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OP/ED: The Intifada Is Over And Israel Has Won

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posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 09:56 PM

Originally posted by Hoaks
Maybe because the "news" article was based on a opinion(/editorial) article, from a columnist (Charles Krauthammer) at The Washington Post.

True, but I've had this feeling for a week or two. The Israelis have the situation under their control. That is not opinion, it is fact. Israel is calling all of the shots now. This isn't in the news because news channels don't like to talk about good things. They only like to mention beheadings, bombings, and scandal. Whens the last time you heard a story about boy scouts helping clean up a park? Good news evidently doesn't get good ratings.

posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 10:00 PM
It was an editorial. Relax folks no one is saying that Krauthammer's views are solid fact. K33l, was that supposed to mean something?

dbates, unless someone is killed in a horrriffic way and it will get viewers, no one will watch

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posted on Jun, 20 2004 @ 08:00 PM

Originally posted by Netchicken
Yog if you want to go down the road of "who is the best at killing innocent civilians, then then look at the Suicide bomber last year who targeted a bus of school children coming home from a trip and killed 19, injures over 40 (from memory). How sadistic can you get? He had to have consciously decided to blow himself up in the bus and deliberatly targeted children, no accident or extenuating circumstances there...

I quite agree, such behaviour is reprehensible, sadistic, inexcusable, immoral, and fundamentally wrong. But my point that 3500 Palestinians (or thereabouts) have died in comparison to 1000 Israeli's remains valid. None of these people should have died. It is true that every suicide bombing kills more innocents than any individual Israeli attack. But at the same time, the Palestinians have lost 3.5 times as many innocents as the Israelis, and all of these people should have had a chance at life. While I rejoice at the fact that Israeli's are able to live without fear, this has been accomplished by killing large numbers of people. I would have thought that we were able to agree that this in itself is a cause for sadness. It has been accomplished by destroying people's homes, which again, we ought to regret at least a little.
And we must still account for the fact that the Palestinians have suffered a greater loss of life than the Israeli's. My suspicion would be that these are the victims who have been caught in crossfire, children who have been gunned down for throwing rocks. That such violence occurs should be clearly highlighted by the fact that Israeli troops were willing to shoot an American peace worker for having the gall to stand in front of a military bulldozer. These are also acts of sadism, and these too should not have happened.
I say again, I have no sympathy for the terrorists, and I am glad that Israel can be free of such brutal and revolting acts. But I also repeat, that until both sides can live without fear of violence, then I will not feel that the conflict in the region has met a conclusion which I feel is adequate.
As such, my joy at the newfound security of the innocent Israeli people is stained by my knowledge of the continued suffering of the Palestinians.

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 08:03 AM
"The Israeli Government does NOT fear the Bullet or the Tank: THEY ONLY FEAR THE VIDEO CAMERA!"

Unfortunately to report....the original posting on this Thread regarding the purported END OF THE 2nd PALESTINIAN INTIFADA is, alas, sadly mistaken.

Just because the "news" (in the US the press is controlled by only 5 corporations---count them!) is deliberatley NOT covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict every hour on the hour like asparin, it does NOT mean that the 2nd INTIFADA is over.

It merely means that the press is looking elsewhere in the world to fill up their News Space.

The 2nd PALESTINIAN INTIFADA will never be "over" until there is some kind of "JUST REPARATION" for the 750,000 Palestinian civilians who were force-marched and cruelly driven by gunfire to the 1948 "Israeli"border land eft HOMELESS between June 1948 and December 1949.

So don't be fooled by any lull in the press, then immediately drawing the conclusion "the Palestinians lost the war...." because it is NOT true. The Intifada is ALIVE AND WELL and living in OCCUPIED PALESTINE.

One solution of course would be to take the 250,000 illegal "Israeli-settlers" out of those cushy EAST JERUSALEM Jewish settlements with all their private roads "for Jews only No Arabs" (talk about APARTHEID) etc. and give them to the PALESTINIAN CIVILIANS (gradually) as JUST REPARATION. And the same could be done in Gaza and the West Bank which was not part of the 1948 "legally defined UN Borders" of the State of Israel, whom the "gentile nations" have granted world Jewry following the horrors of the German Holocaust in WWII.

If there SEEMS to be a LULL in the violence, it is because the Western Press is deliberately focussing more on the 9/11 hearings and the senseless, co-called "war-on-Terror" being perpetrated now in Iraq---and the suicide bombings are simply not being covered as "news" which is a lull that is something the Likkud party in "Israel" has been waiting for since the Atrocities in Ramallah and Jenin (when they locked "obersvers" out of the area, including the murder of TWO UN EMPLOYEES!!!)

Israeli Government does not like the press covering the Israeli slaughters of Palestinian civilians in places such as in Jenin and Ramallah (2002) or Ariel Sharon's (then Defence Mnister) deliberate "extermination" of more than 3800 Palestinian civilians in the camps of Sabra and Shatilla in September (18th to the 21st) 1982, which the US press has always tried to cover up.

The fact that Sharon lost his job over the massacres in Sabra and Shatilla is overshadowded by the fact that the desperate Likkud reactionary right wing fascists made that war-criminal Prime Minister.

That along speaks VOLUMES for any moral "highground" the Israeli government (but not the people, who are not responsible for their government's racism directly) may ever have had: Mr Sharon belongs (along with Blair and Bush) in the World Court at the Hague being tried for Atrocities and War Crimes as well as Crimes Against Humanity.

And because the aging Mr Arafat has found it necessary to stoop (for several years now) to the level of the Israeli government himself and "fight terrorism with terrorism" , he would have to go with them too for the same crimes.

If the Israeli government thinks the Palestinian population will just roll over and die in their attempts to have their own Palestinian State, they are sadly mistaken:

They need to remember a bit of their own history: 2,000 years ago, even "Israel" itself, while under 130 years of CRUEL AND ECONOMICALLY OPPRESSIVE ROMAN OCCUPATION never ceased to give up its dream of an independent Jewish State---sending Messiah after Messiah into reveolution, revolt, counter revolution and riot---- until Rome destroyed their Temple and finally ground the country to powder, killing over 900,000 Palestinian Jews in the course of not ONE but TWO Failed Revolts (AD 66-72 in the 1st Jewish revolt, and later in AD 135-136 with the socalled "Bar Kokhba" Revolt).

If the 1st Century "Jews" had explosives back then, they would have used suicide bombing against the Romans, no doubt about it. Read Josephus' accounts of the Jewish War (for what it is worth) to get a glimpse into what measures they were willing to take to their political and religious independence, which they somehow was part of their socalled "divine right".

And the Palestinian Intifada today being waged is NO DIFFERENT.

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