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The Nordic Alien Species

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posted on Oct, 20 2007 @ 02:23 PM
ive read about the nordics in a timothy good book, and i believe they live among us and the govt know about it (obviosly)

posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 09:30 PM

Originally posted by ProudCanadian
Is it just me or is every single human-looking alien blonde haired and blue eyed? Does seem a little too Hitlerish for me. Aryan supremecest aliens or what?
But seriously are there no darker ones that contact us? Just curious.

Actually there are supposed to be around 20 different types of humans out there.

The nordics are just the most prominent ones.

There's a Celtic like Species, a Asian type, a dark skinned European type, a Short species with blood red hair & pointed ears and asian type eyes...., the list goes on

They are all supposedly in alliance against the Draconians & their allies "slaves".

Thats if you believe that sort of thing.. heh

Frankly, if the rumors are really true & they are starting to gather a fleet to assault this system, to get rid of the Dracs & Grays...

We'll know for sure soon enough won't we.

I just hope some of those Nordic Chicks are Single "me Love them Long Time"....!!!

Hmmm all the activity going on over on Mars could have somehing to do with them arriving. If the Description of their Physiology is correct, Mars could be an Ideal place for them.

It certainly looks like mars is being Terraformed fom some of the latest photo's comming back to us from the Probes.

Mabe they plan on having a perma Colony here to help keep the Grays out.

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posted on Apr, 12 2008 @ 09:31 PM
Where in the world do people come up with this stuff? Really, a white, blue eyed, blonde haired alien with low blood pressure, copper blood, extremely high heart rate, and 28 teeth. There are many humans on earth here that only 28 teeth and are genetically missing their third molars 3% of the population to be exact. I am one of them! I must be alien.. Copper for blood sounds interesting but science knows for a fact that oxygen is the key ingredient in forming life. Hemoglobin in all animals and humans carries oxygen rich blood to the brain and vital organs. Hmm..Extremely, low blood pressure, hard to believe since blood pressure and heart rate are versely proportional to one another. Low bp means a bottoming out of blood pressure. Blood pressure and heart rate are not inversely proportional as stated in the descriptions of the Nordic race.

Not to interfere is sentencing a world to false beliefs and death. Look at all the nations of the world at odds with one another or Africa that suffers from death caused by AID's or genocide each day. Is it right to sit back and look at this? Where were these lovely aliens when three quarters of the known world was wiped out by the black plaque centuries ago? Did they watch? If so they are dangerous…and will have to answer for these acts before a world council. Which would more than likely result in intergalactic war. But that is if you believe this stuff! I don't… maybe if they had more believable anatomy. I believe in life other than that on earth but not this fanciful story about the Nordics.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 02:47 PM
reply to post by grasshopper

Cabanman, I hear clearly what you were stating with respect to man's ability to color correlate. It is sad, but not all of the white world should be marginalized. I for one am white.

I also believe that you should NOT limit your beliefs to NON white outcomes. It seems more probable that man was colonized by several species of ETs?

There is clearly a lot of BS out there in cyberspace. DISINFORMATION.

If you want more believable readings visit: Media Consciousness Network and watch the INTERVIEWS by Alfred Weibre, Harry Oldfield, Steven Bassett.

If anyone should be entrusted with the facts, it should be Dr. Steven Greer. He has a very large, reputable and established team of Scientists, Government officials, Military officials backing him.

But in the end discernment is yours alone.

Cheers, Matt

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 07:54 PM

posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 09:40 AM
As an english man i'd like to know why aliens of any color only sees to abduct white people. And could we as westerners be missing the point. Start reading about the dogon people in africa, they recorded alien contact over 2000 years ago. When europeans studied their culture 150 yrs ago we dismissed what they showed up as witch craft. They even had the math for atomic partials that they said visiting aliens had given them. We europeans found out that the dogon's where right only in the 1940 when we made the first atom bomb.

posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 10:12 AM
This is the very thing that makes different et contacts and abductions extremely interesting and varied, and the thing that creates so much confusion, and makes an assessment of the true et agenda hard. The Nordics here are a specific, almost albino seeming, race that non-the-less exhibit quite positive traits for the most part. Other Nordics/Pleaidians are not the same race. Of the humanoid looking, (ie. the ones that resemble us the most) there are many colorings, some look more like Swedish babes, and some look more Asian/Mongolian.
The Meiers account, and numerous accounts with the "pleaidians" is one side of the coin.

I read a very interesting account of a guy who was connected to a "nordic/pleaidian advisor" since birth and then they were in partnership with the greys. It was due to the fact he was born in South America and his family moved to the US when he was young. He was made to understand that the different races were on and off planet for many thousands of years, possible longer, and that basically 3 major groups were involved with sort of covering certain territories. The South American one is nordic/pleaidian and North American is grey. So many working arrangements with various groups are made when people move. In fact, numerous abductees/contactees have described crafts filled with numerous species of humanoids. Often greys and human-looking ets work together.

Now we all know pleiades can't support life, well, that is unless an advanced culture is capable of terraforming a planet and can create ready made heat sources. They may be able to which would mean a lot planets we don't think can be habitable due to the age and type of their stars, could very well be made habitable. But I tend to see the whole pleaides/orion thing as types, or generalizations (positive/negative) and in fact that generalization can be found in the Bible: New International Version, Job 38:31
""Can you bind the beautiful [c] Pleiades?
Can you loose the cords of Orion?"

We've been dealing with the concepts of human ets vs reptilian or more negative types for a long time here on earth it seems

Interestingly, South America has some wonderful stories of contact with human type peoples who often heal villagers. And they're actually originally from the planet Lyra, and then after many wars, ended up in the Andromeda galaxy, the one that is going to collide with us in a so many billions of years. So, I tend to think that Andromeda is the actual source of many of our Nordics and Pleaidans.

posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 01:10 PM

Originally posted by ASSASSIN651
I don't think greys are evil at all, I mean if you take into consideration that they have developed their technology enough to be able to travel to our planet, that they must have developed spiritually and socially...meaning they are peaceful.

isn't that like saying "i don't think that humans are evil at all"

there are plenty of "evil" humans... humans that do things against the beliefs and agenda of other humans.

there IS such a thing as "predatory spiritualism" ... sure you can evolve spiritually.. but in WHICH direction? towards the ego or towards others?

just as it's blind to state that "all humans are evil" .. it's just as blind to think that "all aliens or all grays are evil" ... and it's also just as blind to say that "all aliens are "good" and all "grays" are "good".

i mean look at us.. we've got so many different "races" of humans down here.

if there is plentiful intelligent life out there.. then there's definately many different "races" or "species" that look similar .. meaning many types of grays.. and many types of mentalities and philosophies in these different races.

you know... what a race may think of as "scientifically rationally justified" .. we may see as abhorrent "evil" because it may directly opposes our personal pleasure.

i love how people mindlessly take the lowbrow route.. and jump on the "good r' bad" bandwagon.

what are you? a 5 yr old watching saturday morning cartoons?

"Good r' Bad??" "Good r' Bad??" ....

luckily .... anyone who "is" "bad" (in comparison to your perception of reality) ... knows that the mass majority of people on this planet think in "good r' bad" mentality like the blind unthinking sheep they are.. and this is used to the advantage of any agenda deployed.

"look it's a bad guy!!! Get him!!! " ........


//shakes head in embarrassment of the human race///


p.s. was that a "Good" post or was it a "Bad" post....

o noes... if it rubbed against your "grain" .. then it must have been an eeeeevil post.

(nasty evil posts)


posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 11:31 AM
Pleadians Facts

Fact 1: Pleadians are normally blonde, beautiful, sexy for the female and handsome, muscular and charismatic for the male. They are all usually light blue or green eye coloured and all benevolent, highly enlightened and spiritually advanced - Complete Love cast out fear.

Fact 2: Pleadian females dispise and ahbor male earthlings. This is because the usually fat ugly, unhealthy and smelly (we eat too much red meats and reptilians' greys' chemicals) male earthlings just wanna screw her. Pleadian females are extremely angry at the male earthlings' envy and jealousy of their 'Adam'.

Fact 3: Pleadian males sympathise with male earthlings' jealousy and envy of them but become angry when the jealousy and envious become a self-righteous hypocritical corruption of our sense to judge and not heed their warning. This disappoint the Pleadians.

Fact 4: Pleadian females believe that most male earthlings are not physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually evolved, developed or beautiful enough to even have the right to fantansize sex with them. Nevertheless, Pleadian males say, "Let it be".

Fact 5: Pleadians used to adore their closest biological descendents or cousins - the white caucasians earthlings. However, the white caucasians earthlings are now just as condemned and disappointing to the Pleadians.

Fact 6: Pleadians' ancient galaxy enemies - the draconians, reptilians, praying mantieses, greys (anti-christ, satan, demons etc) are the one who corrupted our world and they used the white caucasian races most brutally to generate their evils as the white caucasian races resemble the Pleadians the most. Corrupting the closest image and likeness of "God" - mess up Adam - "Evil Order out of Chao".

Fact 7: The draconians and greys and defected pleadians (fallen angels due to the darkness of mankind) inspired, hinted, provided the technology, energy and created human hybrid, racism, communism, wars, bio-weapon, man-made disasters, viruses , psychopaths, mind-control, brain-washing, soul-sapping "religions", black magick, refined slavery economic system, educational system, vaccines and chemicals etc.

Fact 8: The Pleadians, together with other benevolent humanoid aliens (or angels) and child or baby-lookinh like greys inspired, hinted, provided the love, holy spirit, genuine human righteousness and grace created human hybrid, healthy technologies to convenience of daily living of mankind and inspiring peacful religion (Christianity - love ; Buddhism - Enlightenment etc).

Fact 9: Pleadians embodies love as "Perfect Love Cast Out All Fear", there is the Christ but it is to be in thought form of high creative consciousness. Pleadians embody FREE WILL and the balance, power and Universal Law of "Cause and Effect"

Fact 10: Pleadians will try to not interfere with human evolution.

Fact 11: Pleadians came and warned our authorities of the reps and dracos and greys. However, the authorities and some corrupted females "boo poos" out of lowly spiritual enlightened state of jealousy, envious, self-righteousness disregard the Pleadians and infact break the commandment of God.

Fact 12: The Pleadians were disappointed with humanity yet again because some of those in power, elites etc even wish to control, # the female Pleadians and make a mockery out of the Pleadians males FOR THEY HATE TO BE TOLD WHAT TO DO BY BEAUTIFUL HANDSOME SMART PERFECT BEINGS BECAUSE THIS IS JUST SO "NOT RIGHT" AND "NOT FAIR"! BECAUSE THE DRACOS AND GREYS HAVE PUT IN THEIR HEARTS AND MINDS THAT ONLY "Nobles" (Actually FREAKS AND #HEADS) LIKE THEM SHOULD HAVE POWER AND RUN THE PLANET! NOT "BEAUTIFUL PERFECT ADAM AND EVE"!

Fact 13: The Pleadians telepathed back what they sensed and knew about the thoughts of these people in powers, hoping that they will feel embarassed, sorry and turn back to the light; instead, the people in power became worse, more angry and decided to completely serve the greys and try to play God.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 03:43 AM

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 12:44 PM
I lived in Minnesota for a year. I'm convinced the northwestern half of the state is colonized by aliens.

posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 11:08 PM

posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 11:42 PM
i am getting tired of this race thing here on earth with another human being like me & you plus with all this other beings from another planet. i have read MOST of the rants & raves here so to give us understanding i searched about the WHY's & HOW's of this 'race' thing and i got the answer (and more) that will HELP US ALL. please click or cut & paste into your browser the link below i am attaching. peace & love to all...Jai

Originally posted by Cabanman
I don't believe it. Thats just the type of alien that lingers in the imagination of a racist mind. Who thought of this alien type? Why couldent the Nordics be black, chinese, or spanish looking? Why tall, white, and blond?

They often make them sound like if they were perfect. The perfect white alien. And the evil gray one. Can't get no colored aliens cause they imediately are coined evil. What a bunch of bull!

I don't need to see this type of alien coming down from another planet cause I see them everyday in America

[edit on 15-3-2006 by Cabanman]

posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 11:58 PM
reply to post by siriuslyone

please please post those pictures it would be a great addition to this thread and let us see an actual picture of them

posted on Aug, 24 2008 @ 11:59 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

ive seen cases where black people have been abducted but i dont know about other races

posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 03:24 AM
If you look at Sumerian mythology, then I guess the Nordics would most likely be the Annunaki and the Greys would be the watchers. So the Greys would work for the Annunaki?

Based on their physiology, you would think that the Nordics originated from Earth, or perhaps Mars or Venus. Their tall heavily built frame would make sense on planets with lower gravity such as Mars and Venus (assuming those planets were once habitable).

The Greys being shorter, thinner and therefore lighter, wouldn't suit a planet like Mars or Venus (unless they've just evolved that way as a result of living in spaceships).

The humanoid forms of both would suggest that they would at least be from our solar system. However, if they genetically altered themselves it would be impossible to tell where they're from just by their physiology. They may have just taken on that form in order to survive in our atmosphere. The pale skin may be because they spend a lot of time inside their spaceships?

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posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 07:46 PM
Are these weird swedish superhuman twins Nordics?

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 08:45 PM
Human life in the galaxy was said to have originated on Lyrae. Then war made different groups flee to different areas of the galaxy including to our solar system, as well as the neighboring galaxy Andromeda. There is numerous mention online of wars, such as the Sirian wars, Procyon star system, Orion system. Various accounts of contactees. Its very interesting.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 03:34 AM

Originally posted by mystiq
Human life in the galaxy was said to have originated on Lyrae. Then war made different groups flee to different areas of the galaxy including to our solar system, as well as the neighboring galaxy Andromeda. There is numerous mention online of wars, such as the Sirian wars, Procyon star system, Orion system. Various accounts of contactees. Its very interesting.

You've gone into great detail but I still believe humans evolved on earth. Perhaps you could post some of these (veriable) various accounts?

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 10:04 AM
I've seen one case of seeing a normal-looking, blond human during an abduction. After one abduction where I had a very terrible, very linear and literal dream that I was in a hospital having a frightening medical procedure surrounded by people in white lab coats I was nudged awake by a beautiful woman with (dirty?) blond, curly hair in a white lab coat who was tapping on my chest. She smiled at me and then promptly exited the room through the wall before I could react.

Which puts into question the recent dream I had about seeing two very pale white men with white hair and blue eyes wearing identical suits with ties exiting black SUVs and walking towards me on my street at night before the dream blacked out.

I've seen a lot of variety in the alien species that have been interacting with me so I'm sure that if they were at war they wouldn't cycle through so often with me.

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