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Liberal groups push to exploit Target backlash

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posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 03:19 PM

Originally posted by slugger9787
reply to post by Intelearthling

and the bottom line of the gay agenda is:

They do not reproduce they recruit.

How do gays recruit people that aren't already gay?

I've been hit on by gay guys. I tell them I'm not interested. Simple really!

posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by whaaa

you are an adult.
recruitees usually are younger than that
that would be my guess.

younger minds are coercible

posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 02:09 PM
Target: No donations planned for gay groups

Target Corp. said Monday it won’t give money to gay-friendly causes to quiet the uproar over a $150,000 donation that helped support a Minnesota governor candidate who opposes gay marriage.

“We believe that it is impossible to avoid turning any further actions into a political issue and will use the benefit of time to make thoughtful, careful decisions on how best to move forward,” the company said in a statement.

Wow lol

Let's see what happens next!

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