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Israel shoots at British MPs

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posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 07:27 AM

A group of British politicians were shot at by Israeli soldiers during a UN-supervised trip, a peer has claimed.
The cross-party group was on a visit to Rafah in Gaza, where UK student Tom Hurndall was killed, when they allegedly came under fire.

Liberal Democrat peer Baroness Northover said machine gun fire from an Israeli observation post passed closely over their heads.

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The Israelis shot British Photographer Tom Hurndall last year. He currently lies in a vegetative state at the Royal Hospital for Neurodisability in Putney

Why do the Israelis shoot at foreigners? - What don't they want the rest of the world to see?

posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 08:41 AM

Why do the Israelis shoot at foreigners?

I think that they knew they were MPs. Anyone who lives in the UK would probably gladly open fire on a group of MPs if they got the chance!

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