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Societies Change

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posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 08:09 AM
I had an interesting idea, check it out. So how do you think people used to act back then? What i mean by this is... We know water fluoridation has been a 40 year social experiment, we must have changed a lot with a sedation i would think. How about the movies and the television? I would think people were way more social and had another level of communication with random strangers. The television must have changed society big time. Monkey see Monkey Do. If you follow me here. Human beings like to mimic certain traits of other people. How about certain ideas or points of views that they can push on the public subconsciously to give them sort of like a pat in the back and tell them its OK in the masses? How about the educational programs? They must be responsible for the developing mind. Remember, when a child is young, his or her brain is like a sponge. They freely absorb a certain belief system induced by television programs. Please do not argue with me and tell me that the teletubbies is worth leaving a child to watch! Just kidding!

I do think movies and television shape society. A lot of people mimic lines and fictional characters way of being. I noticed this also when i had seen some youtube videos about how Hip/Hop and Rap music made the African Americans think that they needed to copy what they saw on television. Now i am not just putting that out there without an explanation. Remember television was invented in 1888. The first black man appeared on television in 1956, which happened to be Nat King Cole.

Also, we are given an emotional wreck with television news programs that throw us opinionated stories with emotion triggering back music. This can even go as far back as the printing press! Mass propaganda printing must have been used for political gains and points of views regarding wars and unnecessary hatred for others. Perhaps the educational system really dumbs us down as humanity.

I personally believe teaching spirituality at a young age would bring a very positive mood change. Teaching kids to learn how to use their brains at their highest capacity and not hold them back with useless math and scientific teachings. The education system does not allow people to really become professionals at what they want to do without making you struggle and giving you a bunch up holes to fall in. Also i hear about Nikola Tesla and all his inventions. Our government classifies everything that it gets its hand on. Everything has to be kept secret or people start supposedly killing each other with chemicals. Electric cars are held back so oil companies can dominate on peoples ignorance. Big Pharma also takes advantage of people and you don't need much proof of this. Human beings are meant to survive on earth with natural remedies. Why is there an entire aisle dedicated to big pharma drugs from left to right?

People are being medicated into retardation and its quiet scary to think that we can change in as little as a couple of hours and not even know it.

I have given my 2 cents, what do you think?


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