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I saw this horrible advert today!

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posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 12:21 PM
As I was driving into the car park of a shopping mall near my place, I saw a poster for Timberland Boots on display. The poster said this:

You'll never be able to retire. Why should your boots?

There was a picture of some Timberland boots next to the writing.


"You'll never be able to retire"!!! Is that some kind of sick joke?

Not a very nice thing to say considering the current economic effects on peoples' jobs.

As soon as I saw the poster I though "OK, I wonder who's behind that? I bet he/she is a puppet of the the NWO"

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posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 12:29 PM
I guess they figured it was a clever way to draw attention to their product. You know, social controversy and all. Just not very useful for a shoewear company. I mean, how controversial can workboots really be?

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 12:32 PM
reply to post by chemistry

How ironic is it that you should use this line to indirectly do Timberlands advertising for them. That’s why they make controversial adverts, people notice it and some of them like you talk about. your doing their the job with this thread. I quite like that lie, its funny and relevant.

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 12:33 PM
Can you find and post the advert.?

I suspect the company was alluding to personality and not economy.

You know, you're the kinda person that never stops moving, so footwear you can count on.

Yadda yadda.

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 12:41 PM
reply to post by LadySkadi

Yeah I did think for a moment that they were talking wbout how active you are, and that you can't retire because you're always on the move. However, I thought it was quite sick the way they made their point. I'm sure they could have used a better phrase.

On a deeper level though, was this ad also a tool to get people who saw it to feel depressed? A lot of people believe that getting people depressed about economic issues does two things:

1) Provides low vibrational energy (which is contagious) causing others to be depressed. David Icke also talks frequently about the 'hybrid race/illuminati only being able to respond to low vibrational energy.

2) Gets people focused on the dire situation the economy is in and how this is affecting them personally. This catalyses the inevitable 'second collapse' of the economy, which I am sure many posters have already talked about and pre-empted.

As soon as I saw the poster I thought of 'They Live' by John Carpenter and '1984' by George Orwell.

I feel that this poster/advert had negative subliminal intent that went beyond the scope of Timberland's personal interests.

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posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 12:44 PM
I hate how advertising has just taken a nose dive into the inapropriate. I wish we would boycott these companies and adverts, but people are too preoccupied.

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 12:45 PM
Hahaha that's a sickening ad! BTW Timberland Boots Suck! Give me a good pair of Wolverine Boots any day!

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 12:52 PM
reply to post by chemistry

Um. No. But I'm sure it was created to get you and others to talk about Timberland boots.

Originally Posted by azrael36

Give me a good pair of Wolverine Boots any day!
I concur!

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 01:02 PM
It's advertising.
The point is to draw your attention to a product.

You remembered the slogan

remembered the company

remembered the specific product

they caught your emotional side

and you're blogging about it to the world now

They succeeded!

I don't see it as horrible but creative and certainly don't see it in the same light as you do. I've heard sayings related to "you'll never be able to retire" for probably 20 years, so I don't see it as a direct comparison to the current economy. I see the ad as portraying a product that will last a long time.

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 01:14 PM
Yes, OK, the advert did work. But I still feel that it was an immoral way to put accross their point.

I also think that this advert went beyond the scope of the company's own interests

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 01:36 PM

Originally posted by chemistry
Yes, OK, the advert did work. But I still feel that it was an immoral way to put accross their point.

I also think that this advert went beyond the scope of the company's own interests
I wouldn't call it immoral. Anyone who reads their annual Social Security statement will know exactly what its referring to. The SSA straight up tells me that even though I paid in 100% of my points already, but will have to continue to pay in until I can retire (about 30 years) I will not get all of the benefits that I am entitled too, because they are paying out too much.

So if I weren't investing in a 401k, because I was a typical blue collar worker wearing my boots (been there done that!) I'd probably thinking the same thing that the ad says.

I find it tongue-in-cheek and a little funny.

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 01:43 PM
Its advertising - most ads are geared to hit to the head, heart or stomach depending on what their selling. Any way I took it as staying active - therefore not retiring. Wanna complain about some ads, take a look at how they trance kids in on fast food. IMO

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by chemistry

well you are not help them advertise by dicussing it so thanks for posting it.
your waking people up the the motives of the advertisers...and also if enough people find it disgusting tthen there is a chance the ad can be again thanks for the alert.

we the people are no longer treated as human beings we are treated as consumers only.

so as a consumer that i am being treated as...i vow here to never buy or support anything to do with Timberland products or any of it's subsiduaries.

just another company who thinks people are to made fun of at the expense of the human race....nice when a company shows it's true colors...i know they would have thought it funny...but humor at the expense of hard working people who work to live so one day they can retire with dignity and cannot afford to can no longer afford to buy their boots.

so here is a nice boot to them....

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 01:46 PM
I think that it has more to do with the American work ethic mentality of working up until the day you die in order to not appear as being lazy.

Just Because we all know that work is good and not working (to keep the rich getting richer) is Bad.

So get out there and buy some Timberland Boots , thereby enhancing the stockholder's dividends and most of all


posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by chemistry

There not really a nice way to say this, but i really think your taking this a bit far and blowing it all out of proportion so you should move on. Its just a advert relax!

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 01:50 PM
I do not doubt it's part of Madison Ave's attempts to control us beyond the mere purchasing of goods.

I agree that it is geared to amp up anxious feelings. Many things are being geared for that, these days, because They can see We are attuning, harmonizing, coming together, and They want Us back in the base They set up.

Read my (long) discussion about how We all can retire - second link in my sig.

EDIT to add: Interestingly, the other day I came across a very nice pair of snow boots, in just my size, nearly new, on the side of the road with a bunch of other clothing. I now have a pair of Timberland boots I got for free!

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posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 01:56 PM
reply to post by plube

Thank you for this support. I'm glad that some people here can realise that this advert is not funny at all.

I am also boycotting all Timberland boots

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 02:02 PM
reply to post by chemistry

before reading the openning post i decided to refresh my memory of what the definition of "advert" was.

1 : to turn the mind or attention —used with to
2 : to call attention in the course of speaking or writing : make reference

i must admit, the society we are creating seems to make it difficult to retire.

having spent more than $50,000 on mandatory (by law) car insurance because of other peoples' driving habits, and never having made a claim on any of the vehicles worth less than $14,000 in the past 20+ years of driving...

since i am responsible by law for paying for the driving habits of others, does it not seem sensible and logical that i should be able to claim them as dependence during the tax season? Or would the IRS audit with my claim?

sorry, side bar thought.


yes, i think it may have been a pessimist with a fetish for footwear.

not a great marketting technique.

wonder what another way of saying that same phrase or another slogan might be?

Timberland Boots. For those who are walking, after everyone gets done walking all over you.

i'm thinking that almost says the same thing.

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