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Muslims condemn Zambo blast

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posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 12:14 PM
The terror attack at the Zamboanga City International Airport, killing 5 people, has been condemned by the United States and leaders of Christian and Muslim groups.
Aleem Jamal S. Munib, regional chair of NUCP-ZamBaSulTa, National Ulama Conference of the Philippines (NUCP)-ZamBaSulTa Chapter and the Imam Council of the Philippines, Inc. (ICPI), said “Islam denounces terrorism (and every form of violence). A real and true Muslim does not hurt innocent people.” “Whoever did it, does not respect the sanctity of life,”
It's good news to here that at least some of the Muslims are denouncing terrorism. A step forward here in the USA would be if American (is there such a thing) Imams did the same thing. A giant leap would be if they stopped building the mosque at Ground Zero in New York City.

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 08:34 AM

Originally posted by Violater1
A giant leap would be if they stopped building the mosque at Ground Zero in New York City.

1. It's not on Ground Zero, it's just near it.
2. Muslims died in 9/11 too.
3. It's a separate group. It would be like a Gay Pride group opposing the construction of an Anglican Church because the WBC hates them.

On the actual topic, whilst this is a good thing to do in terms of PR, I don't really see the need for it in America. As a member of the Church of England I don't feel a sudden urge to speak out against the actions of the Lord's Resistance Army.

Perhaps something like this would be more effective in America;

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