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A Warning Against a Slave Society, and part of a Philosophy to Live By

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posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 03:08 AM
Subtitle: Neo New Age Analysis of life "In the Moment," And a Warning Against a Slave Society

What is the Neo "New Age?" What are the dangers and advantages to this new age? One might think a new age is fine and dandy, and exciting, until one realizes that change is not always good. Why do I distinguish between Neo New Age and New Age? Because I liked the New Age movement, but once things began to get locked down with internet, cell phone texting, and everything in the past few years, I hate it. (I guess I am labeling the feeling of being locked into the moment, always unsure of when the next intrusion will occur, as Neo New Age.)... We will get to how I envision a slave society forming from all this soon enough... more from a change in thinking patterns than the new age movement...

First of all, what is the Neo "New Age?" It is supposed to be a movement from temporal life to life in "the moment." More importantly, how is this scientifically being applied to the human psyche these days? With the advent of the internet and texting, training us to forget how to think in a temporal and functional manner. Forgetting how to be in touch with the how and why things work, forgetting how to think critically, forgetting how to work together and engage in positive problem solving, which often involves arguments between parties until an agreement that not only works better than had each individual attempted on his own, but incorporates both individuals into a single perspective, is reached. True freedom.

It is dangerous to forget these ways.

What will happen if people are completely stuck in the 15 seconds of time? They will not be able to see the big picture. Not only that, they will start to micromanage and be micromanaged to the point where the government and your work is basically set up to use you as human commodities. You might as well be a meat robot. No freedom. No working together. No kinship. No friends. It might feel good to be out on your own until you realize that without a group working together, you are just that: alone. And you cannot fight the fact that you are a slave, because you need the money from your job to survive. And you have no resources to give other people, you are barely surviving yourself. Your "friends" are in the same position. Slowly, society starts to decay in a very painful manner. Even with your friends, you are not talking freely, but feel like you are still in a classroom, under the painful eyes of some mysterious tyranical teacher instead of enjoying your time off with friends.

It is dangerous to go this direction.

What is the alternative? A more natural life, where everyone once again leaves the moment behind. For when the future exists, it is possible to do so much more. It is possible to work towards goals that are not present, but will be. When hanging out with a friend has a timespan, it is possible to include everything both people want to do in that timespan and have both people leave happy. When people are once again able to picture what they are doing and know how things work, and most importantly, have the freedom to create their OWN G#D D#MN SYSTEM to solve a problem their own G# D# WAY. It is through this, and only this, that the most effective ways of doing things can be done. Government micro-managing will always lead to the least effective way, in contrast.

And leave the psychiatric bull# out of it this time. It is good to help those who need help...

But we evolved the way we did for a reason. Every "illness" has a purpose in the human existence. Life is about different personalities finding their way, *their own way,* and learning how to coexist. It is not about churning out slave robots with exactly the same personality as each other. I will always resent this system. Alienating autistic people who could benefit society with highly specialized interests, or ADD individuals who could benefit society with a high intelligence and variety of interests is retarded and only continues to follow the absolutely insanely stupid method currently employed by the inept scientific elite and their government cronies.

I approve of psychiatry that follows the idea that an illness only needs to be cured if it gets in the way of the individual's own life. This should be followed more closely.


I don't necessarily hate the New Age movement, these are just observations I have made about how living completely in "The Moment" can be severely dangerous. In fact, use the last sentence of the post to decide if you like the Neo New Age Concept of being trapped by cell phones and texting and internet or not. I hope this note serves as either a warning or a way out for those who are already suffering.

For those wondering why this note sounds conservative, well this particular type of conservative I like... especially when mixed with a liberal policy that ensures the poor are ok (without stifling the #ing growth that GETS the money to help the poor) that's why Im a f# MODERATE.

See, what I'm afraid of is obviously that the government will rig itself on purpose and manipulate the masses so that the conservative policies of hating poor will be pushed and the liberal policies of stifling growth, leaving us F#ED. No! We want the opposite! FOR THE G#D D#MN PEOPLE!


I realize I have a tendency to post philisophical opinion pieces, I do this to get feedback or contribute to discussions of how to think, which I am interested in. I also post straight scientific pieces at times.

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