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posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 01:09 PM
reply to post by doctor j and inmate c5779

I`ve never "known" I was dreaming, even when strange things happen, they are never strange enough to make me think "this must be a dream".

Ever been in one of those nightmares where you force yourself to wake up?

You know you are dreaming and you fight to wake yourself in the dream.

Horrible feeling.

Life can be like that, then we want to go to sleep.

maybe we are the dream, within the dream, within the dream ad infinitum

You don't remember your birth, you wont remember your death, we are immortal., within the dream, we create the story of how our life will be.

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posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 01:12 PM
my chick pointed out a very important clue.

his wedding ring.

Cobb only wears his wedding band when he is dreaming.

i just cant figure out why he re-washed up in purgatory and how long saito was there. cobb knew he was in purgatory. unless cobb came back on the level 3 kick and killed himself before the collapse of the snow fortress level; going back to purgatory and forgetting why he was there?

edit: i have only seen it once, but i am a lucid dreamer and i understand most of it i think. Totems= Reality Check Rituals ect.

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posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by Agent_Denali

Cobb only wears his wedding band when he is dreaming.

WOW amazing she noticed that, was he wearing it in the end?

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by Stormdancer777

Ahh yes.... I remember the night I went to see the directorial bowel movement known as 'Inception'. It was the worst attempt at a 'smart thriller' type movie I've ever seen.

And on top of that, some creep started playing pocket pool next to my girlfriend in the theater, which was an almost welcome interruption and excuse to leave 10 minutes before the end!

(True story!)

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 01:22 PM

Originally posted by DeReK DaRkLy
reply to post by Stormdancer777

Ahh yes.... I remember the night I went to see the directorial bowel movement known as 'Inception'. It was the worst attempt at a 'smart thriller' type movie I've ever seen.

And on top of that, some creep started playing pocket pool next to my girlfriend in the theater, which was an almost welcome interruption and excuse to leave 10 minutes before the end!

(True story!)

OH dear god.


posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 02:16 PM
reply to post by Stormdancer777

you're gonna be mad at me... i don't remember. we were trying to sort out the purgatory sequence, and at the time we just assumed he was awake. but when the top didn't fall, we started to immediately try to remember what we just saw. just like when you wake up from a dream, you try so hard to remember what just happened to you.

it did wobble though, in dreams "it would just spin and spin" i think he said.

For several reasons i doubt there is a "true" sequel planned so i would guess he wasn't wearing it. And the top theoretically falls.

I believe the point of the scene is Cobb obsesses about the top through the entire movie. The top is his only connection to the physical "real" world. remember, there is a point in the beginning of the film where Cobb sits with a pistol, and spins the top. He is about to put a bullet in his head to wake himself up. The spinning of the top is rather crucial at this point.

I have had several lucid dreams in my life, an i have only recently learned that some people never have. to help explain dreams can be a confusing place. but when you are lucid, your conscience mind starts to put things into place. Very quickly, almost everything is as it exists in the "real world." it can be confusing when you start having dreams within dreams (which i have done once that i remember, and no i wasnt trying.)

Back to the point. HE doesn't see if it falls. He doesn't care if he is dreaming. He gets to see his kids. He is pretty stoked.

There are techniques lucid dreamers use that the movie implements symbolically. "Kicks" we call "hypnic jerks," although i have never thought about trying to initiate one. Ive tried creating binural beats with audio cues at certain times throughout the recording. The main tool they left out was the most crucial. A dream journal. And you can understand why they wouldn't have that in a movie about extraction XD.

i had a friend who bought a sleep mask off an infomercial. he said it could tell when you were dreaming and would flash led's at you as a cue to remind you that you are sleeping. He said the light flashed in his dream as a red traffic light. he noticed he had seemed to sit at it forever and he was the only car on the road. then he realized he didn't own a Lamborghini and became lucid. (while dreaming i have literally had a full sized pink elephant in the bedroom before i figured it out XD) he jumped out of his lambo and threw it into a building, then flew away. He then returned it because his wife found the receipt, and this thing was pricey.

Its called the novadreamer. they don't make it anymore (that i know of. but i had read someone had planned on starting again) there are plenty of places online that will tell you how to make one on the cheap (there isn't much to one.)

i'm sorry. i didnt mean to go off track there. i dont post much, but lucid dreaming is fantastic, and i feel its kinda fringe. i want more people to experience these. you feel things, smell and taste things, it seems real to you, but in the back of your mind, you still know it isn't. (is this why Cobb had to get Mal out of purgatory? He knew it wasn't real.
Lucid dreaming is not hard to do, but its frustrating to learn. But Inception will definitely send you in the right direction.

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 02:20 PM
That is interesting about Michael Jackson's state.

I also consider another possibility. It's still a dream and he stays in it on purpose. He realizes hope is lost and Saito will not be able to help him and so he goes into limbo to bide his time in another dream experience before waking up and going to jail. Part two could be him starting to perform Inception for the U.S. government/FBI/CIA as a deal to lessen his prison time. The movie started out with him in a bind, and this would put him in another bind for part two.

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 02:21 PM
I made it 45 minutes through it and walked out despite the $7.25 I paid for the ticket.

posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by Stormdancer777

well that is not fair, why would i want to see a holly-weird movie about dream intervention, mind control, and thought worming, yes thought worming. send me a u2u if interested in thought worming, from the ads it seems like the same thing.

posted on Aug, 9 2010 @ 05:09 PM
Looking at it for face value sure an explosive zany effects filam where your constantly wondering where the hell the next twist will unfold who’s in whose dream, how much times passed in each dream, whose really who, what’s what as the maze goes deeper and deeper.

I personally thought it was a great film and thought about the director idea as Reesie said you have to wonder where does the “inception” begin and how many layers you could go in to it and just as a films being created or stories being told you have the director or creator the source of what we see and how then on the choices of each character and which layer it seems to go in to unfolds. Just from the statement “How did we get here?” Ariadne realises - boom, then and there she’s in a dream.

Just as we start the film how did Cobb get here, right in the action who what where etc you never see from start to finish the wonderful dream inducing device or the exact even basic technology behind it.
Just that a tiny device on the wrist and zoom dream world..... as stated previously and the good ole military developed it.

How indeed does he manage to get in to Saito’s mind since he seems to be an on the ball kinda guy lots of resources etc and how the hell did he know Cobb was where he was just popping up in the car as he randomly took a particular path through the maze of houses and streets after meeting Eames when he ditches “the shadowy corporate people” endlessly pursuing him of a deal he signed and his own reality and happiness lies in getting back to his kids which as stated clothes never change, never see faces and eventually he got to that reality seemingly waking up on the plane and that was maybe the path he chose.

Also no real background on Cobb as such just he must be some prodigy of Michael Cain’s char some psychology of who knows what and we find that the totem he carries isn’t really his but his wifes locked secret as blupblup pointed out and as the film goes through the layers each character working out their own aspects of an idea.

If you look at the cobb is the dreamer scenario and the other characters are manifestations of him working through his/her particular conflicts/emotions/ideas etc just as Fischer is also working through his own idea’s projected manifestations of his sub-conscious within the dream of a dream of an idea an inception etc just as we do in our own.

That’s no flaw on the director by any means for the little details because that’s not what it’s about just when you look at it on that level.

As any director can do and depending on their style has the ability to direct and portray various ideas, use aspects of themselves maybe of other’s and the vast wonderful technologies available in the film making industry we have today in allowing them to create what they do.
I’m by no means saying the director needs his children back/lost his wife/doomed relationship /wants to be the cool headed guy at times/corporate agenda’s/goons or whatever demons we face to try and summarise this scenario since I don’t know anything about psychology or dreams and symbolism and am somewhat a noob on such things.

In some very abstract way just how we are trying to figure out ourselves and others, emotions and conflicts our own paths in life.......Just how did we get here, but we all know of course depending on where we’ve walked what we believe or studied and know to be true.

Looking on the plane of reality what we know and don’t, what we perceive in our own paradigm all entwined in some way going all the way back to all we know or can piece together.

We have the big bang/a singularity/the hand of god/a vibration and the harmonious strings our universe plays/consciousness being the idea could it be from an idea, or looking at it in the weird and wonderful way of a brain and how a new neuron is formed as small as it is the vastness that alone may hold in the infinite realms of the maze of the mind....cont..

posted on Aug, 9 2010 @ 05:15 PM
Just as an atom may have appeared large from one perspective as did an electron or neutron etc a star or planet or solar system or galaxy or nebulae eventually working “themselves” in to harmony of what is or once was chaos from “one single thing” all appearing large yet also very small, kinda going in to the whole fractal universe, multiple universes, dimensions within dimensions etc..

Also in a way slightly like ”adam and eve” in cobb and mal when in limbo and the endless possibilities of creation and inspiration, the duality of each, what does or would an “infinite being” want to do, of what we call to be the infinite consciousness, all matter, God, Spirit, Allah, Buddha, Oneness, the Universe

Of all being one and just trying to get “there” wherever that may be, what would evolve and come to be as they were in there for what was it 50 years, but then coming back into their reality where mere minutes or hours may have passed and just in our own dreams time isn’t really of concept as we journey through our own ideas and perceptions, conflicts, emotions and the hope we have for a better tomorrow however your view may be.

Also as Agent_denial adds there describing personal experiences of lucid dreaming, I thought I’d at least have a read in to it and it does seem like interesting stuff, I’m one of those unfortunate souls that may only remember 1 or 2 dreams a year or something!

I do vaguely remember one particular dream and memory when I was younger about 15, where I was at home don’t remember what I was doing but remembered I’d spoke to my dad and he would be coming home later in the day (he was a long distance HGV’er back then)

I don’t remember at what point I woke up but I got up a little later went down stairs and my mum was doing the ironing in the front room, I asked her without thinking why my dad was coming home early, his work meant he was only home at weekends and it was mid-week. She looked at me all confused and said he’s not he’d be home on Saturday like normal and it wasn’t until then I actually realised it was in a dream I’d vaguely remembered speaking to him about it, it was quite surreal.

I’m sure most will agree 1 thing for sure in anyone that has ever had one of those dreams they thought was so real and it wasn’t until you woke up from the dream you realised it wasn’t real and thus the endless story unfolds. Whilst this film isn’t but in some ways is like the....Matrix trilogy you could probably go on forever with the associations and meanings, how we can apply it in metaphor to a lot of things in everyday life or not as the case may be.

I probably went off track and tend to be a bit abstract at times so I’ll leave my 99 pence there some nice replies on it, tis a thinkah!

P.s sorry to post such a long reply if it went off particular topic of OP, I’m slowly moving towards my 20 posts!!



posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 11:32 AM

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 11:04 PM
This is a rather old thread but I absolutely loved the movie so here's my 2 cents.

Its a movie! Its pretend! Havent you ever watched til the end where it says 'any persons real or fictional is entireky coincidental' blah blah blah....if you hated it, thats your loss! I am a total movie fanatic, and I am so glad I saw this one in theater. There are a few movies where I kick myself and thik 'dangit, should have seen it on the big screen'! This is not one of them, I was lucky!

I lose myself im a movie and this was no different. Yes it was confusing, and Im pretty sure my mouth hung open long enough for a bird to build her nest in it, but I thought the movie was amazing. The effects, the charactera, the plot. I have one complaint though, it did move a little too confusingly fast toward the end. Lots of 'wait, what?' moments.

I believe he was dreaming at the end. His children sounded much older on the phone, and yet when he met them, they had the same clothes on (as did he) and were in the same position, same age, as when he would try to look but couldn't see their faces. The spinning top wobbled, but, they cut it off before it fell. If you search enough, you can find that people have actually TIMED the spinning at the end vs the other times it spins in the movie
thats definite dedication, lol!

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