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OMG it's back

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posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 03:30 AM
please dont play with filters,there is nothing in the filtered pic that we cant see.
i understand if its really dark and you put a shadow/highlights to see better,but this is like pretending to be pro cmon -_-

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 03:48 AM
In all honesty i don't think anyone knows for 100% what the shadow being is in the photo and i think it's bad for anyone to come to 100% conclusion as to wether it's a demon or person? or some type of alien in another dimension nobody really knows.

The reason you are not debunking the second picture is because you know it can't be debunked
like the first it resembles a shape yet there is no 100% proof it is human

unfortunatly with nowdays technology EVERYTHING can be replicated and it's impossible!!!! to tell a fake or true photo honestly

it comes down to faith and what you believe. You've got the whole thread about you guys i think you should be able to tell what is fake and what is real

Those replicated shadow ghost photos you guys have taken are nothing like my real ghost photo

Unfortunatly with the sheeple in society we deny what we see as we are used to been lied to by everyone... After all i reckon aliens could land tomorrow and people would still find a way to debunk it

but anyway for those who still believe enjoy the first 2 and for those who think they are fake Prove it!

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 08:30 AM
reply to post by Alienslayer

In all honesty i don't think anyone knows for 100% what the shadow being is in the photo...

C'mon dude. You are grasping at straws. There may not be 100% proof of anything, but there is a preponderance of evidence; especially your attitude to comfortably conclude that this is a


posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 08:51 AM
prove it.. go on.. i challenge you to prove the 1st 2 photos are a hoax..

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 09:11 AM

Originally posted by Alienslayer
prove it.. go on.. i challenge you to prove the 1st 2 photos are a hoax..

We're not playing games with you anymore. It's over boy.

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 01:36 PM

Originally posted by Alienslayer
prove it.. go on.. i challenge you to prove the 1st 2 photos are a hoax..

It isn't possible to prove the picture is fake when you have faked it in the manner that you showed on the pic you pulled. You can't prove a slow shutter speed pic is faked if it wasn't altered. However...

You faked a similar shadow being photo. You faked a photo with a ciggy lighter and tried to pass it off as real. You have proven yourself a liar and willing to attempt to hoax the people here. It isn't about faith. It's about the credibility of the person who took the pic. You have no credibility as you are a proven hoaxer and liar. And judging from the similarities between the shadow man pic you faked and the 1st 2 photos, I'd say they are close enough in appearance to say that you used the same process to fake them.

Your comments also indicate fakery. "In all honesty i don't think anyone knows for 100% what the shadow being is in the photo...""
prove it.. go on.. i challenge you to prove the 1st 2 photos are a hoax.."

You are very careful in your verbage, I assume to avoid being banned. The 1st statement indicates you don't think anyone here can identify what you used to fake it. THe 2nd statement shows me that you think you faked it so well that nobody can prove its fake. You also lied again when you said you were leaving and letting the thread die. The funny thing is you think nobody here believes in ghosts, demons or the paranormal. I do, may here do as well. We just think you're lying. We aren't skeptics we are just skeptical of you.

To me it's obvious the 1st one is a human walking in the slow shutter speed. The red eye thing from the tree was an accident.

You tried to pass off a knowingly hoaxed photo as real. You hoaxed a photo using similar method and getting a similar appearance to your "real pics" . You defended the hoaxed and the real pics in the same manner. YOu claimed the editor software that showed on your exif data was your onboard camera software, it isn't. I checked. The editing software identified doesn't come stock on computers it's after market and some freeware. So you knowingly added editing software that was used in pic 1. You have repeated lied and tried to pass off a hoax, before coming clean. You say its about faith. No. It's all about YOUR credibility at this point. So we have an admitted hoaxer and a proven liar claiming that these photos similar to the one he faked are real... LOL.

Then you say your leaving the thread. And you don't. Darn it.

Because of the manner the photos were taken you are going to be the only person other than the person you took the picture of, who knows if they are real or fake. But I ask you this, I'm an avid supporter and believer in the paranormal and the paranormal forum; everything you do wrecks the credibility of the entire forum. It makes people think that all photos of ghosts are fake, by virtue of the fact your 1st pic was so well done. I'm pretty sure nobody that flips through this thread will believe any of your photos are real due to the lies you've told and the hoaxes you attempted. Before you leave and take an ATS vacation(hoping everyone forgets what you did), why don't you simply come clean? YOu implied in your other thread on 7/26 that that was when you saw your 1st shadow demon. And it freaked you out so bad you called upon Jesus. Now there is no datestamp on your pic, did you remove it? I don't believe it's two years old. YOu also said in your intro thread "other times it would be creepy like seeing shadow people at my bedside or floating over an entire neighbourhood. Of course as i got older i gradually stopped dreaming as much, i put this down to not sleeping as much as i used too and staying up quite late" Now if you had taken this pic two years ago you would not have written it off as not sleeping enuff because its on film! It's also interesting that you never mentioned that pic but you mention the shadow guy by your bed. Did you hoax that pic before you wrote this or after? Also if you were in bed, the bed doesn't look like theres anyone in it nor have they been in it. Maybe it's jsut me but I believe that bedside pic is older than the 1st. Was it your dog by the bed? Or was your girlfriend helping you?

Lastly, if you are a Christian, who believes in Jesus as you say you do... Why would you lie on here? Why would you intentionally hoax folks, which is another lie. All you've proven yourself to be is a habitual liar. " i defo belive in jesus. I know he existed no denying that i might need to start going to church cos damn! that thing whatever it was freaked me out
" Is Jesus proud of you? You call upon him and he saved you from the recent shadowdemon and the car crash with your mate and you thank him by doing something he despised? Being a liar? Wow.

The point is you are an admitted liar and a hoaxer. YOu have no honor to your own religous beliefs. WHy would you tell us the truth? Your story has more holes than a slice of swiss cheese. I'm sorry I wasted anytime on this thread. You should apologize and admit your hoax. It will go a long way towards restoring your credibility. But please stop lying. Be honest. We're hear looking for real evidence of the paranormal, not this crap you are putting out. Your actions taint every legitimate thread on this forum. And you could care less judging from your anger. You really should be ashamed of yourself. If you relaly believe then you'd come clean and help all of us further this paranormal forum and possibly coming up with concrete proof one day as opposed to setting it back to the point where everyone ridicules it. Shame.

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 03:26 PM
too much to bother reading.. .flame on or whatever u guys do now..

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 09:44 PM
reply to post by Alienslayer

Registered 26-7-2010... says a lot doesn't it? Barely been around for 3 weeks and a storm is after you already.

Originally posted by Alienslayer
like i said unfortunatly today with technology anything can be re created henceforth the skeptics say hey if we can re create it then it must be fake

That's always your defence for your photos. Its like saying if one bill can be faked, printed and let out into the currency stream then all the cash present are fake. You overstate your position everytime you try to argue something with paragraphs of repetitive reasoning.

I feel sad that you would go to such lengths to fake #2 and #3 to the extent that my original trust for #1 has faded. Hey, you're probably enjoying every bit this attention right now lol


Originally posted by Alienslayerfirst you'd be mad to be in a bikini top at night time with how cold it is

second just because i claim it is a demon does not mean it is... that shoreline was treacherous and many people died in the 1800's/1900's on that reef

look up batavia wreck.. anyway perhaps it is a human spirit? then again who are we to say that a demon is not human like in form?

I kinda feel retarded for even coming here in the first place now...
1. It's too cold so no one will do it?! I've seen people dive into holes chipped from the ice on frozen lakes, I'm sure thats a lot colder than your average winter night.
2. You first claimed it was a shadow demon haunting you from years ago, now you want to change the story. Isn't it funny when something doesn't work you can just simply call it something else and its solved, haha!

*cough cough rage is contagious* gt*o attn hoe...

[edit on 13-8-2010 by doomblade_2712]

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 11:12 AM
How come no one ever catches anything cool on video instead of a photo?

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 04:33 PM
reply to post by AmosGraber

hi...i dont mean to take anything away from the experiences you had but to me what you were experiencing was sleep paralysis...fairly common.

it occurs during sleep (or during the stage of just nodding off or waking up)

you feel completely awake and fully aware but you can not move a single muscle...and then something comes into your room and sometimes even appears to climb on your body.

they very often occurr when lying on your back and you sed you had them from 15 to 32? well sleep paralysis is most common between the ages of about 17 and 35 so you were the right sort of age for it. a person who suffers from them can have them regularly during these years of their life and then only very rarely afterwards but high levels of stress is also thought to induce one.

these sleeping paralysis are said to be incredibly scary but a method of ending one when it happens is to calm yourself down while its happening...realise nothing will happen to you and shake the fear..and they stop...otherwise they can continue for what feels like hours.

im fairly certain this is what you were experiencing as your story fits the symptoms perfectly.

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