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Something you should know about the BP contract workers responsible for spill

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posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 01:38 AM

This will be my final thread and post on this and any other alternative forums.

That said let me explain what I mean about the title.

Stop for just a moment in complete compassion and even more so, with empathy and 'feel' what the responsible parties are experiencing today.

Myself and everyone has zeroed in on the backroom politics and the disaster, but what I want you to think about are the people, the regular Joes who have been living this nightmare scenario since day one.

They are husbands and wives, brothers, Fathers, Mothers and friends, they are suffering and having to live with the decisions that they made that fateful day in April when 11 of their close friends died a horrible death and the event itself will be forever ingrained in their memories and will fill their nights with great lamentation and sorrow.

How can they ever forgive themselves they must ask themselves every day? How can anyone ever forgive them this terrible tragedy?

Feel how they must be suffering, and try to understand how very human they must know that they are. Understand their lesson about the material world verses the spiritual world of life, precious life.

And if you can please try and forgive them, in your prayers, in your words and in your own lives by living true to your own higher truth, your own higher awareness.

Let their experience be a wakeup call to all.

This whole disaster represents the Physical World, and if you can Forgive, and they can forgive themselves, then we will all take one step closer to the Spiritual World, and in doing so wake up from the dream and really start living, forgiving.

I forgive them, can you forgive me?



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