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PSYOP "Super Fears"

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posted on Aug, 9 2010 @ 08:57 AM
Fear allows the elites control over the fearful.
Let's look at some of the carefully scripted "super fears" that are associated with various news items. If you think it's accidental, well, we can debate that.

Oympics = terror attack

Auroras = Earthquakes

9-11 = Satan (image of Satan in the smoke of the burning towers. Ridiculous, yes. But you would still associate the two)

Pandemic Flu = Zombies

North Korea = nukes

Global Warming = Tsunami/ tidal flooding of the coasts

Peak Oil = Mad Max

The last two have a special bonus PSYOP association of super hope in addition to the super fear.

2012 = The fear and hope meme of, "Extinction or Golden Age, you decide!"

Large Hadron Collider = Black Holes, (this correlates to Extinction)
Bonus Super Hope = the God particle (this correlates to Maitreya bunk)

This is just my speculation, that all of these are wrapped up together in the banking crisis, WWIII, etc to all be purposefully resolved in 2012, culminating in the NWO. In 2012, we will get the Olympics, massive solar flares scheduled which cause auroras (the story of the Sun flipping magnetic poles will be the excuse for causing EQ's here), we're "due" for a massive super flu outbreak, peak oil will cause breakdown of social order, etc. When the fake Annunaki come in Dec. North Korea will be the country that nukes the "space gods ship". And then Maitreya manifests himself thru the Large Hadron Collider.


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