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Stages of ATS, Where are you at?

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posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 09:48 AM
ATS is a mirror for all of us, to see our reflection.

Sometimes posts are rhetorical, sometimes they beg for answers, sometimes they are outlets for frustration and have no point at all other than the sole purpose of venting.

I see threads pop from time to time why ATS is going down the tubes, but I disagree and here is why.

What people fail to realize is that we all go through phases of awareness, so let me explain.

When most people first start posting on ATS they come here to vent, yes vent, most of the time when people vent it has to do with a lot of pent up frustration and anger. For some this anger is months or days, in the making, but for others it may be years of pent up frustrations. I am not making excuses for anyone, just calling it like I see it.

Think back to when you first started to post on ATS, or maybe you are new and are still in a venting stage, do you read your content that you post and other responses? Of course you do, hence giving reflection to what you post. Sometimes it takes minutes to see who you are, sometimes it takes days, months, even years but after time we are able to see patterns in ourselves and truly reflect.

I have personally, over the years, looked back at things I have posted and thought “did I actually say that?” or “I can’t believe how my anger got the best of me”, but we move on, learn and grow. It’s all good.

Now there are those select few that come to ATS when no “axe to grind” and with the sole purpose of sharing information, but when someone disagrees even with the most timid, egos prevail.

The Mods are the ones that actually have to deal with the temporary chaos, from time to time….hmmm maybe all the time (lol), and they all do a great job of it. The staff here ATS has great wisdom and understanding or else many people would get instantly banned.

Now as time progresses many will see a metamorphose, some have a slow transition, but others seem to look into the ATS Mirror and see who they are and adjust their behavior. I know I have, lol.

There are those that never seem to get past the point of ATS first stage, and keep getting banned, or warned, but sooner or later they will see the errors in their ways and adjust.

How can you not adjust your behavior if you constantly see it after you post, and then people respond?

If one person tells you your an arse you can let it go, but when 100 people do then you have to look at yourself a bit closer to see why.

ATS can be a great experience, when the negative information gets too much you can go to BTS, or just take a short break, but others deserve the chance to see who they are and what spews from their inner soul, so they can get to the place where many veterans are on ATS.

Maybe in the long run this spewing and self reflection will save lives, physical confrontation, destructive perpetual self behavior. Also if we and see how we are with words, IMO, let the words flow and the healing begin.

This is to all of my ATS friends searching for the Real Truth, because the truth these days, and has always been subjective. That is why I picked my user name on ATS, it had to do with subtle sarcasm.

Peace to all of you, however slowly or quickly it comes.

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posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 10:15 AM
reply to post by Realtruth

Well worded and thoughtfull..

Yes, when I first joined I typed responses and posted without reading them back..Big mistake..Things you say in the heat of the moment are not always what you would normally say.

But we learn (hopefully) and evolve to be better, wiser and more tolerant.


posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 10:17 AM
a mirror or a lake? like the Narcissus legend..........?

do we truly see who we are through ATS? maybe who we wish we were........

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posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 10:23 AM
I like the idea of the stages of ATS. I think many people could do with a few months of lurking before signing up, it would save a lot of hassle!

Good point Iandeye about seeing who we wish we were. I personally wish I could discuss some ats related subjects with more people IRL. People seem to tolerate it then crack on quoting Family Guy.

posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 10:27 AM
if we take the time to reflect we get a glimpse, but mostly it is our ego's talking, thus making us more aware of how to control or not let our ego control us.

Originally posted by IandEye

do we truly see who we are through ATS? maybe who we wish we were........

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posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 10:35 AM
Nice points made.

ATS has actually given me a degree of open mindedness and patience with other people that I never had before. It took me a while before I could pass up a post that had really made me angry but now I see the same kind of stuff and just laugh.

We don't have to agree with others but we can still learn from them.

posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 10:58 AM
reply to post by badgerprints

It appears that many people these days want so badly to see things end or destroyed, when in fact they are only seeing or reflecting what is coming from within themselves.

I know a lot of people are hurting inside, but they need to acknowledge that is comes from within and not externally, they are only resonating with how they feel inside when they over react.

Skyfloating has some excellent threads on similar issues.

posted on Aug, 16 2010 @ 10:59 AM
I already had 7 years of forum battles under my belt before learning about this place. Back then, I'd get banned so many times that after a while I'd put together a reserve of board personas and work my way through them as one got canned after the other. Usually 15 to 20 board names, and they'd last me a year or so. pretty bad.

This board has some cool forum topics and I try to stay away from the political boards here. If I didn't, I'd have been gone after a few weeks.

You learn all about your weaknesses after a while.

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posted on Aug, 16 2010 @ 11:05 AM
Nice post...and you might be saying that the stages within a person aren't static either? You can regress and progress and sometimes even skip one, depending on your personal hot buttons or subjects or heck even moods

posted on Aug, 16 2010 @ 11:17 AM
reply to post by Realtruth

Nice thread and it makes sense. As far as what stage I am at yea I was a lil agressive with the athiest when I fisrt came in and over time I seen that they truly believe in what they believe and I began to back off, unless there is a str8 ignorant comment about GOD. I feel myself more open to things I once questioned to be true but cautious as well. Because many things can be minipulated to install fear in many. So my stage in a few words as of now is SEEKING THE TRUTH, but willing to enlighten others who may be receptive. But no more forcing what I feel about GOd on the concious of others for they may just not be open enough... Peace and again good thread ATS is a good mirror.

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posted on Aug, 16 2010 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by Realtruth

You... you... you mean ATS slowly brainwashes us and turns us into different people?!!!

posted on Aug, 16 2010 @ 12:58 PM
While this may be accurate for a few people. You can't group all of ats into one simple easy to describe group. We all came here for different reasons and I would wager that by and large most of us did not come to vent, but rather to learn more about something we were researching. To soak up the information others had to offer and share our own when we were ready to take that step.
The more we learned the more hungry we became for more knowledge and the more comfortable we felt sharing because for once here is a place were topics that are normally taboo, and ridiculed were discussed openly and with passion. I can appreciate that for some it may have been as you stated, but not all. ATS has a membership too wide and diverse to fold into one neat little bin. That's just the way I like it.

posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 09:58 AM
reply to post by NephraTari

Hey Neph,

This thread was aimed more at the new influx of members reacting instead of enjoying the knowledge, so no, not all ATS members are a like.

That is why I said when people first start posting, not reading. lol

My very first post was a prediction of some sort and it wasn't a happy one.

I think that many people do come to ATS for soaking up the knowledge, but as soon as they take there first step by posting, they start to learn more about themselves and interact with others.

Their seems to be a lot of anger and frustration these day, but I don't think it's bad just a stage that people will learn from.

Once this happens they discover emotions, and things about themselves they never knew.

The term "Misery loves company" comes to mind and I think that goes for most emotions. When some are miserable or angry they unconsciously or consciously pull others into their world.

So how does ATS deal with this new wave of emotions?

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