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Is The United States Creating A Myth For Political Gain?

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posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 01:21 PM
I have been watching American politics since I was a schoolboy, I've always found the subject endlessly intriguing, however I have noticed a rather disquieting trend developing over the course of my life and increasing in scope with recent years:

It appears from where I am sitting that there is a growing effort to create something of a creation myth out of your nation's founding. Your Founding Fathers are increasingly being used as political weapons in political discourse.

Efforts of organizations like the WallBuilders and Liberty Council have been made to propagate the idea that the United States was founded by a group of very religious and pious Christians in order to be a Christian nation. These ideas have been accepted and further pushed by conservative pundits.

Now I understand that every nation will have their legendary heroes and folktales regarding their history but the major difference I see is how these ideas are being used currently in the United States. Here in the United Kingdom it would be unthinkable for a member of government to say something like "King Arthur would support the re-nationalization of British Rail." While you see such things said about American founders and folk heroes all of the time.

Furthermore I am beginning to become concerned that the appeals to heroes are becoming like the "gods of the city" that were famously incurred in the prosecution of Socrates. Being told that you or your candidate is at odds with say Thomas Jefferson or George Washington has become tantamount to the old "why do you hate America" question. I find that deeply troubling especially when the words of these truly wise and visionary men are taken by whatever political context one wishes to cram them into.

Indeed I am starting to think that these ideas that have been twisted from the words and works of history are starting to take on an almost religious bent to them. Dropping their names and citing out-of-context quotes from them is now a major source of legitimization for a great many political causes, and I ask you, the members of ATS, do you think this is as dangerous to your republic as I do?

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 01:40 PM
reply to post by ProjectJimmy

That is what happens when a civilization is at its peak, America has reached its peak, now they will be culturally frozen in time, because they believe they can't do better than their forefathers.

Look at Muslims if you wanna see what is gonna happen to Americans later, not now, but later.

Remember the Golden age of Islam? They reached the peak, then Muslims became culturally frozen in time and thought they couldn't do better than their ancestors. Guess what, Muslims talk about what their ancestors would do also. Infact they have thousands and thousand of books, written by Muslim after the peak, which are nothing new to science or their religion, it is just the study of what their forefathers wrote and said.

America has just hit the peak, by peak I don't mean they won't be able to go any further, it is the attitude of the people which creates the illusion of the peak if you can comprehend what I'm saying.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 02:17 PM
Star and flag...

People...our forefathers made us what we are today, but we must make the future ourselves.

This country was built on life, liberty, and justice for all. Except slaves, women, black people, minorities.

Don't you see?

Some gods did not build this country. Ordinary men did. And you see the problem with that? "Men". Women were secondary objects back in the day.

The past is never perfect, so we should always be striving for perfection. We will never reach it, but it is the best way to improve ourselves.

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