called for the mosque to be forcibly moved to another location, as far as I can see it neither the property owners nor government/state officials have taken any action and have made it clear they cannot. That decision will be solely made of those of the sponsors behind the mosque and they will have themselves to blame at most as they had nobody legally stopping them.

I personally hope they continue on with the project where they eventually establish a center and live on for years to come, where this 'issue' becomes a non-issue for the rightwing and christian fanatics and n we all move on to debating whether constitutional rights apply to gays, or mexicans again, or whatever else comes out of the noise box.

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posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 06:01 AM

Originally posted by Darkrunner
And as I've said before. If you can afford the square footage that close where the towers went down, you can afford to build anywhere in the world...

I read they actually got a pretty good deal because of the fact that the empty store the community center is going in is just one of many many many empty buildings on that block. I will have to find the numbers again but they need development in that area bad.

posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 06:04 AM
I think this story is just meant to keep terrorism on American's minds. 3 blocks is a universe away in New York City! This is just dis-info.

posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 06:09 AM

Originally posted by black cat
Absolutely! The next time terrorists attack with hamburgers I will protest the construction of any fast food joint near the site of the attack! Good on you, sir!!

Are they opening an airport? I thought it was a community center. Were we attacked with a pool or pilates room?

posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 06:40 AM
I am glad to see it not being followed through with, not because it is wrong to build it there, but because of hatred and bigotry that would follow and the terrible acts that would be committed. I believe that if construction were to begin, the construction alone would be plagued by attacks on the construction equipment and materials, and if after all of that, if they were able to erect it, the fires and other horrible acts that would follow, that could actually take the lives of families attending.

It was not the Muslim people that were responsible for the attacks on the world trade center, it was (if you believe the official story) the terrorists. However the Muslim families attending, would be targeted by those who do not know the difference because people either are unable or unwilling to understand the difference.

So because of this it is a good thing it is being reconsidered, because it could cost even more lives if it goes through.

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posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 09:58 PM
Nothing get's built in New York city without Union labor - and I can tell you that the Unions would refuse to build it.

Even if it did get built, I can guarantee you it would come down faster than a house of cards.

posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 03:35 PM
This video is to warn you against a major manipulation by your media and governments. The International Burn Koran Day, the Ground Zero Mosque the Sakineh's case in Iran, are totaly connected and fake, they have been created and hyped in order to create an atmosphere of fear and hatred towards the Muslims.

The goal is to prepare the approriate conditions for False Flag terrorist attack or for the Middle East war, of course the Muslims will be blamed. This video is not meant to defend the Muslims but to warn the people against a huge manipulation.

If you ignore who is your true ennemy you're the true loser.

Our ONLY ennemies are our Governments.

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