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Blair to donate book cash to Injured Soldier Charity { "blood money"}

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posted on Aug, 16 2010 @ 11:10 AM
Is this the act of a man trying to ease his conscience ...... yes I think so .
It has been revealed that Tony Blair is to give the profits from his memoirs to a sports centre for injured soldiers , Blair's spokesman said an advance payment of £4.6m plus all royalties to honour "their courage and sacrifice".
Peter Brierley, whose son Lance Corporal Shaun Brierley was killed in Iraq, called the gift "blood money".

But Mr Blair's friend and former constituency agent John Burton denied he had been motivated by a "guilty conscience" because "he is quite convinced the reasons for going into Iraq are still right". Mr Blair, who is currently out of the UK, is not expected to comment on the gift. He is reported to have earned more than £12m since leaving office in 2007 with a string of directorships, including insurance giant Zurich and investment bank JP Morgan, speaking engagements and business consultancies.

The question remains as to how he will help the families of the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians who have died due to his warmongering

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posted on Aug, 16 2010 @ 11:52 AM
This is Tony Blair: Look, I know I took you to war under false pretences, am responsible for the maiming and killing of Iraqis, and the destruction of Iraq's infratstructure. Yes, I know I sent you British soldiers, marines, air force and navy to war, and alot of you got killed, and alot of you got maimed.

But if I write this book, and throw you this money, will you shut up now? Can you ignore the fact it's my fault for being a lying, murderous and egotistical slimeball, that blood runs in the streets of Iraq to this day because of me, and that I have created widows and orphans, and have generally made the world unsafer?

Can you ignore the fact I make millions anyway from my after-speech tours, and advising companies, and being a middle east peace negotiator (hahahaha!) and generally living off my fame?


Erm no.

Blood money pure and simple, from hands stained with blood. Money that is a pittance compared to the lives and lands he has destroyed.

Tony Blair has 'blood on his hands', says father of killed soldier

From the link:

Tony Blair has 'blood on his hands', says father of killed soldier

Peter Brierley, whose son Lance Corporal Shaun Brierley was killed in Iraq in 2003, has accused Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of having "blood on his hands".

Published: 8:00AM BST 10 Oct 2009

Mr Blair, who has repeatedly defended his decision to lead Britain into the conflict, was rebuked by Mr Brierley at a reception for guests who attended a commemoration service marking the end of the Iraq campaign and honouring the 179 British personnel who died during the six-year conflict.

Mr Brierley refused to shake Mr Blair's outstretched hand at the event staged at the Guildhall in the City and told the politician: "I'm not shaking your hand, you've got blood on it."

Mr Blair was ushered away and afterwards Mr Brierley, from Batley, West Yorkshire, said: "I understand soldiers go to war and die but they have to go to war for a good reason and be properly equipped to fight.

"I believe Tony Blair is a war criminal. I can't bear to be in the same room as him. I can't believe he's been allowed to come to this reception.

"I believe he's got the blood of my son and all of the other men and women who died out there on his hands."


Blair puts me in mind of a serial killer paying the victims of his killing spree, and trying to scrub the blood of his hands.

No matter how hard you try Mr Blair, the blood will not wash off.

The blood of sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, sons, brothers, sisters....British and Iraqi.

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