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An open message to you all "Since when did this website become.....

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posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 10:12 PM

Originally posted by flyingfish
None of you know true hate.

does that make me not a you?

posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 10:19 PM
Just proves oblivion.

posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 11:17 PM
reply to post by flyingfish

proving oblivion sounds like a hobby the hateful might enjoy.

oblivion doesn't require proof. oblivion doesn't want to know it is oblivion.

self denial, perhaps.

maybe hate is not a singular non-plural enigma?

posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 11:21 PM

Originally posted by Divine Strake
I agree. . .there have been some comments on this site for the last 6 months that one would think should be removed. It's funny how a non-related or off-topic post can get removed, yet some the name calling and general idiocy of some posts that blatantly violate ats guidelines seem to just be ignored by mods.

There is a function called alert, Very useful to help mods screen the crap. Stop whining ans start helping please. Thank you for your cooperation.

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posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 11:41 PM
reply to post by havenvideo

So much for the "Dumbing down of America" huh?

To the OP. I seen what you said for "an outlet of hate". All I can say is this is what you might have been following. If you yourself have hate, you will find it. Reminds me of that statistic where if you believe in something, then that something will happen. Have you recently only sought out negative posts? Would that play a factor in your postings? ATS has a filter option that excludes post's from newly joined members and you can set a date to see who post's what. That's how I found your post. A lot of the time you can judge what a thread will be like by the title of it. Anyways I just wanted to end this off with saying your only helping the situation in which you've complained about.

posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 11:51 PM

Originally posted by gagol

There is a function called alert, Very useful to help mods screen the crap. Stop whining ans start helping please. Thank you for your cooperation.

Ya know, we can use that "ALERT" button for more than complaining also.

Do we ever use it to "ALERT" mods to a great post and to recommend possibly applause for a post we come across that we really like?

i know i have, but not sure if the members got applause or not.


in an attempt to share some measure of dosile thought provoking humor and some possibly anti-hate material appropriate for this subject matter:

posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 12:08 AM

If ATS was a full contact sport, how/what would that look like?


just maybe.

but when you get to the point where your emotions make you wish you could reach through the monitor, grasp your hands around another ATSer's throat, and squeeze till your palms meet, then...

maybe it's time to log off for awhile, or re-evaluate why one logged onto ATS in the first place in that state of mind. just maybe.

posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 12:19 AM
I've been a member for a couple of years, but I lurked for many years before joining so I've seen ATS as it grew.

I get what the OP is saying, ATS has seen its fair share of hate filled posts, but the thing is, who are you to say what is to far? We have Mod's who step in when things get hairy & IMO they do a great job. If any issue exists, it's people throwing out ugly terms like racist and bigot regularly, so much so, that they have lost their seriousness.

I'd also like to point out, I have dealt with a lot of crap here myself because *gasp* I happen to have some conservative leaning views. (I still do take a lot of crap for it) I've even been called a racist because I dared to not to support our current president during the campaign days. But guess what, I've got my big girl panties on and I can freely leave when ever I want. It is my choice after all, just as the OP has a choice.

JMO (see that, my opinion) but maybe the OP should consider the concept that not everyone is going to agree with what their idea of hate is. I happen to believe med's are overused in our society, I happen to think much of the Muslim world does hate me solely because I'm an American, I happen to like meat, I think at least one parent should be a stay at home parent, I think communism sucks for a host of reasons & I can't stand football. (Okay, that last one was for a bit of a laugh)

Does the OP think I don't belong here becuase I will defend my opinions? Does the OP think I should not be allowed to express my distain for things I don't like? Well guess what, it's not up to you.

We're all big boys/girls here and if someone can't take the heat, maybe it's time for them to get the heck out of the kitchen. This is afterall a site where the "out there" prevails. This is not some mainstream forum where everyone walks on pins and needles trying to be PC. Nope, here we can express ourselves, our true thoughts and even get a little dirty if we are passionate enough about something.

posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 12:27 AM
reply to post by lynn112

Good points...

The other rant is that there isn't enough good threads..

Well I have seen many "good" threads that have received few replies simply because one of the "respected" members comes on, posts that its wrong with maybe a quick copy/paste link, gets 30 stars for a one liner and thats it...
End of thread, zero debate...

No wonder there are no good threads or ideas, everyone is scared of ridicule..

posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 12:31 AM
I guess what we see on ATS is a reflection of reality (of the participating people anyway). And it is not pretty sometimes (myself included). It shows us how far we've evolved technically, using a cool website such as this to talk to people all over the world. And it shows us how little humanity and our emotions have evolved, if at all.

Do we love to hate? Is this what we are!?

It's what I see every day on TV or what I can read on the web.

The greater good be damned, I'm pissed that so and so did this or that. No compromise..constant battles. Every action is met with finger pointing. Crimes done on a governmental level are accepted and awarded praise, even memorialized. And if individuals do the same things they are jailed for life? Where is the sanity in that?

Chaos is great TV...great for reading on ATS. We gobbled up the media coverage on wars and sanitized the deaths of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands so as not to offend our sensibilities.

Can we throw down the swords long enough to try to solve our problems?

Can we find sane solutions to bottle up those that that seek to further endless wars, hate and domination without losing our own humanity in the process?

Do we really want to stop hating? Can we stop hating?

I hope we will someday.

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posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 01:34 AM
reply to post by OzWeatherman

Thanks for the opening post there Weather man, lots of good observations.

What I see has been a growing "madness" in the world around me, that most people aren't immune to... as it takes some effort to focus beyond that.. and most don't have the time, the motivation or inclination to question any of it so are easily driven by this madness.

I also see that we are in a time when our life experiences are providing us with many opportunities to grow through dealing directly with our own personal baggage... most aren't working on it so their experience can often be one of the same issue rising to slap them in the face repeatedly before being ignored for a little while longer.

Strangely, all it takes is to develop some equilibrium.. to observe what is going on around us every day, but not be driven by it or effected by it. We can only do so through choice in each moment... because in reality that moment is all we have.

I also see that things have to come to a head soon. Our entire human history is built on the mind-set of Might is Right, and that must come to a natural conclusion before the seeds of anything new can grow to fruition.

So we are living out that rise to climax of this mind-set. Unless you are being aware and growing, and, planting seeds for the new that will come after this mind-set is totally completed.

edited for dyslexic spelling

[edit on 15-8-2010 by Tayesin]

posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 01:38 AM
You seem to have a lot of hatred for those who have lots of hatred. Chill out man.

You're getting frustrated over peoples opinions. Of course, as people have the same opinions outside of this forum, in the wolrd you live, are you going to shut yourself indoors and live like a hermit from now on?
You should leave ATS and anything else that had debate in it becuase you will always encounter people who disagree with your beliefs as I do with others and they do with mine. I'm not saying you are wrong but you've joined the same crowd you complain against posting this.

Do we have to offer councelling for those on this site now too?

As you'll find this comment confrontational as well I am going to respectfully suggest you grab a hot chocolate, have a warm bath and curl up in front of the TV and watch something on Disney. It will keep your blood pressure down.

posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 01:46 AM
We've sure allowed all of the insignificant topics get the better of us lately haven't we? I've noticed this trend too. It's not pleasant.

Perhaps it's necessary in some way though. People need to get angry so that things can change. Change has never come from happiness, it's done through conflict of ideas and beliefs.

ATS is an evolving community, we'll get past this. Summer is almost over.


posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 01:53 AM

Originally posted by thepixelpusher
I guess what we see on ATS is a reflection of reality (of the participating people anyway).

i think there is alot of truth in there them words, yep yep.

sometimes i seriously think the conflicts we can not or are not willing to resolve within ourselves, we instinctively project outward into our shared reality .... maybe at the subconscious level.... but those conflicts have to go somewhere, don't they?

we are binary, linear beings, left to right, up and down, frontwards and backwards, part of us thinks linearly and binary like.

and yes, we can hold an absolute undeniable fact in the palm of our left hand, and another absolute undeniable truism in the palm of our right hand, but....

when we put our hands together and view them, they no longer are absolute truisms that fit together.

two truths that don't go together, perhaps at the subconscious portions of our minds.

just some thoughts,

posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 01:58 AM
reply to post by InfaRedMan

That's rich coming from someone who called people far worse things in that thread.

Shall I bring up some quotes?

*shakes head*


Feel free to do so, have I denied it?

Far from it. I'll admit that myself, much like many other people have been prone to the old she-devil known as hate, but regardless, I don't recall deliberately calling ANYONE stupid in all my time here on ATS. Feel free to prove me wrong on that one.

However, the true cake maker is the fact that I am also not one that I going around complaining about hate when I am a de facto contributor to the very such thing. Sorry if the truth is too much to swallow.

I've taken a few moments to skim what some people "want" in accordance with Oz's OP, and, well, it is pretty easy to see who the collectivists are around here.

"I want this."

"I want to get rid of this."

"I'm tired of seeing this, so get rid of this."

"I would appreciate not have to deal with this."

I'm an age old fan of the "if you don't like it than ignore it" methodology. It is really quite simple. If you see something that you don't want anything to do with - then simple pretend that it doesn't exist.

What is even more fantastic is that the hosts of these forums were kind enough to implement an ignore feature, so if you feel that a certain user is a notorious contributor of such topics you want no part of, YOU CAN ELIMINATE THEM.

This is what Democracy has taught us children. By disabling people from doing anything whatsoever, you eliminate the possibility that someone might be offended or wronged by such things. What does it matter that you are bound by endless regulation and rules, so long as you are saying what everyone WANTS to here.

Forget about truth or *gasp* the questioning of certain well known "facts" because everyone knows that the topics listed in the OP, as well as some of the various facets listed by others in this topic, are so cut and dry that they no longer deserve any discussion. In fact, it should be stated in the T&C that the following subjects are NO LONGER allowed to be debated on ATS, as well as the reasons for doing so:

Debates of the Existence of God - Because we all know that The Holy Bible is God's word, and therefore it is all true. Therefore, no further discussion is necessary.

Anything Questioning Past Events - Because every event portrayed to us in history books, such as the JFK assassination, the sinking of the Lusitania, the Holocaust, and 9/11, is portrayed with the utmost facts and no political or patriotic bias.

Any Country Superiority - Because everyone already knows that Oz is the greatest country on Earth, with the world's smartest and most enlightened countrymen - as it is so eloquently reminded of us by everyone of it's citizens.

Any Attacks on Communism - Because individualism is a sin and what I say goes.

Any Attacks on Israel or Jews - Because Israel is God's country and they have never done any wrong. The Jews are completely honest with every piece of their history and hold themselves to be superior to nobody, so we should do the same.

Anything Targeting a Non-Caucasian - Because anything said against someone of another skin color or nationality is racist, even if it does not have anything to do with the aforementioned traits. The only reason you dislike them is because of their skin color, not because they were directly attributed to the deaths of thousands of people, committed various crimes, or lied to a representative populace. Racism is bad folks, especially when you don't know you are even doing it.

Non-medical Professional Advice - Because the FDA doesn't lie and they are required to report and keep track of every side effect or dangerous piece of medicine that is sold in this country. They are never wrong and they never lie.

Attacks on Law Enforcement - Because there is no such thing as a crooked cop or biased security personnel. All law enforcement is sword to uphold justice and provide a helping hand. They are in no way, shape, or form biased or working hard to enforce petty laws in order to reach a monetary quota.

Anything Against Anything Else - Because everything that I know is true, and anything that has been determined in the past has been determined for a reason. Historical information as well as information that has been provided by news outlets is known to be 100% factual and is no longer necessary to be debated.

Well that about covers it. I think we should get this show on the road. Mods, site overlords, can't wait for the new T&C. That way, everyone is happy in a world of peace and no-think.

But don't worry, I'm sure if ATS decides to ever follow the route of anti-free speech in every form as the OP infers, there will be another forum waiting in the wood works. Until then, I will just continue to practice it here, where with any hope, I don't have to worry about butt hurting a few posters who don't want to have their day ruined by having to see something outside of their control take place. Sucks when we all can't be God's eh?

At least the mods are chosen widely, that is one plus.

Honestly... some of you are silly, SILLY people.

posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 01:59 AM
reply to post by OzWeatherman

Has anyone else noticed how within the last month this website has had a lot of posts that almost seem to me like "we shouldn't have rights and we should live in a dictatorship / fascism is awesome / destroy the weak" I can't really explain them except using the descriptor 3rd density, not in a demeaning way, just hmm.

posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 02:03 AM
I come to ATS very little nowadays due to the quality of posts and replies. It's a shame because I once spent hours on this site. I'm not a creator of threads, I'm a reader and there's little of interest for me to read here these days.

Perhaps it is disinfo personnel who have done thie, I don't know.

posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 02:12 AM

Originally posted by Floh
I come to ATS very little nowadays due to the quality of posts and replies. It's a shame because I once spent hours on this site. I'm not a creator of threads, I'm a reader and there's little of interest for me to read here these days.

what kinda threads would you like to see on ATS?

why not author a thread, do some research into what interests you and apply that passion to a thread. i'll read it, send me u2u when it's ready!

Perhaps it is disinfo personnel who have done thie, I don't know.

I would be surprised to learn that the 24th Air Force, or some other cyber-warfare and information technology agencies don't/doesn't have some presence here on ATS, or other agencies, if even for just training recruits.

my point is there are organazations on government payrolls whose job description entails such things, me thinks.

and their job descriptions are in the public domain.

posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 02:58 AM
be the change we would like to see?

a little humor now and again helps me ....

The Real Cause of those those hateful posts:

[edit on 15-8-2010 by Esoteric Teacher]

posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 03:21 AM
well still interesting i see.

well get REAL...some people are bigots...some people are racists.
so what if some has those tendancies, should be banned because they promote a bad VIBE

com on....grow up...this is what it is about...ALL TYPES of people giving an opinion.

No opinion is wrong...and it is just someones personal belief.
It may not be yours but that is what makes it an opinion in the first place.

lets get over this everybody deserves a RIBBON crap.
the value here is in the ability to maybe possibly change ones mine gets changed from time to time.

now when it comes to culture,politics,religion....jeez

we all know that is something you should never discuss if you want polite conversation.

and now i am going to generalize here a bit...all the ones who say this site USED to be so much better....well god your little click has openend up to the world.

there are probably more people from all over the world here now.
and they all have valid opinions and heaven forbid that they dont always meet up with yours.

Now i for one find all opinions valuble...wether they be bad or good...and the bad ones just give even a clearer picture of the anger that exsists in the world today.

I say bring it some people say "there is no reason preaching to the already converted"

So step outside of your comfort zone and embrace all individuals with love and kindness.

cause what the OP i feel has inadvertantly done is just open up the doors for serious rebuttle.

there are still good postings...and there is still a great deal of intelligent talk.

And yes there are people whom have VERY strong beliefs and will be over forceful on pushing there points of views.

Also i would like to take this moment to thank the Moderators as they do try to leave things open and try not to be to judgemental, as in the first place who are they to judge.

it must take the mods a lot of strength not to want to close a vicious thread right away...but over time as a thread progresses it will in the end usually settle itself down with well balanced open discussion in the positive and the negative.

now as you all see ...i am not a quote paster...i choose to always speak with my own words...and being one that tends to always try and read the entire thread before making comments in this thread i see open critical analysis taking place in and of itself.

but what i also that there seems to be some sort of personal religious attachment by people to ATS as their own place and when things dont necessarily jive they get up in arms like someone has insulted their baby.

well just for your is a website. A forum for open ended dicussion on many many contentious topics that are close to peoples hearts.

so just learn to look past some of the childish nasty comments...Cause you as a person knows what they are.(your Intelligent).

move on in the discussion and present your views.

i know that in some religious threads the bible pasting quotes can be just as annoying as the rascist and personal attacks.

but it is good open debate so i enjoy it.

I try very hard never to attack an individual...but god sometimes it is absolutely required.....

yet at the same time i can handle any verbal abuse directed at me...and i have posted in the grey area and someone said"you need to see a doctor" as in i was nuts...but did i get all upset with that individual and acknowledge his sarcastic remark only to be drawn into a pointless arguement.....NO

i took it with a grain of salt and moved on.

so just move on.

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