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9-11 collection of beliefs make up your mind

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posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 01:19 PM
9-11 in my mind should be re-investigated because there are a bunch of loose ends not tied up properly. New evidence coming out, and suspiciously the rubble was shipped quickly off shore to be destroyed.

Firstly the official take is that jihadists with box cutters who mysteriously got through with them in airports (greenlighted by officials?) somehow flew airplanes into small targets such as the world trade center/pentagon at high speeds and near impossible turns. Days later it was declared by Bush jr. that Bin Laden was responisible and war ensued undeclared, and the suspicious speech at the UN by Bush Jr saying not to pay attention to hokey conspiracy theories. As if he were true, why would he need to mention it?

Bush's secret society ties:
Bush and Kerry both mirrored the same statements on Meet the Press saying they could not talk about Skull and Bones.

9-11 in movies and cartoons: I have seen many syncronicities in pop culture, The Simpsons (Lisa Simpson holds up a magazine with 9$ then the two towers make 11[1997]), Transformers 1 (in the FBI office the clock is at 9:55, 55 is literally 11 making the mantra 9:11) and many comics make light of the world trade center and 9-11 before and after being destroyed.

Thermate/Thermite video came out on youtube showing a flowing lava like fire pouring out of a window on one of the towers. Also nodules in the rubble were photographed, by-products of Thermite on iron. As well as photo's of support beams with perfect 45 degree angle cuts at the base.

Multiple explosions heard by firemen/police on the scene. Other explosive devices found and reported on by firemen inside the buildings.

No steel structure has ever fully collapsed due to fire. Especially within an hour.

Youtube search terms:

9-11 official
9-11 stargate
9-11 thermite

do some research, you may agree you may not, I cannot believe the official story personaly.


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